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The research work was carried out to know the effect of employee motivation on productivity in a manufacturing organization.  The research going the motion that motivation is one of the factors which urge workers to work efficiently and effectively which lead to an increase in productivity and achieving the objectives of an organization management should try to see that workers are satisfies with the working condition and environment of the organization as these will; help workers to work effectively, satisfaction of subordinates who are involve in every organization activities is a basic tool for any manager to carry his function very well.  Knowing the effects of employee motivation on productivity, managers should use the right motivational techniques which will satisfy his workers in order to achieve the organizational goals or objectives.  From the researcher’s experience in Nigeria Bottling Company Limited, Warri, Delta State, his area of interest was the effect of employee motivation aspects and he notice some administrative flow in the managerial motivational.  The method of data analysis for his study were seared, scored and radically analyzed.  The percentage was applied in the result of these analysts which were used and for testing the research questions and decided on the study.  It is very obvious that the effect of employee motivation on productivity in manufacturing organization is vital for any organization that want to increase productivity and make profits.  Based on the research study, the researcher recommended the following points that will help the company (Nigeria Bottling Company Ltd) to achieve their objectives.  They are:
1.    Participative system of leadership should be adopted by the management.
2.    The recognition and application of some motivational theories like maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Hertzberg’s two factor theory and Vrooms expectancy theory will be good instrument to managers in motivating his employee to get their benefit like bonuses and awards, retirement gratuity and  pension.
3.    Promotion should be based on individual merit and relates to achievement and ability to perform.
Chapter One
1.0    Introduction                                    
1.1    Background of the study                             
1.2    Statement of the problem                            
1.3    Purpose of the study                                 
1.4    Significant of the study                                
1.5    Research questions                                
1.6    Scope of the study                                 
1.7    Definition of terms                                
    Chapter Two
2.0    Literature review                                    
2.1    The Effect of Employee Motivation on Productivity             
2.2    The Importance of employee motivation                     
2.3    Employee’s Motivation Lead to Productivity                 
2.4    Employee’s Motivation Lead to Organizational Objective        
2.5    Types of Motivation                                
2.6    Summary of Literature Review                             
    Chapter Three
3.0    Research Methodology                                
3.1    Design of the Study                                
3.2    Area of the Study                                    
3.3    Population of the study                                 
3.4    Sample of the Study                                
3.5    Instrument for Data Collection                            
3.6    Validation of the Instrument                            
3.7    Distribution and Retrieval of Instrument                     
3.8    Method of Data Analysis                                .    
Chapter Four
4.0    Data Presentation and Analysis                            
4.1    Data Analysis                                    
    Chapter Five
5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation                    
5.1    Summary of Findings                                
5.2    Conclusion                                        
5.3    Recommendation                                     
5.4    Suggestion for Further Study                            
It is clear that motivation is one of the factors which urges workers to work efficiently and effectively.  The “motivation” can be said to be a driving force that give rise to behaviour in relation to the nature of the force.  Its non or improper application can cause inefficiency to workers thereby the organization having low level of productivity.  Any firm whose aim is to maximize profits and have high labour productivity should try to know what makes individuals to work very efficiently in the organization.
The finding of motivational model that can be used to make workers reach the stated objectives and goals of an organization is the main aim of an organization and this study.  The understanding of why people behave as they do and the ability to motivate them to behave in a specific way they are interrelated qualities which are important to managerial effectiveness.  Satisfaction of subordinates who are involved in every organizational activities is a basic tool for any manager to carry out his function very well.  It is good for managers to know an employee’s aims and objectives of coming into the organization, because it is believed that these motivates workers work hard in an organization.
The manager should try and provide the solution to these needs.  Management should try to see that workers are satisfied with the working conditions and environment of the organization, as these will help workers to work effectively.
However, their study is vented to Nigeria Bottling Company Limited to find out the ways and effects of employees motivation on workers, for effective productivity.
The main problem that lead to the researchers research of the effect of employee motivation in Nigeria Bottling Company Limited are as follows.
1.    Knowing what motivates workers in organization.
2.    The problem of motivational techniques to be used to motivate workers in their various working place.
3.    How effective are the existing motivational techniques on the efficiency of workers.
The problems have in some cases resulted in shabby production process in the organization.  The researchers embark on writing of this project as to recommend avenues for solving these problems for effective productivity.  The problems are as follow:
1.    Continuous decreasing of productivity.
2.    Ineffective productivity
3.    There is reduction in outputs
4.    Problem of identifying worker’s need
5.    Low performance of workers.
6.    Problem of selecting the right motivational techniques to be used.
This study has its objectives as follows:
1.    To know what motivates people to behave as they do.
2.    To create a relationship between motivation and job performance.
3.    To discover if productivity actually increase by the motivation of the workers in an organization.
4.    To determines how workers react to different types of motivational techniques.
The knowledge of the effects of employees motivation productivity is the importance of the study.  A manager who uses the right motivational techniques will satisfy his workers in achieving the organizational goals.  This project will definitely help every management students to know what motivational techniques to adopt, when to use it and where it will be applicable.  It will also help researchers to know workers need and to satisfy their needs respectively though human wants are numerous, but at least to an extent so to achieve the stated goals and objectives of organization.
1.    Does employee motivation affect productivity?
2.    Does employee motivation affect productivity in a manufacturing organization?
3.    Does the effect of employee motivation on productivity lead to the actualization of goals in manufacturing organization?
4.    Is motivation important in an organization?
5.    How does motivation increase productivity in organization?
The only used establishment on this study was Nigeria Bottling Company Limited, no other establishment or organizations was used.
In avoidance of misinterpretation and misconception of ideas from this study, it will help to define some of the principle term employed or used.
Motivation:-   All the activities involved in the satisfaction of workers derived, desire, need and similar forces in order to induce them to act in a desire manner towards achieving goals and objectives.
Output:-  Quantity of goods produced
Needs:-  Necessities
Effective:-  Able to bring about the result intended.
Efficiency:- Producing a desire result
Objective:-  Purpose
Responses:- One’s reaction to something
Satisfy:- When one is contended on something we say that he is satisfied.
Labour:-  Skilled and unskilled workers in an organization
Identify:-  Knowing one’s need
Management:- Those concerned in managing an organization.


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Department Business Administration and Management
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Chapters 5 Chapters
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    Project Details

    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM0584
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 41 Pages
    Methodology Simple Percentage
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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