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(Marketing Project Topics & Materials)


This project work on an analysis of packaging as a promo tool in the marketing of product. (A case study of petals Enugu). Chapter one explained the purpose and the significance of the study. The main purpose of the study is to show the use of packaging s a promo tool in the marketing of the product. Its study shows the importance of packaging as promo tool to both the customer and the companies. Chapter two dealt with the review related literature, the scope of the study and the field. The study here reveals what was hidden about packaging as a promo tool. Chapter three contains the research methodology research design and method in data collection analysis. Primary data collected through questionnaire and oral interview, then secondary data from textbook and other various research materials. The questionnaire will be given to staff and customer of petals to staff and customer of petals to draw out information on whether packaging as a promo tool has effect on marketing of product. Chapter four of this project analyzed the facts collected. Chapter five analyze the findings, conclusion and recommendation. Recommendation in the view of finding, the researcher suggests the possible solution to improve on packaging.




        One of the major pillars of marketing is the provision of goods and services to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumer at a profit to the firm. Thus the provision of the product for the satisfaction of the consumer or customer is the focus of marketing thereby making produce a fundamental tool of marketing. Although the world of marketing today is a world of unprecedented competition where company with goods and services work extra hard to survive, such company must adopt sound marketing mix in order to compete favourable. The basic marketing mix is the product development and product mix. The product mix also called product component not complete without packaging.

        Throughout the world, packaging plays a significance role in the protection, presentation and promotion of consumer goods and durable, it reduces damage and loss to goods-in-transit, helps in storage and as well minimizes stealing.

Traditionally, packaging have been viewed in a very practical fashion as a way as of protecting the physical goods as it moves through the distribution channel or means. However packaging in developing nation would sound to be out of place when we still see market women and traders wrap their product with banana leaves, used newspaper, and green leaves. These traditional method of packaging notwithstanding, the need for packaging is growing fast and cannot be over- emphasized. In recent time, marketer have be conscious of the fact that packaging is important in the decision to purchase a product. Traditional belief of the manufacturer through the emphasis made have packaging meant for protecting the product only. It can now be seen that in most of the super-market now. Various colourful and indigenous packages are used especially when the product are competing for attention.

The aim of this research work or study is to examine the use of packaging as a promo tool in the marketing of product.  Also it aims at finding out to what extent packaging influence behaviour.


        Such problem associated with packaging as a promo tool in the marketing of product in the petals company includes;

1)          The petals company is faced with the problem of knowing whether packaging is a good promotional tool; whether it affects consumer buying decision and their buying behaviour or habit.

2)          The company found it very hard to position the unique or feature of their product in the mind of consumer or customer.

3)          Whether it project the image of the company (ie packaging).

4)          Another problem the petals company is having presently is whether packaging or package of a product constitutes one of the determinants of the seller of their products.


        The main objective of this study is to critically asses the areas of problems and seek to proper solution.

It is necessary to find out.

1.          The impact of a change in the packaging or package of a product.

2.          The studies will find out among others whether packaging has positive effect on the buying habit and decision of the consumers or customers.

3.          To know what extent producers are considering packaging in their product decision.


This research work will go a long way to solve the research problem. It will find the importance of packaging as a promo tool to both consumer and the companies. To the company, it will show the effect of packaging as a promo tool in the marketing of their products.

To the consumer, it will show that packaging is part of the product bought by them. This study will also help the research appreciate how to use packaging in increasing sales of any products as well enable the company gain their confidence and goodwill.


1)          Does packaging influences on buying habit of beauty care product.

2)          Does packaging attract more customers.

3)          Is packaging a promo tool in the marketing of product.

4)          Does modern technology have any impact on sales package development.

5)          Can a customer reject a particular brand of product due to bad package.


The following hypothetical statement are designed to help us in representations in both null and alternatives.

(1)        Ho1: A good packaging cannot serve as  a substitute to advertising

H1: A good packaging can serve as a substitute to advertising

(2)        Ho2: A good packaging policy cannot improve a brand image.

H1: A good packaging policy can improve a brand image.

(3)        Ho3: Packaging is not a silent salesperson

H1: Packaging is a silent salesperson

(4)        Ho4: An attractive packaging does not create impulse buying.

H1:   An attractive packaging creates impulse buying.

(5)        Ho5: A beautiful packaging design cannot attract consumer.

H1:   A beautiful package design attract consumer.


The scope of this work is narrowed to the use of packaging or an effective promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care product as it related to impulse buying, protecting company’s image and its effect as a silent salesperson. This study intends to figure out how packaging as a promo tool will be used in improving the company’s performance within particular interest on marketing of beauty care product. Also, it will cover the marketing of the product and effects of promotional efforts.



Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirement profitably (British chartered institute of marketing 1989).


Communication is the interchange of thoughts, ideas, and information between two or more persons (Udeaha 2003:313).


        Product is a bundle of expectations; product or benefit offered to consumers by both profit seeking and non-profit organization. (Markin 1979:246/7)


        Promo tool include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity or public relations and packaging (Mr. Okafor A.I)


        According to Philip Kotala 1980 he defined distributions a route of taking the transferring entitle to a product from its user to owner of its final consumer.


        Packaging refers to as what is used to protect the product from damage, shipping and handling and to lessen spoilage if the product is exposed to air or to other element.


        Package simply means a container, box, a bag in which things are wrapped or packaged.


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Type Project
Department Marketing
Project ID MKT0406
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 65 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Marketing
    Project ID MKT0406
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 65 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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