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This research study focused on the effect of direct marketing on the organizations performance. It aimed at highlighting how direct marketing campaigns enhance various marketing alternatives.0
The study also investigated attitudes and several behavioural differences both on the side of the marketing organization and its customers. Two hypotheses were tested about the effect of direct marketing on performance in a factorial experimental design involving one hundred (100) potential respondents from International Tools Limited and UBA Plc to determine and ascertain a comparative view on the research topic.
The result indicated a very high correlated relationship between the variables, hence ascertained that the rate of performance in both organizations depends on the direct marketing methods used. Tools used to ascertain this result includes statistical description methods such as frequencies, percentages, chi-square analysis. Further, the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (PPMCC) was used to ascertain the rate of relationship between the variables.
The study revealed that both organizations conduct continuous environmental scanning in order to fill the purse of their target customers and relate their findings to meaningful improvement to product quality. There is indeed a difference in the use of direct marketing according to the performance of the organization.
Title page   i
Certification   ii 
Dedication   iii
Acknowledgement   iv
Abstract   v
Table of content   vi-vii

1.1 Background to the Study 1-2
1.2 Statement of Problem 2-3
1.3 Objectives of the Study 3-4
1.4 Research Questions 4
1.5 Research Hypotheses 5
1.6 Significance of the Study 5
1.7 Scope and Limitations of the Study 6
1.8 Operational Definition of Terms 6-13

Literature Review
2.1 Introduction 14
2.2 What is Direct Marketing? 15-17
2.3 The Effects of Direct Marketing on Performance 17-18
2.4 The DMA WEFA Studies of 1999-2004 19
2.5 An Overview of Direct Marketing 20-22
2.6 Case Study 22-23
2.7 Direct Marketing and the Banking Industry in Nigeria 24-26
2.8 Direct Marketing in the Engineering Sales and Service Industry 26-28
2.9 Direct Marketing Outcomes 28-31
References 32-34

Research Methodology
3.1 Introduction 35
3.2 Research Design 35
3.3 Restatement of Research Question and Hypotheses 36
3.4 Characteristics of the Population of Study 37
3.5 Sample and Sampling Techniques 37
3.6 Data Collection Instruments 38
3.7 Administration of Data Collection Instrument 38
3.8 Validity and Reliability of Data Collection Instrument 38-39
3.9 Limitations of the Methodology 39
References 40

Data Presentation, Analysis and Discussion 
4.1 Introduction 41-58
4.2 Test of Research Hypotheses 58-65
4.3 Discussion 65-66
4.4 Correlating the Variables from both Organizations 66-67
References 68

Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations
5.1 Summary of findings 69-70
5.2 Conclusions 70-71
5.3 Recommendations 71-72
Bibliography 73-75
Appendix 1 76
Questionnaire 77-82


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