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Law Project Topics and Materials (Page 7)

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Can two walk unless they are agreed? Since Marriage is about two people (the man and woman), who are of different background, opinion, ideologies, vocation, etc. there is bound to be the presence of elements of disagreement or disagreements between them, which may finally lead into an action for divorce in Court. An action for divorce been brought... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The issue of corruption has led to loss of confidence in Nigeria by its citizens at home and abroad including the international community at large due to the activities of fraudsters, corrupt public officials and mis-governance by our leaders. On the international scene, Nigeria has been blacklisted as a slate in which integrity and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Ever since independence, the criminal justice system of Nigeria has accommodated capital punishment which is also known as “death penalty”, as a punitive measure for specifically defined offences. In the past 15 years, scholars, researchers and students of penology and criminology have championed the debate for abolition of death... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The electoral process is an all encompassing process that includes registration of voters, identifying the political parties to be voted for, voting, counting of votes, declaration of election results as well as procedures and avenue for challenging election results. Elections have become the most acceptable process of changing leadership... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A company can be described as a legal entity or a body corporate, having perpetual succession and also a common seal, as well as the ability to sue and be sued in its own corporate name. Suffice to state, also that the company upon its incorporation can acquire property in its corporation name. This corporate personality, gives the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Generally, where a court is faced with the problem of determining a suit before it, such can only be solved after making an enquiry into the relevant facts of the evidence put before it by the parties, drawing inferences from those facts, and listening to arguments of parties to the case or of their counsel. Evidence is there from called... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Family land is land that belongs to a family as a whole under customary law. From time immemorial through the period of agriculture to the period of industrial development, land has remained the most valuable property in the life of man and his development. It is a source of wealth to those who have it and the mother of all properties. In... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Death is an inevitable end of everyone. All societies even the crudest, have a form in which individual’s property will be dealt with after they die. Wills are generally unknown and partially alien to indigenous Nigerian culture. In some instances however, some terms of testamentary disposition of property are made to safeguard and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Major legal systems across the globe have evolved rules and principles for dealing with various situations. These situations are inclusive of different legal concepts like marriages, inheritance, offences etc. The rules and regulations are either man-made or divine as it exist under the common law and Islamic law respectively. Thus, it is... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Taxation in Nigeria is one of the major source of revenue for it an be said that it generates between 75% to 80% of Nigerian revenue. Taxation in Nigeria is however bedeviled with a lot of problem one of which is double taxation. It is the practice in Nigeria for income tax to be imposed both on worldwide income derived by residents of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Nuclear weapon is undoubtedly a weapon of mass destruction. Thus, the ways and manners by which various states and countries that are in possession of this weapons have been using them has been and is still a subject of debate among scholars. Under the International Law, there are various statutory instruments regulating the ways and... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The creator did not leave human beings with the choice of determining their gender. Yet, women have sufered immensely in various aspects of life just because they are born females. This practice which has existed from time immemorial has been stemmed in the western World. However, most African Countries, which includes Nigeria, still... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This Dissertation provided a critical conceptual discourse into the Evidentiary Rules On Admissibility of Documentary Evidence Under Nigerian Evidence Act 2011. It appraised the bases for the admissibility of documentary evidence, rules of evidence, relevance and conditions for the admissibility of secondary evidence, public document,... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Imprisonment serves several universal functions, including the protection of the society, the prevention of crime, retribution against criminal and rehabilitation of inmates. Additional goal of imprisonment may include the assurance of justice based on a philosophy of just desserts (getting what one deserves) and the reintegration of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT It is vital to the correct understanding of the criminal law of Nigeria to ascertain at outset whence that law derives and where it is to be found. Essentially, Nigerian criminal law is derived from English common law. But the present relationship between those two systems of law has tended to become confused. Right from the creation of... Continue Reading
  ABSTRACT The topic under surveillance is “An Appraisal of Hearsay Rule in Nigeria and so it goes beyond a mere determination of what the Hearsay Rule translates to and touches on the actual working and operation of the rule within contemporary Nigerian society. We have considered the background of the rule in Nigeria and discovered that... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The general belief in Nigeria is that women are inferior to men, and this has a negative impact on women as regards succession under customary laws. Hence, the issue of gender discrimination remains a bane in the society despite various attempts both at the international and municipal level to curb such excesses. This paper examines the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The crux of this essay was to study the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Commercial Disputes and examined different ADR mechanisms and their strength and weaknesses. The study examined the workability and reality of these... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The concepts of democracy and governance have come to occupy a more “prominent position in the discourse of national and international development”. They have become key notions in which “citizens can have a more active role” which should enhance their positive view of the “increase legitimacy of the state”. As a matter of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Tax incentives are deliberate reduction in tax liability granted to investors to encourage particular economic units to act in some deliberate way (eg invest more, produce more, employ more, exploit more, save more, conserve less, pollute less and so on). They include adjustments to tax policy aimed at lessening the effects of taxation on... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Death is an inevitable end of everyone. All societies even the crudest, have a form in which individual’s property will be dealt with after they die. Wills are generally unknown and partially alien to indigenous Nigerian culture. In some instances however, some terms of testamentary disposition of property are made to safeguard and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The right to life is the most basic, fundamental, primordial and supreme right which human beings are entitled to have and without which the protection of all other human rights becomes either meaningless or less effective. Indeed, the right of each person to life is something, which is intrinsic to his status as a human being and which... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Mortgage financing are structured financial arrangements provided byapproved financial institutions that accept real estate as security for theloan. Basically, mortgage financing is used to acquire or purchase ordevelop a property. However, it is also used to access the equity on anexisting property. This research work examined various... Continue Reading
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The Registry is the Secretariat of the University and it is the center-nerve and the rallying point of all administrative activities in the University. The Registry is headed by the Registrar who is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University. For the smooth and efficient running of the Registry as a... Continue Reading
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