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Food Technology Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT This study was carried out to determine the functional properties of cassava flour produced using different drying method namely sundried and oven dried. The flours were obtaining from cassava (Manihot Esculent Crantz) by peelings, washing, cooking, slicing or chopping, drying, milling and sieving. The flours obtained were evaluated for... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work was designed to examine the awareness of good nutrition during pregnancy among women of child bearing age. Six (6) research questions were formulated and questionnaires were administered to one hundred (100) respondents in order to gather data for the research. Results showed that the pregnant women are aware of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to explore the impact of nutrition education on the dietary habits of female secondary school students, sixty adolescent girls in the age group of 12-18 years were selected randomly from two (a private and a public) secondary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. Nutrition education improved... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE:     INTRODUCTION 1.1       Food packaging definition 1.2       History of food packaging 1.3       Reasons or purpose of food packaging 1.4       Types of food packaging 1.5       Functions of food packaging 1.6       Role of packaging 1.7       Characteristics CHAPTER... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.0       Introduction 1.1              Suya as a traditional meat 1.2              Aims and objectives CHAPTER TWO 2.0       Literature Review 2.1              Function Of A Package Meat And Meat Prodcut 2.2              Different Packaging Materials And... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             This research work explored the concept of food security and its relationship to national development studies indicate that food security, which is the availability of adequate meals for man’s consumption as he desires, is an essential ingredient for the development of any nation. Adequate productivity through a... Continue Reading
Abstract a comparative study was done on the physico-chemical and antioxidant properties of some culinary herbs and local spices. Piper Guiness (Uziza), Xylopia aethopica (Uda), Monodora Myristica (Ehuru) and TrtraleuraTetraopera (Oshsho).  The proximate analysis of these spices  were done to determine their moisture content, ash... Continue Reading
 ABSTRACT             A study was carried out on the physico – chemical properties of fluted pumpkin seeds (Telferia occidentalis) flours.  The 1st two flour samples were obtained by boiling for 1 hr in 0.5% solution for Nacl, and .5% solution of Na2 S04 respectively. The 2nd two samples were obtained by soaking for 12 hrs in... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 WHEAT (TRITICUM AESTIVUM) 1.1.1 ORIGIN AND DISTRIBUTION Despite many years of investigation, it has not been possible to determine accurately when and where the first cultivated wheat originated. At the beginning of recorded history, wheat was already an established crop whose origin was unknown (Anon 1953). There... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE Fufu is a dough – like consistency prepared from predominantly starchy material by pounding the boiled material or by cooking a non-gelatinized powder or paste icold o hot water (krama and maz 1972) This is usually eaten with soup or (ownueme, 1978) Ngoddy and Ihekoronye 1985) Fufu is important in Nigerian food utilization patterns.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Micro organisms associated in fermentation of castor bean seeds “ogiri” (COSO) were investigated. Organisms islated include micrococcus, Bacillus and proteus. Soyabean paste was produced and divided into three portions, one portion was inoculated with the pureculture from caster beanseed “ogiri” the second portion was inoculated... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0     INTRODUCTION   Biscuits are the major products produced by the biscuit and crackers industries. Flour confectionery describes a large range of flour based goods other than bread manufactured from batter sponge or dough by mixing, kneading and may be created by fermentation, chemical or other means resulting in puff/flaky... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY . Canteen services stated way back in the 18th centaury, food and snacks are served as to the taste of the client. It may be seen as a place in the military, factory, camp, school etc. where people may buy food, drinks, sweets etc to eat. As advancement has set in, more services are rendered aside... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE ABSTRACT The nutritional potential walnut was determined by analyzing the proximate composition of conophonut, functional properties, Bulk Density of walnut flour, the result indicated the proximate composition to be Protein (39.01 + 39.69) Fat (36.26 + 38.53) Ash (2.56 + 2.71) while the mineral composition of walnut flour indicated... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Effect of spices (garlic and ginger extract) and salt concentration on the microbial load associated with process ‘Iru’ (Pakia biglobosa) were investigated. The raw locust bean (RLB) had the highest total viable counts of 1.8 x 106 Cfu/g. Fermented locust bean (FLB) had 3.4 x 105 cfulg while FLBGIN (Fermented locust bean with giger)... Continue Reading
Abstract This work reviewed the types, uses and effects of junk foods on human health (advantages and disadvantages). The different types of junk foods include. Drinks, snacks, and phytochemicals. Their advantages includes lowering the blood lipid levels, improving arterial compliance, scavenging free radicals and inhibiting platelet... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Complementary foods were formulated using sorghum, African yam bean and crayfish. The nutrient composition, functional properties and organoleptic attributes of the formulated complementary foods were investigated. The different flours were combined in the ratios of; 70:20:5, 80:15:5, 75:20:5, of sorghum, African yam bean and crayfish... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Production of jam is a process being advocated for the preservation of our seasonal fruits during their fruiting period. This work is aimed at producing jam without the combination of fruits and to produce without adding colourants or flavour and the important parameters for the preparation are firm ripe fruits rich in pectin sugar and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             Fix locally sourced citrus fruit (orange citrus sinners) tangerine (citrus reticulate) lemon citrus lemoni) (Lime (citrus aurantifolis) and Grape (citrus paradist) were mixed together to produce mixed fruit drink. Different ratios of orange, tangerine lemon, lime and Grape fruit juice in this order were blended... Continue Reading
 ABSTRACT Study of effect of storage time on the functional properties of wheat (Triticum Aestivum) and Bambrara Groundnut (Voandzeia Subteranea) Flour Blends.                   The flour blends comprised of wheat (WT) 1005, Banbaranut (BG) 100%, WBZO 70% wheat and 30% Bambaradnut, WB20 80% wheat and 20% Bambara and WBSO, 50%... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Production of jam is a process being advocated for the preservation of our seasonal fruits during their fruiting period. This work is aimed at producing jam without the combination of fruits and to produce without adding colourants or flavour and the important parameters for the preparation are firm ripe fruits rich in pectin sugar and... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0      INTRODUCTION Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water usually by baking. It is a good source of good nutrient such as macronutrients (carbohydrates protein, and fats) and micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) that are essential for human health. Its origin dates back to the Neolithic era and is... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out to extract essential oils from cashew shell and its kernel and to characterize the oils; with the view to ascertain their suitability for consumption and other uses. Soxhlet apparatus was used for the extraction using hexane as solvent. The physical and chemical properties of the extracted oil were analyzed. The... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Humans have consumed bakery products for hundreds of years. Among the different bakery products is the cake. Cakeis a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked. In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of breads but now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or... Continue Reading
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