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Cooperative Economic Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT Over the years, there has been a high rate of business failure in both private and public  sector . analysis and the review of the problem has shown that the provision of capital and technology alone cannot avert the situation. The situation can be change through a communal living. Establishment of co-operative society and there stay... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study is aimed at examine the role of bank in the financing of agricultural production with a view of determining the part played by the Nigeria agricultural and rural development bank NACRDB as the apex agricultural lending institution in the state. The researcher aimed to examine the nature of problems inherent such as illiteracy,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Every modern organization uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate and report information used in business processes. In most organization particularly medium and large size one. Information and Communication Technology needs are met through grant information systems. More... Continue Reading


The Co-operative thrift and Credit Society is now in existence in many institutions of higher learning.  Based on this, one might start to wonder what this research topic is all about, since such a programme is not a new one. All the same, the truth remains that the existence of Co-operative, Thrift and Credit Society in our higher... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The research work titled, “The Participation Of Women In Co-operatives In Enugu State (A Case Study Of Enugu North LGA And Ezeagu LGA Of Enugu State) was carried out by the researcher. Chapter one, deals with the introduction and the background of the study, statement of the problems, objectives of the study, research question,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Co-operative Economics and Management in tertiary institutions help to improve the co-operative growth and development, quality manpower in co-operative. The importance of studying co-operative in schools and tertiary institutions could as well known as co-operative education and is at the heart of co-operative for work motivation,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Agriculture is a science or practice of cultivating the land the keeping or breeding animal for food and for the promotion of the countries economy. The importance of improving Agricultural production through Co-operative Society especially in Anambra State, is their source of earning food and money for their survival, both man and animal... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  This research project is conducted on effective inventory control as a means of improving and organizations performance A case study of EEDC The research was prompted by the researchers believe of the indispensable role an inventory that is properly controlled can play in gearing up the profit of an organization in any... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project research was aimed to examine the management and activities of the Anammco worker’s multipurpose co-operative society limited, which is located in Emene, Enugu state. The study is aimed at looking into the aims and objectives of the society, origin and membership, social and business activities; sources of finance of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research is channeled towards studying critically the origin, reasons, importance and the problems affecting the co-operative laws and rules.  It specifically dealt with different sections of the co-operative laws and rules and their importance or otherwise the growth of the co-operative. This law is passed to convey government... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The topic of this research work is to analyse the role of marketing cooperatives in promotion and distribution of goods in Enugu state with a special reference to Enugu North LGA in Enugu state. This report provides a comprehensive summary of basic information on the cooperative way of organizing and operating a business and distribution... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION This chapter is to introduce the following points, background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, hypothesis, and significance of the study and definition of terms. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Cooperative is a basis for overall transformation of citizenry social and economic problems.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to make sure that new individuals going into cooperative formation appreciate the importance of feasibility studies to make a successful cooperative business enterprise. Cooperative business enterprise can only be achieved and sustained when a feasibility study is well prepared and define the kind of business that... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is focused on the study of critically the origin, reasons, importance and the problems affecting the co-operative laws. It specifically dealt with different sections of the co-operative laws and their importance and prospects with co-operative economics department.  In order to carryout this research work five... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work on co-operative and poverty in Enugu state intends to examine the level of poverty in Enugu state and to find out the level of co-operative movement, involvement in bringing permanent solution. Co-operative is well organized will no doubt help to alleviate poverty in any state. The researcher data which were processed... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Cooperative is a religious, economic political, cultural, ethical and educational process by which man working in consonance with another to attain a positive result and also advice  a deliberate and  purposeful harmony of togetherness, common objectives and voluntary manner. This voluntary democratic... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The aim of this project was to find out the role of Ijeudo (Enugu South) women cooperative society development of Enugu South Local Government Area of Enugu State.  The subject matter use of the study consisted of four hundred and ninety nine women cooperative from six registered women cooperative in the same local government sample... Continue Reading


1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1GENERAL BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  A bank is an establishment where money and other valuable are kept in safety. Bank is also described as one of the source from which co-operative organizations and other business enterprises raise capital in the form of loans. The development of co-operatives domestic and international trade... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION 1.1BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This study is an attempt to know the ways in which sources and uses of funds in cooperative business enterprises of Nigeria situation.  Both governmental and non governmental have driven financial sustainability and integrated community development among funds in Nigeria.  in the process the study examined... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study is undertaken to examine the reasons and problem associated with the premature winding .up or dissolution or liquidation of co-operative s society in Nigeria which has had a lot of effects from one region or state depending on the nature of things.    With particular interest and reference based on Nigeria with a case... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The research work on the topic “Improving Agricultural Production Through Cooperative using Enugu North Local Government Area Cooperative as a case of study was carried out survey the programmes and policies constituted by government to mobilize peasant farmers into agricultural cooperative and functional ones more productive as a... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The character of this research is an investigation into I.C.A in the last 11/2-Decade, Activities, progress and constraints. The finding showed that not minded the emphasis on the activities, progress and constraints of I.C.A.  TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page Certification/Approval Dedication Acknowledgment Abstract Table of Contents... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  This research project is a very crucial study designed ot find out  THE ROLE OF CO-OPERATIVE IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT have been contributed both Educationally and Economically towards the development of Akwa Ibom State and also to find out if  they made any achievement through their qualified and competent personnel.  To solve the... Continue Reading


1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The co-operative, thrift and credit society is now in existence in many institutions of higher learning.  Based on this, one might start to wonder what this research topic is all about since such a programme is not a new programme. All the same, the truth remain that the existence of co-operative, thrift and credit... Continue Reading


1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY No matter how far back we trace the history of human society, we always find people working together for some common end.  In the earliest times it was the family unit that shielded the individuals from the adverse influences of the outside world, whether these were economic or physical. A cooperative... Continue Reading
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