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Most Relevant Maritime and Transport Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT It is very fundamental that man’s main aim of venturing into businesses of all kinds is to make profit. Though profit tends to grow with time, a better planning, analysis and implementation strategy can in a least expected manner bring efficiency, stability and the much needed profit. The maritime sector of the Nigerian economy is one... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Over the years there have been stories of notorious oil spillages in the Niger Delta regions of the country, deposition of deadly industrial wastes into the seas at Lagos Lagoons and beaches, deposition of Biological and medical wastes in the Nigerian sea borders etc. which have led to death of sea and land animals including man in most... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Information Communication Technology (ICT) refers to several forms of information exchange between two or more devices like computers, mobile PDAs and hi-tech devices through which any of the several methods of interconnection, principally through the Internet can be initiated to perform a defined task. These technologies provide speedy,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT There has been a proliferation in the activities of crude oil exploration across the globe as a result of increase in high risk of oil spillage and the accompanying environmental hazards. In Nigeria, this has been the order of the day since the initiation of the first petroleum industry in country’s Niger delta region. Oil spills have... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This report examines the impact of improved infrastructure and efficient Cargo Delivery in Nigeria Port (A case study of Calabar Port Complex). The research also carried out a review of related literature in chapter to give the study the necessary theoretical background for the research work. The literature the Background of Marine... Continue Reading
This survey focuses on the Perception of Maritime Services in Nigeria. Relevant literatures in the Nigerian Maritime Industry and Port Service quality were reviewed to give relevance to the study. The findings of this survey reveal that services offered at Warri Port had favourable influence on actual perceptions of quality of service and that the... Continue Reading
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