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  • Type:Project
  • Chapters:5
  • Pages:43
  • Methodology:chi saqure
  • Reference:YES
  • Format:Microsoft Word
(Mass Communication Project Topics & Materials)

In this write up impact of home video on the life of student of tertiary institution in Nigeria is presented.  There are five chapters, each deals with different perspective on hour a reasonable fact could be drawn as in what way home video has been  beneficiary to student of higher institution.
            The first  chapter deals with the general introduction.  This gives us the  highlight of the problem, aim and objective likewise it’s importance.
            Chapter two dealt with the past work done in this area and the system used in the working of the project.
            In chapter three the authors emphasizes on the  process, system and procedure of getting information for the purpose of arriving at a dependable solution on the research topic.
            The authors in  chapter four uses  the information  generated to present  a feature data on the topic.
            Chapter five focuses on the over all summary conclusion and recommendation.  The summary in nutshell analyze the research work.  Also conclusion elaborates on the challenges encountered during the course of the project and some remarks.
While recommendation encompass the  various facts generated and presented  as to use  it to  change the general  societal miss values most especially in our tertiary institution  9in Nigeria using institute of  management and technology [I.M.T ] Enugu as a  case study.
1.1              Introduction                                                                                                    
1.2              Problems statement                                                                             
1.3              Objectives of the study                                                                                   
1.4              Significance of study                                                                          
1.5              Limitation of the study                                                                                   
1.6              Research question                                                                                           
1.7              Hypothesis                                                                                                                  
Literature review                                                                                                         
2.1              Source  of literature                                                                            
2.2              Review of relevant                                                                                          
2.3              Theoretical frame work                                                                                   
2.4              Self perception theory                                                                         
2.5              Summary of review literature                                                             
Research methodology                                                                                               
3.1              Research  method                                                                                           
3.2              Research design                                                                                              
3.3              Population and sample                                                                                    
3.4              Sample size                                                                                                     
3.5              Sample technique                                                                                            
3.6              Measuring instrument                                                                         
3.7              Validity of measuring instrument                                                       
3.8              Method Of Data Collection                                                                
3.9              Method Of Data Analysis                                                                  
3.10          Expected Result                                                                                              
Data analysis and presentation                                                                                   
4.1              Data presentation analysis and results.                                                           
4.2              Discussion Of Results                                                                         
4.3              Testing Hypothesis                                                                             
Summary, conclusion and recommendation                                                   
5.1       Summary of findings                                                                          
5.2       Conclusion                                                                                                      
5.3       Recommendation                                                                                            
The impact of home video on the life of students in tertiary institution in Nigeria. The work of the twenty first centuries because of the advent of technology. Today it now dominates the life of man kinds.  It has been upgrade to a  level where all things happen without using energy as it was in the  case of post centuries. This century had brought along  changes and  unstoppable materialization one of which  is the  adoption of style of  living  by the Africa continent and Nigeria most especially.  Even as we have some ‘’ sit  tight’’  cultural believe it is obvious that  the advent of technology  has really affected societal norms and values.
            However the gospel truth remains that the society is misplacing its values cultural heritage and at the center of all our students in tertiary institution who are undoubtedly  leaders of tomorrow whether  they are possessions of quality personality or on the contrary.  The Nigeria  home  videos are been celebrated by these students. Most of them had formed the undeniable habits of watching every
Home video released into the market  hence there have been a mountain of criticisms being leveled on these home videos for their failure  to promote morality in our higher institution of learning.
                        What is being showcased  and obtain in home videos in nutshell are cases of violence prostitution, money laundering armed robbery and  photography as could be extracted from this  film ‘’THE SENATOR’’ the film propagate double standard, lack  of honesty cultism, wrong societal value blackmail success through  dubious means lack of respect for parents.  As a  mirror to the society, the film has been label to send a wrong message to the minds of students of higher  institution. It misplaced the universal standard of how an average student ought to go about in    his/ her sojourn in  tertiary institution, making  thieves  armed  robbers, cultists from  our  generation of students.  Home video in Nigeria instead of  bringing  messages story  lines  that  could promote our cultural heritage and  good values have deviated in adding  more problem instead of trying to solve them.  Some films introduces prostitution as the only way out for a female students whose infirmity could not pay her school fees; as if prostitution is the answer to poverty.  Thy failed to show some students that are in such situation that the normal thing to do may be through  menial jobs and other sources.
            The video  ‘’The senator’’ brings  out  social vices and deviant  behaviour in  the truth of matter remains that the impacts such films is having on students  of tertiary institution  is of negative.  Now  some believe that getting to the top is by joining  secret  cults or becomes  black mailers.  Such  videos create  conflict of reasoning  and  most time  changes  ideas and orientation thereby causing violence in our  higher  institution.
            Today, our institutions are dumping  ground of mediocre.  There you will  find prostitutes armed robbers  homosexuals, lesbians, cultists.  Worse still is that home video promote the ills,  finding its way into our campus and after scrutinizing  every  home videos one can hardly find one that promote hard work intelligence respect peace meekness development events, education or promote moral education  that is to say the  home videos producers/ makers gives our student foreign disguise through  our  local actors and actresses. our nervousness now is that the continual extent had adverse social and moral decadence  in our campuses which we  cannot risk and afford if our future should be guaranteed.
            Therefore the essence of this study  is very important because whether it  should be given a thought or not. It  is  believed that our youth, most especially students in tertiary  institution are being  impacted with home video with unacceptable ways of life obviously  opposed  by  our cultural heritage and  societal norms and values.  Hence what touches a finger must spread to the hand.  This  means that  the ugly behaviors being exhibited by our students in higher institutions as a result of watching home videos will certainly effect Nigeria if not today surely   we cannot escape it tomorrow.
            This research work tries to x- ray the impact home videos are having on students 9in higher  institutions.
            Home videos often time channel wrong information to these students  thereby  causing anomaly in campus.  This films  are deviating from acceptable success  goals instead they impact social vices as success goals.
            Most of these  films are rated  for  general viewing and (IB) indicating  that  some are unhealthy for children but  what does these audience including students stands to gain.  What impact will it be making in their lives ?  is it necessary at all to watch home video ? Does it promote morality especially  in pursuance of excellent moral standard in our  tertiary institutions ?
            Moral standard are assumed not to be promoted in institute of management and technology Enugu  [IMT] and  the  purpose of this study is to verify the truthfulness of this assumption and among the aims are:
i.          To  know the authority of the above assumption.
ii.         To know what extent home video is affecting the students of IMT.
iii.        To identify the problems being portrayed by the  watching of  home video by students.
iv.        Also the study is meant for the  purpose of solving or reducing negative sting  lines by home video makers.
v.         Lastly to verify or pin point some positive impact of home videos.
            The  impact of home video on the  students of (IMT) is  very  important to the  society  now that most students in their leisure time enjoy watching home movies.
The researchers are convinced  that  there are immeasurable significance of home videos on the  students.  Every day  lives are list violence in our  campus.  Our  higher  institutions are dumping grounds of  prostitutes armed  robbers etc.
These students exhibits what they see on local and foreign films.  As each day passes, negative information continues to influence the way of life of the students in IMT.
         This study  will thoroughly  examine and  analyze critically the introduction of home video in Nigeria its goals aspiration, motives purpose and  achievement so far. Not only that it will  also  look at  the impact of  this films on its viewers most especially  students and to what length has it contributed to the social ill  in our campus.
         With the enormous adverse effects of present home videos the output of this research work is expected to be of immense benefits to the society in general.  This work will succinctly expose the inherent dangers of exposing our future leaders to all sorts of home videos.
         Mandatory measures would hence be taken and  organization whose responsibilities include censorship would generate information that will make them come alive to their responsibilities.
         Summarily  not only the students that will gain but also government organization individuals private sector etc we  hope that this work findings  suggestions and recommendation will change our campuses for the better.
1.            To what extent does home video affect students of I.M.T?
2.            Is success  goals as presented by  the  films a normal channel to  achievement ?
3.            Does a student derive anything positive from watching home videos?
4.            To what extent does home video promote social vices in our society?  
5.            Does it reflect our very nature essence?
1.7       HYPOTHESIS
The hypothesis to be tested in this study include:
H1 home video  affects the student to the extent that mould their way of life.
Ho home video does not affect the student to  the  extent  that it mould their way of life
H2 home video is a reflection of our society which the campus is part of
Ho  home video  is not a reflection of our society which the campus is part of
H3 home video  by every means promote and aggravates violence.
Ho  on  the  contrary it promote coexistence.
H4 home  video has very little impact on students whether positive or negative
Ho it has significant impact on them.
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Type Project
Department Mass Communication
Project ID MAS0041
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 43 Pages
Methodology chi saqure
Reference YES
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Mass Communication
    Project ID MAS0041
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 43 Pages
    Methodology chi saqure
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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