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  • Chapters:5
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  • Methodology:chi saqure
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(Business Administration and Management Project Topics & Materials)

In this research work, an attempt is made to assess community development from the stand point isi-uzo LGA that is entrepreneurship ability.  It is focused on determining the degree of relationship between entrepreneurship and communities development.
The objectives of the research include to carryout a general evaluation of the role of entrepreneurship in Isi-uzo Local Government Area in Enugu State to as certain the level of their involvement in economic and social development and the determination of the factor hindering entrepreneurship ability towards communities development, their effect and remedies.
 Collection of data was based on the determined sample size of respondent of practicing curt of entrepreneurships in Isi-uzo LGA and some government officials.
The views of respondents were sampled through questionnaire oral observation. Secondly, sources were a total of thirty six (36) copies of questionnaire were administered and collected by the research. Chi-square pattern were used in analyzing the data collected and table used in arrangement and presentation for easy interpretation.
The study reveals that entrepreneurship aids communities development through increased productivity. Some other findings were that increase in productivity which in return affect per capital income output and increase our standard of living.
This reduced by high population growth rate and Nigeria entrepreneur attitude of not investing in capital goods which are more lucrative , which affected the null hypothesis and accepted the alternative hypothesis that entrepreneurship lead to community development through per capital income and increase standard of living.
 Some hindrance of entrepreneurship to communities development were also indicated.  There are number of other problems revealed in the finding of the study and which the researcher has proffered some recommendations.
 Entrepreneurs should be enlightened on the role towards the nations development, this can be done through education and  enlightenment programmes.
1.0    Introduction                                                
1.1  Background of the Study                         
1.2  Statement of the Problem                       
1.3  Purpose of the Study                              
1.4 Research question                                   
1.5 Significance of the Study                          
1.6 Scope of the Study                                 
1.7 Limitation                                                      
1.8 Definition Of Terms.                                        
2.0    History of Isi-Uzo Local Government Area
2.1    Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship        
2.1.1 Forms of Entrepreneurship                    
2.1.2 Forces for and Against Entrepreneurship
2.1.3 Risks and Hazards Facing Entrepreneurship      
2.1.4 Comparing Entrepreneurship in Nigeria with others
2.2    Entrepreneurship and Community                          
2.2.2 Need for Entrepreneurship to the Communities         
2.3    Development                                                              
2.4    Entrepreneurship and Community Development         
2.5    Benefit, Functions and Traits of entrepreneurship      
2.5.1 Function or Tasks                                                        
2.5.3 Traits Facing Entrepreneur                                    
2.6    Facilities Availability to Entrepreneurs in Isi-Uzo        
2.7    Enterprises Available in Isi-Uzo LGA                           
3.1 Research Design                                                 
3.2 Area of the Study                                               
3.3 Population of the Study                                        
3.4 Sample and Sampling Procedure.                         
3.5 Instrument for Data Collection.                    
3.6 Validation of the Instrument.                               
3.7 Reliability of the instrument                                      
3.8 Method Of Data collection                                   
3.9 Method of data Analysis.                                     
4.1 Questionnaire Presentation and Analysis     
4.2 Testing Of Hypothesis.                                     
5.1Discussion of Research / Findings                       
5.3Implication of the Research of Finding                
Prior to the advent of any form of money, entrepreneurship had started with trade by barter. When people produced more products than they needed as such, they had to exchange these surpluses with others who also wanted to dispose of their surplus. According to Schumupter (1961), entrepreneurship can be described as a creature and innovative response to the environment. Such response can take place in any field of social endeavor for instance, in business industry, agriculture, education and social work.
According to Paul Wilken (1979), entrepreneurship is seemingly a discontinuous process of combining resources to produce change in production while Robert Hirich et al (1986) said that entrepreneurship will be viewed by developing the necessary time and effort assuming the accompanying financial, psychic and social risks and receiving the resulting reward of monetary and personal satisfaction.
  In Nigeria, both states and federal government are now placing much emphasis on the promotion of indigenous small-scale enterprise with a view of encouraging entrepreneurship. The government has a policy of providing special support and protection to these enterprises. It is anticipated that these new enterprises would grow and produce some of the good that the country has until now imported. This conserving our dwindling foreign exchange earnings. Furthermore, it seems ridiculous to ask what development means given the problems facing Africa and the countries generally. According to the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary, development means the action or process of developing or being developed.
According to Brookfield (1975), he defined development in terms of progress towards a complex of welfare goals, such as reduction of poverty and employment and diminution of inequality score; therefore community development is structural and organizational transformation of the society. It is a process of moving away from underdevelopment and rising out of poverty. Every society aims towards development and Nigeria is no exception. Community development can be viewed from diverse perspective positions. Modernization, growth changes transformations process etc is achieved by the individual, groups, organization and government of a given society.
In this study therefore, an attempts is made to assess community development in Isi-Uzo Local Government of Enugu State, and also to use an entrepreneur as a strategy for the community development.  Entrepreneur must adopt strategy in other to achieved a set goal and objectives strategy mean in Unik approach in which manager applied in other to achieved an objectives, of an organization.
So therefore, entrepreneurship development goes along with a strategy in community development.
This study will focus on entrepreneurship involvement and participation towards the achievement of community development. Here emphasis will be laid on Isi Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State achieve community development. Through being both economically and socially responsible by improving the society standard of living, which is an aspect of community development.
Economic responsibility of an entrepreneur to community development entails making profits, which leads to the secondary responsibility of increased in productivity, GAP, per capita income, employment, urbanization, industrialization and technological growth while social responsibility will lead to community development through improving the standard of living (i.e. health care, infrastructure, education, security the etc). services and reducing poverty and illiteracy.   
This project report is on entrepreneurship and community development with a case study of entrepreneurship. Here the researcher believes that with a reasonable profit, the entrepreneur will satisfy the needs and wants of the society by improving the standard of living. These improvements will lead to organizational development and at the long run and improve to community development.
The problem where at on this study are party stated as they quicken and case out the work of the researcher.  The following problems are involved.
1.    The researcher wants to known if the entrepreneur development in Isi Uzo local government area is practicing internal and external control system.
2.   The researcher also want to know if economic responsibility of an entrepreneur to community development affect profit making, increased in productivity and income employment.
3.             The researcher wants to know whether the people in Isi Uzo local government area are adequate in strategy means for government suicide.
The purpose of this study, that made the researcher go into this topic are as follows:
1.           To find out the major reasons why the people of Isi Uzo local government area failed in economic development of entrepreneur.
2.           To find a way or strategy that can help eliminate the steady decline of poor communication network in Isi Uzo local government area.
4.             To determine the degrees of relationships between entrepreneurship and community considering per capita income, inequality, poverty and standard of living.
5.             To examine in detail existing entrepreneurship organization to ascertain the level of their involvement in social development.
6.             To identity and analysis hindrance of entrepreneurship ability to community development.
To achieve the objectives of the study the researcher would seek to provide answer to the following question:-
1.           Does failure in practicing internal and external control system affect entrepreneur development in Isi Uzo local government area.
2.           Are Nigerian entrepreneurship practicing the social responsibility concept in their interaction with the society.
3.           At what measure will the people of Isi Uzo local government area use to checkmate the poor failure of communication network?
4.           Does the attitude of the entrepreneur contribute to failure in economic development in Isi Uzo local government area of Enugu.
         This study will reveal at a glands the extent to which entrepreneurship have fared in their economic and social development in Nigeria. It will give insight to the hindrance of entrepreneurship in contributions to community development. It will be value to entrepreneurship organization in ascertaining the success or failure of their economic development function and serve as feedback   information for future development approach and performance, also will afford entrepreneurship the opportunity of self appraisal of their social responsibilities and roles so far, in meeting the demand of living employment and good product quality to the economy as a whole. This work is priceless since entrepreneurship are known to be hub around which, any nation economy revolve. Entrepreneurship are key for economic growth, development and stability all socio-economic activity evolves and revolves around them.
The study will enable us see not only the economic importance of entrepreneurship to community development but fact that nothing but confusion and failure from the economy will ensure when entrepreneurs are not socially oriented. It is hoped that improvement in the social responsibility altitude of entrepreneurship will go a long way to earning for the society in general, a favourable and progressive socio-economic development. Entrepreneurs have been consistent on the sure of employment and standard of living.
This study covers the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial organization in Izi Uso Local Government Area and the community development roles. In doing this emphasis has been on the economic and social aspect of entrepreneurship behavior in community development. These include increased productivity, per capital income, employment standard of living, industrialization, urbanization etc.
This study was conducted under many constraints. The researcher was faced with difficulties arising from delayed response. So the researcher sources his in formation in many places. With this, another limitation of this research work were non-availability of statistics and other government agencies were of little help to the researcher with reveals to sourcing reasonable data problem is that simple information on Nigerian economic and the entrepreneurship growth  are not available, it make one wonder why government is still maintaining such ministries and agencies. For a study like this, huge sum of money is required, transport fare from Enugu to Isi Uzo Local Government Area questionnaires production and so on. But because of inadequate fund at the researchers’ disposal the questionnaire were produced in few quantity.
Lastly the researcher was faced with time constraints.
An entrepreneur as an individual who has the ability to see and evaluate business opportunities gather the necessary resource to take advantage of them and imitate appropriate action to ensure success Meredith et al (1991)
Entrepreneurship can be described as a creative and innovation response to the environment schumpeter 1961.
The people living in one place, district or country, considered as a whole.
A society is a self government group of people engage in abroad range of co-operative activities.
Development is a progress toward a complex of welfare goal, such as reduction of poverty and employment and diminution of inequality score.
This denote a general problem of action and a deployment of emphasis and resources towards the attainment of the overall objective. O.G Agbo (2000)
Related to activities in which you meet and spend time with other people and which happen during the time when you are not working.
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Type Project
Department Business Administration and Management
Project ID BAM0065
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 116 Pages
Methodology chi saqure
Reference YES
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM0065
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 116 Pages
    Methodology chi saqure
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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