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    This research work was carried out to take a through look at the Role of effective communication in the development of business organization in Nigeria; some selected business enterprises in Ughelli were surveyed. This research work is made up of five chapters, which deals with the various section that make up the study. Chapter one dealt with the overview of the study and this gave an insight into the study. This is the introduction of the research work, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, Research question, significance of the study, the limitation of the study, the delimitation/scope of the study and the definition of terms. In chapter two, a critical review of existing literature by other authors was done in the area of the study. Thus, view of other authors were put forward to enhance easy understanding of the study. Chapter three is the methodology used for the research work. And it is based on the instrument of collecting the necessary data. A sample of one hundred (100) members of management staff that respond to the questionnaire distributed. The presentation and analysis of data was death with in chapter four. The hypothesis postulated in chapter one was also tested here and also the data were analyzed. And finally chapter five is the observations from the finding, the summary, recommendations and conclusion. The findings of the research on the role of effective communication helps management to determine the effectiveness of communication in the organization as a majority of respondent are in support of this. Also the null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected while the alternative hypothesis (Hi) was accepted. From the findings and limitations this study the researcher made some recommendation and also summary of the work.
Chapter one
1.1    Background of the study
1.2    Statement of the problem
1.3    Objective of the study
1.4    Research question
1.5    Statement of hypothesis
1.6    Scope of the study
1.7    Significance of the study
1.8    Limitation of the study
1.9    Definition of terms
chapter two
2.0    Review of related literature
2.1    Introduction
2.2    Definition of communication
2.3    Types of communication
2.4    System of communication
2.5    Communication model
2.6    Process of communication
2.7    Channels of communication
2.8    Barriers to effective communication
2.9    Rules for effective communication
2.10    The role of communication in an organization
2.11    Importance of communication in an organization
2.12    Communication and organization development.
Chapter three
3.0    Research methodology
3.1    Introduction
3.2    Population of the study
3.3    Sampling technique
3.4    method of data collection
3.5    Techniques of data analysis
3.6    Method of data Analysis
chapter four
4.0    Data analysis
4.1    Introduction
4.2    Data presentation, analysis and interpretation.
4.3    testing the hypothesis
chapter five
5.0    Summary, conclusion and recommendation
5.1    Summary of finding
5.2    Conclusion
5.3    Recommendation
5.4    Suggestion for further studies
    In every social formation or environment man finds it necessary to bring themselves together in other to work and achieve a common goal. Before the existence of civilization, man have a different way of shaving information thoughts, attitude, believes and ideas between themselves through the use of signs, sound and symbols. But as man began to develop his society, they now come together and work towards achieving a common goal, this is when organization came into being. Organization are made up of different groups of people from different culture, tribes, norms and believe e.t.c The question is how can this people from different tribes, languages and culture can work together and understand themselves? This is when effective communication came into exist thence. Effective communication is highly needed in our develop organization, interns of interest, share thought, believe for the realization of the predetermined objective managers in an organization needs to communication to their subordinate telling them about what to do, where and when to do it in the same vain.
    Subordinate need to know who is to report to all these are done through effective communication.
    In the process of organizational development in Nigeria, the survival of any organization depend to a large extend on the availability of communication network strategies at all operational level of the organization as a matter of fact, in every organization be it civil service, educational institutions, political or religions setting needs an effective communication system to enable the organization function very well in order to achieve the common goals and objectives.
    It is not exaggeration to state that the standard of our organization, corporate image and efficiency is directly related to the stand of communication system and their operation. Loose of customers and prestige can result from ineffective communication.
    In general, every member of the business organization must be in one way or the other be trained on the use of communication, to create mutual understanding towards realization of organization goals and objectives.
    There are so many problems or obstacles facing organization and its development. One of the major ones being poor management of communication system. Some of problem associate with communication are as follows:
1.    Poor communication system which hinder the level of achieving the goals and objectives of the business.
2.    Poor communication channels bring about the wastage of fund, hence create low development of the organization.
3.    Lack of electricity (P.H.C.N) is one of the barriers that can lead to ineffective communication in an organization.
4.    Poor perception of members of organization, constitutes problems in the development of organization strategies in Nigeria.
5.    Inability of members to be conversant with modern communication channel/method, can affect the level of operation in organization.
         The objective of this study are highlighted below:
1.    To determine the need for continuous training of members of the organization on the use of effective communication in organization development.
2.    To examine the vital roles that communication plays in sharing information, messages in an organization.
3.    To determine the impact of communication in an organization development.
4.    To see how poor communication network hinders the effectiveness and efficiency of workers.
5.    To enable workers to acquire more knowledge in means of communication system.
6.    To be perfect when communicating with the customers in different destination informing them the time when the goods will be ready in an organization.
    The following research questions are considered relevant for the purpose of this research work.  
1.    Does communication have any effect in organizational development?
2.    How does poor communication hinder the achievement of organization goals?
3.    What role does effective communication play in organization development?
4.    How does proper training management and staff enhance effective communication?
5.    How could effective communication bring about harmonization and integration development?
6.    How could present communication channel or method can be improved to bring about more effective communication?
7.    What make up a clear and effective communication?
8.    Did poor network system has any effect in effective communication system?
9.    How can poor network system has effect on effective communication?
           The researcher has formulated the hypothesis below for this research work.
Hi: The use of effective communication will help     management to achieve the goals and objectives of the     organization.
Ho:    The use of effective communication does not help     management to achieve the goals and objectives of the     organization.
Hi: The use of effective communication will help     management to achieve the goals and objectives of the     organization.
Ho:    The use of effective communication does not help     management to achieve the goals and objectives of the     organization.
    This research work is conducted within Ughelli main town. The choice of the researcher is that Ughelli is a commercial town that is made up of various communication means/methods are at an increase rate/frequency.
    The significance of this study include the following:
1.    The study will serve as a guide for further researchers.
2.    It will give the best method of effective communication that will increase the performance of employers and employees in an organization.
3    It will also help to create inter-personal relationship between employers and employees in the organization.
4.    It help management to design a proper organizational structure.
5.    It help to establish and disseminate goals of an enterprise.
6.    To organize human and other resources in the most effective and efficient way.
7.    It help management to be aware of the needs of customers/clients.
8.    It help to inform management about regulatory activities of government.
In the course of conducting this research work, the researcher encountered source hindrances that stands as limitation to the study.
Human Nature: Most of the respondent was reluctant to fill questionnaire and it took the researcher time to explain to them to fill it. Some respondents gave vague responses which was difficult to the research to analyze, summarize and finally draw conclusion from.
Time factor: This is another limitation to the research work. The research was choked with academic work couple with other personal time demand and thus it could be assumed that time spend on the research was limited and thus information gotten was also limited.
Limitation: Arising from financial constraints included the ability to expand the sample size to cover up the business organization, thus limiting the sample size to 30 where as larger sample size would have been better.
Materials available for the literature reviews could be said not to be sufficient but inability to travel to get more material made the researcher to make use of only those available to him even as much inherent limitation of the work it is not unless hence is use to generalized
    The following terms are defined to provide clarity in the study communication: According to Balogun (2002:2) see communication as the giving and receiving and acting upon of understandable information between two or more persons.
    Organization: is made up of individual or group of individual that comes together and work towards achieving a predetermined objectives.
    Development: A new event or stage that is likely to affect what happens in a continuing situation.
    Effective is the state of being free of bias, obstacles.
    Barriers: Are those element that hindered effectiveness of state of affair.
     Model: Is a simplified representation of a whole complex or a system.
    Encoding: This involves putting one’s thought, believe e.t.c. into suitable form to pass information across.
    Decoding: This is when the receiver tries to recognize the symbols used in the communication or it is the means of assimilating of the transmitted message of the sender to the receiver.
    Form: Simply means that language use in sending message.
    Noise: Anything that is not pleasant to the ear as a means of communication and it is a potential threat to communication.
    Cannon: Refers to the formal and generally accepted rules or standard on which ideas is based.
    Channel: This is the path a message follows from the sender to the receiver.
    Message: This refers to the thought, idea attitude e.t.c which the sender sends to the receiver.
    Feedback: Refers to the result or effect of the message send to the sender or it is the transfer of information from the receiver back to the sender.
    Goals: Refers what is achieve at the end of an event experience.  


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