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Animal Production Project Topics and Materials (Page 2)

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 ABSTRACT Reduction of protein malnutrition in many areas requires evaluation of simple, affordable, cheap but effective processing and preservation methods that ensure protein requirements are met. There is increase in the consumption of meat in the modern world. There is need to process raw meat to other forms to serve as alternatives to the... Continue Reading
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Abstract This study was conducted to determine the effect of doe reproductive performance of local and exotic dam in regards to their reproductive characteristics such as conception rate, pregnancy rate, kindling rate and litter size in a tropical environment. The study shows the interaction between reproductive performance and dam breed, parity,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out on genetic evaluation of the Nigerian Forest (Yoruba)ecotype chicken in three local government of Ekiti State, Nigeria, based on some phenotypic traits and performance traits. A total of Two Hundred (200) of Cocks and Hens, with more of Hens than Cocks, of mature native, forest ecotype chickens were randomly... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Leucaena leucocephala was soaked for 48 hours and sun dried for l2hours it was then incorporated into feed for growing rabbits, the nutrient digestibility of Leucaena leucocephala (LLM) at 0 (control), 50 and 100% replacement of soybean was evaluated and the growth rate of weaned rabbits at different level of inclusion was compared. A... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The phenotypic characteristics of local chickens were studied in three local govermnent areas of ekiti state, Nigeria (lkole, Ekiti East and Oye local government). One hundred and eighty (180) captive adult birds (normal feathering female and male, frizzled local chicken were scored and measured for phenotypic characteristics (variation... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In a feeding trial which was conducted to study the nutritive value of air-dried Gliricidia leaf meal (GLM) supplemented with Maxigrain® enzyme using Sixty laying hens (Rhode Island Red strains). The birds were randomly allotted to five dietary treatments of 12 birds per treatment; each treatment was replicated into 4 groups with 3 birds... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work was carried out in Abeokuta metropolis covering areas of Abiola way, Adatan, Alabata, Aregbe, Camp, Isolu, Ita-Osin, Iyana- mortuary, Lafenwa, Obantoko, Odo- Eran, Okelewo, Onokolobo and Osiele. The study was determined to know the influence of husbandry practices on consumer’s preference for chevon or beef... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A feeding trial was conducted in a completely randomized design to evaluate the overall performance, blood constituents and carcass analysis of 5-day old Marshal broiler chicks that are fed with different diets; maize diet with and without AA supplements and unpeeled cassava root meal (UCRM) diet with and without AA supplements; of four... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out to look at the efficacy of using lactic acid and distilled water as wash solution to reduce rate of recontamination of some specific microbes on refrigerated chicken carcass. Frozen chicken wings was obtained from an open commercial market (Kuto), Abeokuta, in Ogun State, Nigeria. The skin from the lean meat was... Continue Reading
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