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Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials (Page 7)

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THE PRESS WAR AGAINST POLITICAL INDISCIPLINE IN NIGERIA ( A CASE STUDY OF THE PUNCH NEWSPAPERS 1999-2007 ) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0     BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY “Without information there is no accountability, Information is power and the more people who posses it, the more power is distributed”1 Journalism is more about dissemination of... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Any publication containing current public News, editorial, feature article and advertising printed for sale and published periodically or daily is seen as a newspaper. It belongs to the first category of the media whose other categories was built on, it is like other media which primary function is to inform, educate,... Continue Reading
  AN ASSESSMENT OF NTA NATIONAL INTEGRATION PROGRAMME (A Case Study of Kaduna Metropolis)  CHAPTER ONE 1.0    INTRODUCTION The role of the media, particularly, television in advancing national integration  is pivotal. Television has become a very important and an effective medium of mass communication since its invention. Its synchronous... Continue Reading
AVAILABILITY OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND ITS EFFECT ON OFFICE WORKERS PRODUCTIVITY IN KADUNA POLYTECHNIC  CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the study An office equipment have gone beyond manual typewriter, ink, pot, local storage facilities etc. into more complicated and effective modern office equipment. Some organization has... Continue Reading
TELEVISION AS A TOOL FOR NATIONAL INTEGRATION (A Case Study of N.T.A Kaduna) ABSTRACT National integration has been described as the role in which television must play. This term paper will critically examine the level to which television can aid national integration and to achieve unity in diversity. It will also assess the impact of television... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     INTRODUCTION           Production transact business through communication to both within and outside their area of operation.  The business transacted can be relevant to their set objectives in one-way or the other there is no doubt... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE:  INTRODUCTION     1.0 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The internet is a global system of interconnected computers that uses the standard internet protocol suite (TCPT/IP) to serve billions... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF MANAGEMENT STYLE OF NAGARTA RADIO ON REPORTERS AND PROGRAMMES PRODUCERS IN THE STATION CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION A determining factor for the selection of Management or Leadership style of any media organisation is ownership and control. It is therefore not surprising that the Management Styles of some media organisations in... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The Mass Media remain one of the most potent weapons in influencing time. This is why it has been observed that no event is considered significant if it failed to attract the attention of the media. Denis... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1        Background of the Study In view of growing numbers of involuntary unemployed youth, governments need to apply appropriate strategies to promote the work culture among their peoples especially using... Continue Reading
      INTRODUCTION Mass communication is defined as message directed towards a large group people using a mass medium. It involves disseminating information to a large and widely dispersed audience mass communication is made possible through the help of mass media. That... Continue Reading
Abstract The study focuses on mass media as tools for social development with a focus on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. Mass media is one of the engines that propel the social development for its continuity and realization through: Informing, entertaining, and persuading. Mass media is a powerful... Continue Reading
  Abstract Abortion is a wide issue and the major concern in most of the discussion on abortion draws heavily from the fact that abortion constitutes severe danger to a woman’s health but at the same time when performed by medical specialist (i.e. abortion specialist) is safe for the woman. Abortion is accepted and also rejected by different... Continue Reading
  Abstract This project  analysed the contributions of women organisations in the community development in mbaise Local Government Area in imo state.semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 120 randomly selected women from the chosen communities. Data analysis were achieved using simple descriptive statistics as percentages,... Continue Reading
  Abstract Women empowerment is all encompassing, so this work will want to narrow it to the subject of women development and the impact of skill acquisition and economic empowerment. This topic has generated so much controversy in Nigeria, and the debate centers on appropriate type of development and whether the would help stimulate women toward... Continue Reading
Abstract This research work is an attempt to examine the prospects and part played by traditional rulers in community development in Awomama. The objectives of the study are targeted at finding out the community development projects carried out, and assessing the extent of traditional rulers involvement in community development. In the course of... Continue Reading
 Abstract The researcher in this work focused on the roles of Radio Nigeria, Enugu in combating drug abuse among University Students. To achieve this aim, research objectives were constructed to guide the researcher in her study. Survey research method was used for the study. The population was the students of Enugu State University of Science... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Juvenile delinquency is seen as one of the menace that destroys life and property in our society today. Because of the nature of crime committed by juvenile parents, guidance, sponsors and well wishers are worried and disturbed about our future leaders. Crime associated with juvenile include: rape, stealing, kleptomanism, burglary,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Over the years, Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo state has been experiencing a slow rate of development in the area. Based on this therefore, this work was designed toinvestigate the socio-economic and cultural factors militating against rural development in Ideato North Local Government Area. Two hundred respondents were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research is an in-depth analysis of  childlessness and socio-cultural impact on married couples in idah urban community of Kogi State.  The study explored ways of reducing pressure both from the family and the society as a whole with particular reference to examining the existing causes and effects of infertility in the society. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT With civilization and urbanization on the increase in Nigeria  today and also freedom from parents enjoyed by youths and students in various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria, different kinds of sexual orientation has developed which homosexual is one of them. Homosexuality being the romantic or sexual intercourse or behaviour... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY This  research work  is on the effects of Drug Abuse among University undergraduates in Nigeria. It appears that not only the use of drugs that create problems but rather their misuse. In other words the widespread use of drugs has not only turned our attention to the dynamics of drug use and... Continue Reading
 Abstract Influence of commercial advertising on the productpromotion of indomie instant noodles. A study of the children of Emene community Enugu Focus on commercial advertising which is a potent way of attracting the minds of children towards products or services. This study is anchoreed on two theories which are the cognitive dissonance theory... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to investigate the implication of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) code on African Independent Television Lagos. Five research questions were formulated for the purpose of this study. Other questions 20 in number came as questionnaires to the staff of AIT Lagos to determine the implication of national... Continue Reading
Abstract This research work is aimed at analyzing Audience perception of female models in advertising message (a study of always ultra commercials). The research method used was survey method and questionnaires being the instrument. The findings from the questionnaire shows that the audience, especially those in Enugu metropolis, now have positive... Continue Reading
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