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Most Relevant Office Technology Management Project Topics and Materials

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Abstract This study is importance of a secretary to the development of an institution. The total population for the study is 200 staff of selected higher institutions. The researcher used questionnaires as the instrument for the data collection. Descriptive Survey research design was... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Some Selected Establishments In Enugu State) ABSTRACT A lot has been written by many authors about new office technologies and how they have immensely affected secretarial performance. This study was therefore conducted to find out the secretary and... Continue Reading
Abstract This research work is poised to look into the Impact of training and development as an agent of increase in productive capacity (A Case Study of University of Abuja, Gwagwalada) The study is aimed at examining the Impact training and development has on the staff of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out to investigate the effects of modern technology on secretarial profession with special emphasis to NEPA Enugu. In order to obtain the required information, questionnaires were administered to secretaries in the organizations. Data... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The main focus of this, study is to find out the effect of stress management on the performance in Nestle Nigeria Plc. Effort has been made to evaluate the existing stress management policies in Nestle Nigeria Plc, with a view to examine the effect of stress on employees performance increase and to identify the variables that are directly... Continue Reading
OFFICE SKILL COMPETENCIE NEEDED BY SECRETARIES FOR EFFECTIVE JOB PERFORMANCE ABSTRACT This project studied office skills competencies needed by secretaries for effective job performance. The population of the study consisted of 16 offices secretaries, environmental protection agency. The sample and sampling techniques. The study answered 4... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project research “The Impact of Modern Communication Facilities on the performance of the Secretary in an Organization”. This becomes essential as every organization seeks to achieve set objectives or goals. This project looks at the impact of modern communication facilities on the performance of a secretary in an organization.... Continue Reading
Abstract The impact of ICT is to convey, manipulate and store information; the population is 220, and sample size 142. The findings are based on greatly influenced social, political and economic processes in Anambra State and worldwide. Regardless of the level of practice, ICTs will continue influencing the careers of social workers and the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT               Our society is dynamic and not static. It is a living organism. The development of filing system has assisted and greatly affected the keeping of record. It is against this background that the research has chosen the topic” Impact of an effective filling system in an organization” (A case study of Zartech... Continue Reading
Abstract The aim of this project is to access the Effect of Modern Technology on Secretarial Performance, and also the problems secretaries’ face where there is a technological change or innovation in the office. The researchers selected Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu as a case study.  Questionnaires were distributed, and... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Nuskka Zone) ABSTRACT This study is an investigation into the TEACHING AND LEARNING OF BUSINESS STUDIES IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN ENUGU URBAN . Data collected was analyzed and discussed in different chapters that make up this research work. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is to find out the importance of record management and effective job performance in an organization, thus any manager or secretary who is proficient in the art of information-record management may not explore his potential and capabilities effectively without proper record management practice. Therefore,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT           The degree to which computer is used in offices, have been of serious concern to secretarial profession. This study investigated the impact of computer system on the performance of secretaries in Ibarapa Polytechnic Oyo state and how significance the computer system is to secretaries.           Today computer... Continue Reading
IMPACT OF COMPUTER ON RECORD   MANAGEMENT IN AN OFFICE ABSTRACT This research was carried out to find the impact of compute on record management in an office with the reference to thirty secretaries working in Federal Polytechnic, Offa. Research questions guiding the study were as follow: (1) what impact does the computer has on record keeping in... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Imt Enugu) ABSTRACT This study investigated the factors affecting students’ performance in shorthand, a case study of institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu. To give direction to this work, the researcher chronicled this work into five chapters with each... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Selected Business Organizations In Port Harcourt Metropolis) ABSTRACT Information Technology that is formally known as modern office machines are widely been used in our offices today. It is usually been used in order to facilitate office work and reduces labour cost.... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Eedc Owerri District Office) ABSTRACT ABTRACT This study examined the contributions of office managers towards the achievement of organizational goal. 160 participants were used for the study comprising 140 office managers and 120 bosses. Data collected... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Afribank Plc In Enugu Urban) ABSTRACT The research study investigated the role of secretaries in computerized offices, with particular reference to commercial banks in Enugu urban Afri-Bank Plc Enugu was mainly used for the study  The population consists of all the secretaries... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examines the effect of working condition on the performance of secretaries in an organization. A survey method of research was used for the study, secondary data were collected from books which formed the theoretical background of the study and primary data were collected through the use of questionnaire. The questionnaires... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study covered “The Contributions of Modern Records Keeping in organizational competency; A study of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Nsukka Branch). The study identified the contributions of modern records keeping... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background to the study For decades now, fast changes have been taking place in all facets of human life including the office environment. This is as a result of technological advancement. Every office in today’s business world, be it government, industry or other human endeavors, require facts and accurate... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION The survey of good filing system and classification is one that has got to do with a classification in use in the personnel department of federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri.   In an office where there is no good filing system and classification, it is bound to fail in its dealings within and outside the organization.  The survey of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The researcher aim at knowing the detail of office information  an communication system  skills needed by secretaries  in today’s business. The work is divided into fire chapters the first chapter to works. Into the background of the study, statement of the study, purpose of the study, significance of the study, research question,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The contribution of the Business Establishment to the economic development of any nation cannot be over emphasized. Computer have also contributed greatly to ease the functions performed by this industries to meet its economic obligations to the nation. The computer as a very necessary tool has not been adopted by all business... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The major purpose of this research is to find out the causes of conflict between Secretaries and Bosses in Anambra State owned Establishments. The population of the study consists of 58 Secretaries in Anambra State Owned Companies. The sample for the study was the total population of the Secretaries which is 58. Three research questions... Continue Reading
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