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Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials (Page 4)

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(A CASE STUDY OF I.M.T STUDENTS) ABSTRACT This study was carried out to determine the Newspaper Readership pattern among the youth.  This arose because it was thought that the youths did not read newspapers and their use of other media was minimal. Against the background of seemingly... Continue Reading
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(A CASE STUDY OF ANAMCO PLC., ENUGU) ABSTRACT One company (ANAMMCO Plc., Enugu) was used in this empirical work o determine the attitude of top management towards public relations function. Four research objectives and three hypothesis formed the basis of this work.  and the library... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The researcher examines the effects of broadcast media campaign against ethno-religious crisis in Nigeria. Considering the long existing problems created by this menace, an audience based research of this nature is imperative. Survey research method was... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The campaign for women employment and emancipation in Nigeria has taken a new dimension sequent to the new development in the literacy level of our women and the level of development in mass media. The right of women have been severally abused and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research focused on Trends in the use of Human Model in the Nigeria Advertising Industry.   This study consists five chapters, the first chapter cover and  introduction of study.  The research problem, objectives of the study, formulation  of  hypotheses, the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study is geared towards finding out the effective of television in political development of rural areas on Nigeria with special reference to Enugu East local government area were studies. The importance media of mass communication is university... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ESBS/IMT POLY AIR PROGRAMME) ABSTRACT Development is the process of moving the world or mobilizing communities as a whole to engage in the task of self-improvement with the available resources.  In same vain, Education is necessary not only to help in... Continue Reading
A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN AIRWAYS, ABSTRACT In this era of social and economic instability in which the public must be given a convincing why they should part with their hard earned money, the role of the public relations practitioners cannot be over emphasized.             The... Continue Reading
(CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA TELEVISION AUTHORITY (NTA) ENUGU. ABSTRACT             This research project examines the implications of news commercialization on management of broadcast Media in Nigeria with emphasis on NTA Enugu.             Thus, the... Continue Reading
AN ASSESSMENT OF THE APPLICATION OF THE INTERNET   BY STUDENTS OF TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS IN RESEARCH PROJECT WRITING ABSTRACT Technology is a very important and useful part of life, effective and appropriate use of it still needs to be improved in education. This study set out to investigate the extent to which students of tertiary institutions... Continue Reading
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THE ROLE OF RADIO  IN IMPROVING THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN ENUGU STATE:   A CASE STUDY OF ESBS/IMT POLY AIR PROGRAMME ABSTRACT Development is the process of moving the world or mobilizing communities as a whole to engage in the task of self-improvement with the available resources.  In same vain, Education is necessary not only to help in... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NTA ENUGU) TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction                                                  11 Background of the study                                  1.2 Statement of the... Continue Reading
PUBLIC RELATION A TOOL FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION (A CASE STUDY OF PHCN LTD ENUGU TERRITORIAL OFFICE) ABSTRACT A public relations is the acts of employing effective communication to build sustain and defend organization’s reputation among both its internal and external publics.  Remarkably which any organizations public image receives a high... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Academic writings are replete with studies on news imbalance. So much have been said about news imbalance in the international scenes. However, by writing this project, the researcher intends to look beyond the imbalance to the root cause. It is... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             This is a study that is pre-occupied with an in-depth analysis of the influence of Mass Media pm the coverage of Human Rights activities and also on political issues in Nigeria. Some national deilies like the vangurage, New Nigerian, Punch and Daily... Continue Reading
. A CASE STUDY OF EDO BROADCASTING SERVICE (ESSBS) ABSTRACT The various literature studies intended to the mass media role in the national development and this clear in the area of political leadership. In this study, the researcher decided to draw home the Tourism that without a national... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work will investigate the public perception of the role of the radio in curbing corruption in Nigerian society as well as the problems encountered in the process of performing this role. Media plays an important public accountability role by... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The man trust of this study is to find out the role of radio in mobilizing Nigerian women in politics. This is studied in relation to other media of communication. We became interested in this project since 4th March, 2004, when some of us listened to the review on the... Continue Reading
. (A SURVEY OF  SOME SELECTED HOTELS  IN ENUGU URBAN) ABSTRACT           This research work is a survey on the effectiveness of Advertising in the maximization  of organizational profit with survey of some selected hotels businesses in Enugu Urban.          ... Continue Reading
(CASE STUDY OF OSINA TOWN IN IMO STATE) ABSTRACT             This study examined the electronic media as an effective instrument for cultural propagation. A case study of Osina Town in Ideato Local Government Area in Imo State.             Osina was selected... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION                                                                             1..1      Background of the... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF NIGERIA TELEVISION AUTHORITY, NTA) ABSTRACT The subject matter of this work is “challenges facing the media in Dissemination of information” in carrying out the research work, the researcher adopted the survey design using the questionnaire measuring... Continue Reading
 (A CASE STUDY OF THE ESBS ENUGU) ABSTRACT The role of the media in the promotion of government policies, has a serious concern to everyone. There has been criticism over the type of government policies being dispersed by the media which could be either or a mere propaganda.... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ADABA COMMUNITY) ABSTRACT This work is designed to study how dwellers use Newspaper and Television messages to effect social change.           It is pertinent to note that Newspapers, though rarely find their  way into Adaba Community, only those who work in... Continue Reading
 (A CASE STUDY OF IDEMILI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ANAMBRA STATE). TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION                                                                              1.1         BACKGROUND OF THE... Continue Reading
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