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Given today complex and rapidly changing management climate, most large companies, major institution and governmental agencies are implementing continuous improvements to achieve efficiency and assure all concerned parties of solid corporate governance.

The nature of interval audit system simply means explaining some of the  key terms in the project topic, the internal system. 

According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) definition of internal auditing the internal audit system should provide independent, thoroughly timely and objective result of quantitative and qualitative testing to senor management and in essence, help evaluate organizational risk management.               
Auditing is an independent checking  and investigation of the books of accounts and  vouchers of a business with a view to enabling the audit to report whether the balance  sheet and profit and loss account are properly drawn up so as to show a true and  fair  view of the state of the affairs and the best of the information and explanations obtained by the Auditors and that they comply with the rules laid down  by SSAP (Statements of Standard Accounting Practice) and other statutory regulations.  Audit is of two types, namely. 

The idea of auditing in general management of resources is aimed at making maximum use of resources in a most honest and integrity manner. The concept of auditing as an examination of accounting document and of supporting evidence for the purpose of reaching  proprietary, fairness,; consistency and conformity with accepted principles.

What is actually internal audit about is due to  its institutionalized examination procedure within an organization, such institutionalization does not  product preclude auditing from outside the organization to reexamine financial and transaction books. This is usually financial and transaction book. This is usually referred to as external auditors or auditing, whereas the internal audit are measures  or mechanism adopted for effective auditing in given organization. It is the effectiveness of such mechanism that determines success or otherwise of audit practices in any organization such success are measured in terms of level of comformity to the financial regulations  which are in themselves financial transactions 

Accounting operation are very important segment of the concept  of auditing in any organization under such operation are in conformity  with the financial and audit regulation it would be difficult to interpret and classify financial records adequately.

This research project entitled “the nature of internal audit system in educational institution regulatory organization (A case study of NBTE, Kaduna) was conducted for the purpose of academic research study.
It has five chapters, the first chapter contains background to the study, statement of problems, objectives of study, research questions and significance of the study. It  also covers, scope of the study, historical  background of the case study and definition of terms.
The second chapter was devoted to the consulting various literatures and publication under the heading of literature review.            
The third chapter  presented five sub-headings under the following: 
i. Introduction
ii. Population and sample size 
iii. Sampling techniques 
iv. Sources and method of data collections
v. Methods of data analysis
vi. Justification for the choice

The fourth chapter is essentially for data presentation and analysis on the following: 
i. Introduction
ii. Data presentation and analysis
iii. Summary of findings


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