The purpose of this study is to understand the problem of human resources  management in Enugu State Parastatals (A study of     ESBS). The objectives of the study are; to identify the challenges of human resources management in workers productivity. To identify whether the challenges have created any impact on the productivity of workers. To ascertain the difficulties experienced in management. The primary and secondary data especially the questionnaire was extensively used. Primary data were gathered through personal interviews and questionnaire administered while’ secondary data were gathered from textbooks, magazines, journals, articles etc. The population of the study is one hundred and fifty (150) and sample size is one hundred and nine (109) which was determined by using the Taro Yamane formula. Some of the findings of this research work are; good working condition is the greatest motivation among the workers of ESBS. Promotion instead of workers union or selection procedure constitute human resources management problem in ESBS. Poor quality of work resulting from inadequate of promotion in ESBS. He recommended that every organization should adopt the democratic and participative management style so as to enable the workers to feel sense of belonging in the organization. Management should maintain a cordial relationship with the employees; The organization should also do their best to address the multifarious management related problems in this organization ESBE.                          
1.1    Background of the study                                               
1.2    Statement of the problems                                   
1.3    Objectives of the study                                                
1.4    Research Questions                                                     
1.5   Research Hypotheses                                            
1.6   Significance of the study                                               
1.7    Scope of the study                                                      
1.8    Limitation of the study                                         
1.9    Definition of Terms                                                      
2.1    Theoretical Framework of the study               
2.2    Conceptual Framework of the study               
2.3    Historical Background of the study                 
2.4    Importance of Human Resources Management
2.5    Challenges of Human Resources Management
2.6    Ways of Alleviating these Problems                        
3.1     Research Design                                                
3.2     Area of the Study                                               
3.3     Sources of Data                                         
3.3.1   Primary sources of Data                             
3.3.2   Secondary sources of Data                         
3.4      Population of the Study                                      
3.5      Sample size Determination                         
3.6      Method of data Collection                           
3.7      Reliability of Research Instrument                        
3.8      Validity of Research Instrument                           
4.1      Data Analysis                                                    
4.1      Test of Hypotheses                                    
4.3      Discussion of Findings                                
5.1     Summary of Findings                          
5.2     Conclusion                                        
5.3     Recommendations                                      
          Appendix 1
          Appendix 11
1.1    Background of the Study
Human resources Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, consolidation, maintenance and separation of human resource to the accomplishment of individual, organization and societal objectives.  Human resources Management is also a methods and functions towards the mobilization and development of personnel as human resource with the objectives of efficiency and greater productivity in a company, government administration and other organizations. Human resources management involves a management and operatives function which includes planning of human resources, developing of human resource, compensation of human resources, and integration.  The problem of human resource management focuses on the challenges and prospects of human resources management in Enugu State Broadcasting Services.
Human Resources Management according to Dressler and Varkey (2010), Human resources management’ defines the process of all the policies and practices that are involved in carrying out the issues and aspects of management position which involves element of acquiring, recruiting, training, appraising, compensating, employees and addressing their health and labour relations safety and fairness concerns as well.  All thus element of human resources management functions stated above plays an important role in developing the productivity of the organization, if carried out efficiently and fairly.  In the aspect of business approach for the definition of human resources management as follows is a model of personnel management that focuses on the individual rather than taking a collective approach.  Management is often devolved to line managers. It is characterized by an emphasis on strategic integration, employee commitment workforce flexibility, and quality of goods and services.
        Human resources management is also concerned with obtaining the best possible staff for the organization, providing them with suitable or conclusive working environment so as to enable them bring out their hidden skills.  However, Wendell went further to emphasis that there should be no discrimination or demarcation between man and woman working for an organization. The human resources management of an organization for example the Enugu state Broadcasting Service (ESBS) ranging from General Managers down to messenger involves both.
        Moreover, James (1928) observed that the effective and efficient use of people in a productive firm goes hand in hand with the means of motivating them in order to get the best of their skills and abilities. He further observed that the task of motivation workers rest on the management team as a whole, managers have more roles to play in order to stimulate or enhance productivity.  Appraisal and encouragement assess the employees’ performance in comparison with the set standards and producing feedback on those out comes with either the aim of motivating them to continue with the present behavior or eliminate certain activities in order to improve their performance with a large focus towards contributing to the organizational performance (Dressler and Varkey 2010).
1.2    Statement of the Problem
The statement of problem is to investigate the challenges and prospects in Enugu Broadcasting services as regarding to human resources management.  What are the type of problems and prospects militating or confronting this organization who is responsible for these challenges?
1.3    Objectives of the Study
Due to the fact that every aspect of business organization is undergoing accelerating challenges, the objectives are to understand, investigate and analyze the challenges, and prospects in Enugu State Broadcast Services (ESBS) Enugu State.
i.             To identify the challenges of human resources management   in workers productivity.
ii.            To identify whether the challenges have created any impact on the productivity of workers.
iii.          To ascertain the difficulties experienced in the performance of the practice of human resources management.
1.4    Research Question  
i.      What are the challenges and prospects of human resources management in the productivity of workers in the organization.
ii.      To what extent have the challenges created an impact on the productivity of workers.
iii.     What are the difficulties experienced in this performance of these practice of human resource management.
1.5    Research Hypothesis
Research Hypothesis I
H0:     The challenges of human resources management have lowered the productivity of workers.
H¬¬1:    The challenges facing human resources management have not lowered the productivity of workers
Research Hypothesis 2
H0: The challenges have created an impact in the
productivity of the workers.
H1: The challenges have not created any impact in the
productivity of the workers.
Research Hypothesis 3
H0:     There are difficulties experienced in the performance          of the practice of human resource.
H1:     There are no difficulties experienced in the performance of the practice of human resource.
1.6    Significance of the Study
The study would be immense use to the research and for other researchers and academics who may review the study in the course of their researches. Student of management and managers of organizations are equally to benefit from the study.
        Also the work would be of great benefit to the government, providing solution to their problems and bringing reform to the organization. It will also or equally in no small measure be of good use to the general public or teacher.
1.7    Scope of the Study
The study focuses on the problem of human resource management in Enugu State Broadcasting Services ESBS, which intention is to look at the organization and it’s environment.
1.9    Definition of Terms
i)       Aspiration: This simply means a strong desire to have or achieve something.
ii)      Broadcasting: This is the act of disseminating information through the media to the general public.
iii)  Effectiveness:  It is also a measure of appropriateness of the goods that managers have selected for organization to pursue, and of the degree of which the organization achieved these goals.
iv)     Efficiency:  This is a measure of how well or how productivity resources are used to achieve a goal set by the organization.  This can be achieved when managers minimize the amount of input resources (such as labour, raw material, and component parts) or the amount needed to produce a give output of goods and services.
v)     Management:  This is a process of planning organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources to
achieve organizational or individual goals efficiently and effectively.

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No of Pages: 97
Methodology: chi saqure
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