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(Business Administration and Management Project Topics & Materials)


This research work is to find out the effects of manpower training on organizational development. The evolution of technology and increase in number of operations have led organizations to training of their various workers to cope with the changes. In the light of this the researcher had chosen the look deeply into what organization can do to ensure that it is able to withstand the competitive and changing environment. Also the objective of this project of this project is to identify the importance of manpower training on organizations. Here are some of the importance; it increase productivity. It reduces labour turnover etc also, to find an effective training programme that could create development to the organization. Considering the objectives of the study and finding, suggestions are made to improve productivity in the organization. The management should ensure a close and proper monitoring of the training programmes. Also the organization should embark on more manpower development programme, carrier planning, manpower planning etc.


In any organization, be it private or government establishment is established to achieve specific objectives. Achieving the objectives it requires effective management. An organization or banking industry, particularly Union Bank of Nigeria Plc does not exist in a vaccum. It makes use of both human and material resources to achieve its or their set objectives and goals. Adequate training and utilization of the manpower available couple with other resources leads to efficient performance of the bank or organization. The most valuable resources in an organization and especially the banking sector are its human resources. This resources does resources deserve special attention, if the banking sector objectives are to be attainable i.e. manpower is considered as a key asset of the bank. It is the human asset of the organization as well as the major factor to the determination of the success of the organization.

The ability of the personnel department in union bank of Nigeria Plc effectively carry on its duties and functions is predicated on how the bank is managed and how funds are being released to such department, thus, money spent on training and development is said to be money well invested. Personnel department is responsible for the education training, welfare of the employees, appraisal scheme and termination etc.

Today, the banking sector is becoming more and more sophisticated and many banks that wish to survive in this age of keen competition and technological changes must also be prepared to expose its trainers. Such arrangement will have a multiplier effects for the banks as the trainers will then be able to transfer their acquired knowledge and skills to other staffs, hence training is an important management tool which has to be systematic, if it is given desired result.

The ultimate objectives of any business organization particularly Union Bank of Nigeria Plc is to achieve maximum growth, make profit and maximize profit. This objective cn be achieved only with seriousness and effective management of the factors of production particularly, human resources and the aids that enhance their performances.

In business operation, human elements is very important whether the enterprises is large or small, it is essential to put human mental and physical energies together for productive use and in the achievement of the business enterprise objective. Without human efforts nothing can be achieved even where other resources are available. Since human resources are the pivot on which success of business enterprises depends, it is therefore important that organization should ensure that the selection, appraisal, training and reward systems are always put in place to attract and retain a high quality labour folk knowing that personnel management is attracting a lot of young men and women in the society, the establishment of professional institutions in addition to the available universities therefore can no longer be overlooked. This institution include the industrial training fund (ITF), the Centre for Management Development (CMD) The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), The Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) and the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM). The environment in which Union Bank of Nigeria Plc operate is worth considering.

The bank operates in an environment where it sources its input from and deposes of the output. It is worth of note that the objective of the corporate planning is a through mastery of the environment, the opportunities the challenges, the constraints and the problems.

There are two sides to the environment

  1. The external environment
  2. The internal environment

THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: The external environment analysis encompasses a through and regularly updated understanding of the big picture the area of technology, competition, the local, state and the national economics, in the legal and regulatory arena the exchanging market in which the bank operates and its position in market, socio economic conditions and so on.

THE INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: In this case, there is need to identify strengths and weakness of the bank. The audit focuses attention on the banks performance in terms of image, market attractiveness market share, revenue, profit, resources analysis. Other areas of interest include human resources training, motivation and compensation, organization, management style.


In regards to the area of study, the need to elucidate and answer certain management questions. The following questions will help as a guide in the understanding of manpower training.

  1. To we have adequate qualified personnel in the banking industry particularly Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  2. Why do we need manpower training and what are it’s significance to the banking industry in general and the union bank of Nigeria Plc in particular.
  3. Can other variables other than money motivate employees?
  4. How effective is interview in the selection of the best human resources element within the organization
  5. How does promotion on the job affect human resources performance?
  6. Why do people resist change in an organization?
  7. How effective is disciplinary action in human resources management?

The problem this paper tries to examine is how Union Bank of Nigeria Plc should structure/manage the existing labour force which could be adequate to its present and future need.

It is worthy of note that availability of trained employees, granting awards promotions, creating enabling working conditions for the employees and general appraisal of human resources element would definitely cause a re function in labour turnover, increase efficiency, productivity and profitability, thus meeting the organization mission and objectives.

Summarily, human resources of any organization is its life wire and need be appraised very well for positive development.


This research work is going to play a high role in the development of various organizations in Nigeria, to employee and managers of every organization to elicit the effects of manpower training on the organizational development.

This project work is developed extensively on enlighten management of an organization on the different training techniques and their effects on level of output. It would help managers of organizations in realizing training needs and hence, ease attainment of the organizations objectives through efficiency of employees.

Also, this will be of benefit to organization because it will enable them to know the various strategies they can employ in increasing their workforce, productivity and efficiency.

In addition, business management students and other researchers in the subject area will equally gain a lot from this research work. It will serve as a innovative reference material to them as they carryout related research work in the future.


The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of manpower training on organization development.

Specifically, the study focuses on realizing the following purpose;

  1. To consider the effects of personnel mis-management in organizations
  2. To examine how personnel matters are being handled in organizations in the area of recruitment and selection procedure.
  3. To identify the causes of labour turnover.
  4. To examine the disciplinary and grievance matters.


A hypothesis is a proposition which can be tested with a view to determining its validity. It is a tentative answer to a research problems.

It is an intelligent guess concerning some variables.

There are two (2) types of hypothesis:

  1. The null hypothesis
  2. The alternative hypothesis
  • The null hypothesis (Ho) This type of hypothesis point out and stated in a null from and dose not gives the direction of changes.
  • The alternative hypothesis (Hi) This type of hypothesis point out a specific direction of changes between one variable and the other.


Ho:   Labour turnover might not be reduced if employees are well taken care of

Hi:    Labour turnover might reduced if employees are well taken care of.


Ho:   Disciplinary and grievance matters do not have effects on organizational development

Hi:    Disciplinary and grievance matters do have effects on organizational development


Ho:   Personnel mis-management does not enhance productivity in an organization

Hi:    Personnel mis-management enhance productivity in an organization.


The scope of the study is based on the effect of manpower training on organization development using Union Bank of Nigeria Plc in the past years.

The study will be limited to the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc and it will consider only the literature members of staff of the institutions.


The following are some of the factors that constraints the research study:

  • Inadequate time: The time period given for the completion and submission of this project work is quite reasonable but coupled with academic work in the school, it is a bit stressful.
  • Finance: This has been the major problem for the researcher as it has made it impossible, difficult for the researcher to make visitations to the various offices regularly as demanded of this project or study and research of which demands a substantial amount of money.

Limitations to this study is deliberately hesitation from some respondents to reduce data, statistics for fear of victimization bearing in mind their business differences together with the on going screening that has made everybody to be extremely careful in giving out data as you don’t know who is who.


In this research work, we will come across a number of terms which may be unfamiliar;

The following provide simple explanation of such terms.

MANPOWER TRAINING: This refers to the various programmes that may be offered to employees to help them develop their capabilities and skills and to progress in their work.

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Is a change from the present state of the organization to the future desired state. It has to do with the total transformation of the entire system.

LABOUR FORCE: This deals with all the people who work on the organization or company either skilled or unskilled workers.

PILOT: Pilot deals with central or important part of which business enterprise relies on or upon

IN BASKET: This is used in teaching decision making skill, that is to say executive trainers can be fed with information about the company, products, organization and key personnel.

CASE STUDY: This simply refers to a situation where the trainers are been provided with real world case studies of the organization or company.

BUSINESS GAME: This deals with the information of the trainers who meet, discuss such as production, amounts, development research etc.

GRIEVANCE: In an organization, a grievance is any problem that you think is unfair and individual (employees) are worried about it, that the authorities can solve it.

ROLE PLAYING: This leads to the trainers to assumed the attitude and behaviours of others in an organization.

MENIALS: These are the employees in an organization that does not require much skill in performing their duties or functions. Example; someone (employees) employed to be sweeping the floor or a servant to the organization.

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Type Project
Department Business Administration and Management
Project ID BAM1051
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 65 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM1051
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 65 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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