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1.1    Background of the study
1.2    Statement of problems
1.3    Purpose of the study
1.4    Scope of the study
1.5    Research questions
1.6    Significance of the study
Review of literature
2.1    Review of literature
2.2    Summary
3.1    Research design
3.2    Area of the study
3.3    Population for the study
3.4    Sample and sampling procedure
3.5    Instrument for data collection
3.6    Validity of the instrument
3.7    Reliability of the instrument
3.8    Method of administration of the instrument
3.9    Method of data analysis
Data presentation and result summary of findings
5.1    Discussion of results
5.2    Conclusion
5.3    Implication of the results
5.4    Recommendation
5.5    Suggestions for further study
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People frequently need to co-ordinate their  activities in order to do their jobs.  The history of communication which is an integral part of public relations is as old as the human race.  It is an essential factors in every study of human behaviour communication has continued to grow with the social political and economic development of man.  Communication relates individuals together and at the same time enables the communicators to live harmoniously.
However for any communication to be meaningful and achieve  its intended purpose (s) it  has to contain the seven c’s of communication (Bernard 1963) these seven c’s of communication are credibility context content  clarity continuity and consistency channels and capacity of audience.
Communication has many definitions hence it means various things to different people .  to some it could be as diverse as to include the equipment used in passing information such as the telephone telegraph television internet etc  however there is no iota of doubt to say that the communication function is the  mean by which organized activities are unified it may be looked upon as the   by which social inputs are fed into social system behaviour modified change effected information made productive and goals achieved at the end communication is the passing of ideas information and attitudes from person to person the view of Koontz Donnell Weihrich other definitions of communication abound it is pertinent therefore that communication should contain some information is any content that has something about a given situation such information must have credibility be clear in content and context among others without these functions it may not be  useful to both receiver and the sender if the sender encodes a message that is not decoded by the receiver then the sender has not communicated at all management can be defined as getting things done through others.  This makes it imperative that the management or the organizer of any activity where these are more than one participant has to communicate his/her idea to other to  enable them achieve the organization’s aim basically there are several ways by which people can communicate with each other this can be classified into two verbal and non verbal means words can be spoken in various language and that constitute the verbal communication while the non verbal means includes body movement physical characteristics touching behaviour etc.
There are several forms of language such as the complete language programming language and regarded as consisting of work both written and spoken.
There are as many language spoken as there are tribes are as many language spoken as there are tribes in the world over hence it is necessary that the sender of an idea should use the language that could be understood by the receiver communication is only effected when the receiver can understand and decodes what the sender has in mind or intends the message to achieve.  We often communicate unknowingly as other observe our action and facial expression and derive inference or conclusion form them.  Experience has shown that the percentage of time allocated to communication is very high ranging from 75% to 90%  of our working hours five percent of this time is spent in working 10% in reading 35 in talking and 50% in listening
It is therefore not surprising to not that poor communication breeds individuals groups or organizational conflict and is always the root of any organizational problems. Decision making is impossible without communication.  Effectiveness of communication in any organization breed motivation and high morals on employee with its attendants increase in productivity and profitability which is always the major objective of many business.
Form all indication  communication is of paramount  in dealing with the human factors throughout his stay in the organization form recruitment to retirement  appointment to promotion leave etc.
Communication integrates the managerial  function and relates it to both internal and external environment.  Every system must have interaction and responsiveness between its sub-system if the total complex is to accomplish its objectives communication is then a binding factors between these sub-system and provided information that simultaneously guides the system towards organizational goal accomplishment.

Finally communication can be views as an elaborate system for gathering evaluating recording and disseminating information.  hence it is not fallacious to say that there will be no organization if here is no effective communication.
The Nigeria telecommunication Ltd(NITEL) is  a federal government owned company that provides public telecommunication services in Nigeria set up in 1985 as an amalgam of the telecommunications division of the defunct P /T department and the Nigeria  external telecommunication limited (NET) NITEL Ltd has a staff strength of about 11.00 in 1992 NITEL was communalized following a tripartite agreement between it the government and the then technical committee  on privatization and commercialization (TCPC) In  1996 the provision of mobile service was excised form NITEL to from the Nigeria mobile  telecommunication  limited (M-TEL).
M-TEL was however re-merged with NITEL in February 2001 and the resulting   anglomerate was constituted into three directorate.  It now operates a three directorate structure which all  reports to the corporate  headquarters.  The directorate are long  distance communications  domestics network communication and mobile communications.
The directorate of long distance communications is in charge of all the international  telecommunications switching centers international act ways the national trunks and repeater stations and internet networks.
The directorate of mobile communication is responsible for the provision of mobile services across the directorate four area in the country the area are:
Area I     with headquarters in Lagos
Area II with headquarter in Enugu
Area III with headquarter in Abuja and
Area IV with headquarter in Jos
The provision of GSM services also falls within the preview of the directorate
The directorate of the domestic network communications operates on a 6-zonal and 39-tertitorial administration  basis the six zones are:
Lagos zone with headquarter in Lagos  
North west  zone with headquarter in Kaduna
South east   zone with headquarter in Bauchi
South east  zone with headquarter in Enugu
South  west  zone with headquarter Ibadan and central state of the federation and the federal capital represent a territory Lagos is however structured into 3 territories because of the volume of business in the city
Fully commercialized under the privatization and commercialization policy of the federal government NITEL Ltd more than ever is committed to the provision of efficient reliable and cost effective telecommunication services nationally and internationally this set of objectives has remained the guiding principle on which the company operation are based.
NITEL has about 800.000 telephone lines and about 13,000 telex lines in the network.  With the introduction of digital systems into the network form 1990 and the commencement of GSM operations the total installed capacity of telephone lines is expected to reach two million early next year. About 450000 lines of the  exiting capacity are digital lines while 80% of transmission is digital.
Other relatively new services provided by the company are IMARSAT services the network paging services and audio mail services internet services and on-line billing.     
NITEL  Ltd has continued to live up to  the expectations of the federal government  by improving on its achievement in the efficient management of the nation’s telecommunication network.  The company has consolidated  it corporate existence and is firmly on the path to providing adequate effective modern and viable telecommunication services for the nation’s development services offered by NITEL are:
•    Telephone with IDD (international direct dialing)
•    Mobile/GSM services
•    Telegraph and telex delivery services.
•    Telegraph and registered telegraphic addresses
•    Local and international public card payphone
•    Transmission  and reception of real time television for network services
•    Private leased telephone and telex services
•    Pal-secam tape conversion
•    Private  wire
•    Maritime mobile services (MMS)
•    Leased telephone and telegraphy services
•    Alternate voice data (AVD) circuit
•    Voice cost and press reception
•    International public counter services
•    NIFAX services (public facsimile)
•    Satellite mobile communications (INMARSAT)services
•    Data switching system
•    Electronic mail (national services only)
•    Pres reception and broadcast
•    X.400 electronic messages
•    Air traffic sub-system
•    Digital PABX with DID (direct inward dialing)
•    Internet services.
Psychologist believe that man is national being free to all  forms of information both inter and intra-personal group or mass communication and living in an organized society the accomplishment of objectives  personal and organizational is impossible without communication and could only be partially achieved by chance if communication is effective. This importance of communication as stated above and the imminent problem it poses when inefficient can be traced back to certain issues in the old  testament of the bible (Genesis 11,1-9) God changed the individual languages of  the builders of tower of Babel  as a result of this they failed to achieved their objectives because they could no longer communicate with one another.
However NITEL which renders communication services is not left out in some of these business problems investigation into its communication system is pertinent to enable it face the modern challenges of technology and competition on its way to growth and survival.
Individuals are born with different potentials and also they come form different part of the country and beyond.  They also must have different experience  during their childhood youth and as adult.  They have had employers and supervisors who have exerted a variety of influence upon them. These employers have diverse languages ethic social an cultural backgrounds which have the ability of acting as a barrier to effective communication. Dispute between management and employees most times stem form poor uncoordinated and wrong choice of communication system.
Another organization may be autocratic that is individuals are expected not to express their opinions and are otherwise discouraged from engaging in activities expect in rare instances such night be the case of NITEL Plc Enugu  Territory mechanical inefficiency and could also be the cause of the problem in the organization.  This is advanced in the sense that they stem form lack of proper facilities or means of communication such mechanical tools of communication like intercom telephone internet etc.  these tools are used for sending or receiving urgent business information  when any of these tools is equipment is not functioning properly information flow is distorted and this is not often to the interest of the organization.  Efforts  have been made by the federal government to improve management skills and personnel by establishing management development centers and federal training centers like administrative staff colleague Jaji and federal training center Emen Enugu papers have been written and seminars organized and delivered on communication problem in indigenous enterprises.
However on how poor communication affect specific corporation  NITEL Plc are difficult to find.
The peculiar problem of this organization have not been identified.  Hence this project attempts to review some of the general problem with special references on how they affect NITEL Plc Enugu territory and suggestions on the suitable ways of improving the communication system in the organization.   
1.2    STATEMENT OF PROBLEM                                                      
Information  is the life wire behind the survival of a business inadequacy of information perse have led to several ugly consequences strike actions and sit down have resulted form inadequate communication system.
In this vein, inadequate communication process in companies or establishment has led to great financial loss NITEL Plc Enugu Territory is not left out in this regard.
Experience has shown that delays in communication procedure endangers management effectiveness.  As  a result of this misunderstanding and conflicts usually arise between management and different department in the organization.  Also where this is the case there  is the tendency for lack of confidence to arise which will eventually lead to low productivity. Some of the problem include:
i.    Poor communication facilities due to inability to  procure modern communication equipment
ii.    Lack of maintenance culture to the existing facilities
iii.    Lack of skilled personnel to handle modern communication equipment
iv.    Constant vandalisation of communication installations etc.
1.3      PURPOSE OF THE STUDY        
The  primary purpose of this research is to conduct a study on the relevance of communication as a tool for effective management.
It is hoped that the study will achieve the following:
i.    To find out whether communication is relevant for managerial effectiveness
ii.    To determine the extent of damage due to lack of maintenance culture
iii.    To find out how lack of skilled personnel to handle modern communication equipment has posed a problem
iv.    To determine how constant vandalisation of communication installations has affected communication efficiency
Based on the finding recommendation will be made on the best communication system as well as how to install effective communication gadgets so as to enhance the image and efficiency of the organization
1.4    SCOPE OF THE STUDY        
This topic “an evaluation of the relevance of communication as a tool for effective management” has been narrowed down to NITEL Plc Enugu territory which made it move researcher for the researcher.
For the purpose of this study the following research question will be put forwards.
i.    Do you think communication is relevant for managerial effectiveness
ii.    Does lack of maintenance pose problem to the existing communication facilities
iii.    Does lack of skilled personnel affect modern communication system
iv.    Does constant vandalisation of managerial effectiveness    

Significantly this research work “evaluation of the relevance of communication as a tool for effective management will be beneficial to:
1.    The management of NITEL Enugu territory in particular and the business world in general.
2.      Prospective businessmen to know the causes and reason for communication problems in business organization
3.    Policy makers in a bid  to restructure communication system in their various organization.
4.    The educators who train/educate students in business studies this will also expose them in other areas of communication
5.    Finally the students of management studies also benefit form this study this is because it will expand their knowledge and scope of understanding of communication.


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