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The research was on “Role of conflict Management in Effective Performance in an organization. A study of Ama Breweries”. The study covered the role of conflict management in effective performance of an organization; whether poor staff welfare package engenders Conflict in Ama Breweries; the cause of conflict management in an organization and  effective strategies for resolving organizational conflict. The study was a survey method that adopted questionnaire and oral interview as primary sources while secondary sources were gotten from journals, online articles and textbooks. A used a population of 36 from a sample of 40 respondents. The statistical tools were frequency tables, and percentages. The study found out that  the sources of these conflicts could be as a result of differences in perception, and qualification, political causes, limited resources, communication gap/barriers inter-dependent work activity, role function and the issue of God-fathers. The findings also indicate the effects of conflict as it diverts attention from organization goal attainment and creates resentment and anxiety among organizations   members which makes the organization unviable to function properly. It causes efficiency and coordination which can code and destroys the It was suggested that management should Endeavour to have discussions regularly with its workers as this enables them know and understand workers problems and how they feel about their job and work conditions. It was also suggested that boxes be situated where employees/workers can find then and lodge their complaints. Such boxes should be opened regularly and complaints so lodged treated accordingly.

Table Of Contents
Background of the Study                         
Statement of the Problem                        
Research Questions                          
Purpose of the Study                              
Significance of the Study                          
Scope of the Study                     
Definition of Terms                              
Conceptual Frame Work                    
Concept Of Conflict                        
History Of Industry Conflict In Nigeria                 
Nature and Sources of Conflict in Nigeria            
Types Of Conflict                              
The causes of conflict                           
The Meaning Of Management               
General Approaches To Conflict Management           
Positive Consequences Of Conflict                 
Negative Consequences Of Conflict              
Importance of conflict                             
Theoretical framework                            
Summary of Literature Review                       
Research Design                          
Sources Of Data                            
Area Of Study                                
Population of the Study                   
Sample and Sampling Technique                   
Instruments for Data Collection                   
Validity of the Instrument                      
Reliability of the Instrument                      
Method of Data Collection                        
Method Of Data Analysis                       
Data Presentations, Finding and Analysis            
Implication of Research Findings                 
Suggestion for Further Studies                   
Limitation of the Study                       
 Background of the Study
Conflict is the expression of disagreement over something important to both (or all) sides of a dispute. The first important thing to understand is that it is entirely dependent on the people involved. It depends on their having a particular point of view, which may or may not have independent facts and evidence to support it, and on how they behave when they encounter an opposing point of view.
Conflict is a struggle or contest between people with opposing needs, ideas, beliefs, values or goals. Although conflict is inevitable, the results of conflict are not predetermined. Hence, conflict may escalate and lead to nonproductive results; it may also be beneficially resolved and lead to qualitative final product. Thus, conflict is dialectical. It is analytically germane to posit that conflict is endemic with mankind; it is a characteristic of human existence and part of the dynamic of life that drives us into the future.  In fact, Karl Marx once observed that conflict rather than peace is the engine of progress.  
There are various types of conflict ranging from political, ethnic, religious conflicts to industrial conflicts. Although Conflict may portend negative signal for economic and political development, it nevertheless could be a necessary catalyst for growth and development especially in the area of improvement in the standard of living of the working class people and their productivity in work place.
Conflict can be regarded as an important feature of capitalist societies, where profit maximization is the central objective of investors and industrial organizations. Conflict usually arises when the expectations or demand made by the workers and employers on each other are in a state of disequilibria. These demands usually relate to the issue of salary and wages and the level of performance of the workers. The lack of satisfaction by any of the parties or both, especially by the workers on wage issues usually leads to conflict. Although conflict is endemic in all societies, Conflict is a typical feature of capitalist societies where commercial enterprises are mainly privately owned and operated on the basis of profit maximization.
Meanwhile, because the majority of workers in capitalist economies live at the level of subsistence, their ability to improve their economic and social conditions lies in their unionization (Adebisi, 2004). Evidently, in the capitalist societies, the interest of the industrialist is to maximize profit and exploit the workers while that of the workers is to ensure their wages can provide their basic needs. Since the interest of the industrialists (employers) is antithetical to that of the workers, there is bound to be Conflict in every human society.
Based on the foregoing, there needs to always manage conflict to ensure it does not get to unmanageable height or even escalate to violence. Conflict management is the principle that all conflicts cannot necessarily be resolved, but learning how to manage conflicts can decrease the odds of nonproductive escalation. Conflict management involves acquiring skills related to conflict resolution, self-awareness about conflict modes, conflict communication skills, and establishing a structure for management of conflict in your environment to this end, personnel management as emerged as a veritable measure used in the industrial to either mitigate or resolve conflict.
Personal management is therefore a set of organizational activities directed to attracting, developing and maintaining an effective workforce. The personnel of an organization have to be properly managed for them to make maximum contribution to the organization. Amber (2009) observed that in any organization, there is a system which is responsible to increase the welfare and performance of the employees. This system implements policies which aim to achieve all the objectives regarding personnel of the organization. This system is known as personnel management. The function of personnel management starts with the staffing process, screening and interviewing process and selection process in addition to developing such policies which are beneficial for the employees.  Along with this, the personnel management decides what benefits and perks to give to a certain employee. It establishes operational policies and procedures, employment requirements, discipline procedure etc (Onyishi, Eme and Emeh, 2012).
The Ama Breweries ) is one of the oldest industries east of the Niger having been incorporated on January 17, 1977. It was hitherto one of the major employers of labour and has experienced various forms of management-employee conflicts especially in recent years.
Based on the foregoing, this study sets out to examine the place of personnel management as a tool for managing Conflict using Ama Breweries  as a case study.
Statement of the Problem
         Conflict is endemic in every human society. Conflict is one major form of conflict in our contemporary capitalist society. This is mainly due to the clash in the interests of the industrial capitalists on the one hand and that of the wage earners. While the exploitative tendencies industrial capitalist would prefer to pay little wages and get maximum productivity from the wage earners, the workers would prefer to get high wage or at least enough wages to provide their basic needs. This accounts for constant conflict in the industries.
              Meanwhile, personnel management has come to be applied as an instrument for conflict management in the industries. Yet conflict remains endemic in the industries despite high level personnel management employed in the industries. The relationship between Conflict management has attracted the attention of many scholars. Adebisi (2004) argue that Conflict in Nigeria has been influenced by military dictatorship which has taken Conflict resolution mechanism to the realm of persistent state intervention. Some other writers posit that Conflict are influenced by factors like wage rate, price expectation and union membership (Ige, Adeyeye & Aina, 2011). Yet, some other scholars like Akinwale (2011) attributed conflict to lack of transparency and institutional capacity needed for reconciling dissenting voices in the work place. It is against the background that this study will constructively look at the following research question.
Objectives of the Study
The general objective of the study is to examine the role of conflict management in effective performance in an organization. A study of Ama Breweries: However, the study has the following three specific objectives:
1.    To examine the role of conflict management in effective performance of an organization.
2.    To examine whether poor staff welfare package engenders Conflict in Ama Breweries.
3.    To outline the cause of conflict management in an organization>
4.    To examine effective strategies for resolving organizational conflict.
Research Question
The following are the research question drafted from the objective of the study:
1.    What are the role of conflict management in effective performance of an organization?
2.    Whether poor staff welfare package engenders Conflict in Ama Breweries?
3.    What are the cause of conflict management in an organization?
4.    What are the effective strategies for resolving organizational conflict?
Significance of the Study
So many people will benefit from this study. Among them are the management of private organisations, the researcher, the universities, and the general public.
•    The management of Innoson Company: This research work is beneficial to the management of conflict in Ama Breweries because it enlightens them on the importance of management of conflict in an organization. The management of various organizations will benefit from this study because they will understand the relationship between performance management and organizational productivity.  
-    The employment: The research work is equally beneficial to the employees as it exposes them on the importance of working in a of good conflict in organization productivity and growth.
-    The researcher will benefit as the research work is a pre-requisite for graduation.
-    The University: The University will benefit as the research work increases their data bank.
-    Further References: Finally, the research work will serve as a spring board for further research.
Scope Of The Study
            Obasi (1991; 99) defines a good research as involving delimiting to a manageable scope, the following; the issues, the period and the geographical area covered as well as the subject matter. To this end the research will interview civil servant of the Ama Breweries , so as to given a proper direction to the researcher’s problem study. Therefore, the scope of this study shall be guided by data gathered through the administration of questionnaire to staff of Ama Breweries . This is with view of assimilating the crisis/ problem encountered by the Ama Breweries  administration.   

Definition Of Terms
Rabsons (2002; 11) observed that definition of terms are brief explanation of terms used in a research study in order to guide against or avoid any ambiguity. For better understanding of the research work, the following terms are defined.
-    Conflict; conflict is the expression of disagreement over something important or the struggle or contest between people with opposing needs, ideas, belief, value or goals.
-    Industrial Conflict; Fajana(2000) sees CONFLICT as the inability of these parties either between employers and employees or within their group to reach agreement connected with the object of employer – employees interaction.
-    Personal Management; Ezeani (2002) defined personnel management as the responsibility of all those who manage people as well as being a description of the work of those who are employee as specialist.


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