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This study as its main objective the identification and examination of the problems militating against the effective operation of small scale industries:  A case study of Alpha poultry farm, No1 Emesim Street Emesim Enugu.  The researchers will also identify the prospects available to the farm.
        Tables will be used to illustrate information for easy grasp.  Expiation to this table will   also be given to aid understanding
        The report is arranged in according will the normal pattern of research   write ups. That is as follows;
Chapter one which is the introduction  covers preliminary information  such as statement of problem background information of the case study objective of study scope of study  limitation of study and definition of terms.
        Chapter two which is review of related literature will be discussed under the following sub-leanings
(i)            An overview of small scale industry development in Nigeria.
(ii)           Structure of small scale industries in Nigeria
(iii)          The important of small scale
Industries in economic development etc.
 Chapter three is the method of study stating the sources of information and data analysis.
Chapter four is the presentation of finding and   analysis based on sampled industries and questionnaire received.
        Chapter five is the findings recommendation and conclusion.
It is the researcher’s conviction that this project will serve as a spring board for further research this field.
Chapter one
1.0        Introduction
1.1    Background of the study
1.2        Statement of problem
1.3        The purpose of the study
1.4        Scope of the study
1.5        Research questions
1.6        Significance of the study
1.7        Definition of terms
 Chapter two
2.0        Literature Review
 Chapter three
3.0        Methodology
3.1    Research Design
3.2        Area for the study
3.3        Population for the study
3.4        Sample and sampling procedure
3.5        Instrument for data collection
3.6        Validation of instrument
3.7        Reliability of the instrument
3.8        Method of data collection
3.9        Method of data analysis
 Chapter four
4.0        Data presentation and result  summary of results / finding
 Chapter five
Discussion of results
5.1        Discussion of result
5.2        Conclusions
5.3        Implication of the research result
5.4        Recommendation
5.5        Suggestion of the study
Table 4.1 the response on this Alpha poultry farm that the chicken rearing is viable
Table 4.2
Has government has any impact in small scale industries management
 Table 4.3
Does the Alpha poultry farm keep proper account recording.
The Alpha poultry farm was established in 1995 by chief P.I Emesim A West African school certificate holders.  The establishment was as a result of  his personal interest in animal husbandry  and an urge for financial  independence  when asked how he came about his poultry farm  chief Emesim said he had to carry out a feasibility study  on already established poultry farm which  he got on estimate on what it  would cost him to establish  his .
        The initial estimate for both capital and re-curing assets were fixed at N73,00  which late   amounted to N98,190.00 due to inflation.
        The farm is located at Emene which is some is meters away from the owners residential location.  This location was chosen in view of its nearness to his home so that he can have more time for the birds since its operations are being managed by his and his family (ie his wife).  In other words chief Emesim did not engage paid labour in his chicken rearing business so as to reduce the cost of production.
        The feeding of the birds is internally and externally sources. Internally in that they manufacture the feed themselves at time using the following raw material:  maize dust, crayfish, salt, binomial periwinkle, kernel meal, in size- 0.75 these are chemicals added to the raw materials to manufacture the feed and the quantity given are enough to make 20 bags of feeds external source of feeding refers to the supplies of bags of feeds from the supplier.
        The need for internal souring is because it is chapter though time wasting to ensure adequate nutrition content in the feeds  and makes up for periods of late delivery from the supplier the feeds are categorized according to the types of birds e.g grass mash  for layers finisher for broiler and grower for turkey.
        In caring for the birds the owner changes the sawdust every week disinfects the environment with 12 every day and ensures that only the special shoes meant for the farm is what is being worm into the poultry to avoid diseases.  There is also a medical check carried out on the birds by a veterinary   doctor (Dr Moses) twice a week and he is also being called upon when there is a case of emergency.
        Their drinking water is being diluted with the following chemicals vitality (mainly for day old chicks) and new teramucum to prevent infections
For the period under review the  country’s economic objective were contoured around reducing the level of importation and promoting the expansion of domestic production especially in the small scale  industries in Nigeria today  are faced with a lot of problems.
        Theses problems go a long way to camper their prospects and growth in the country and thereby limitation their potential economic such problem are;
a.    Managerial inconsistency of the affairs of the firm the owner or management of the firm does not take decision that reconcile with the various objective of the firm.
b.    Many small scale industries do not posses a viable feasibility study of the project.
c.    They are usually under capitalized and find it difficult to obtain financial and from financial institution.
d.    There also the problem of loans misapplication and non-repayment of loans.
e.    They kept poor accounting recordings.
f.     Experts are not often employed because of the low capital out lay involved.  The research will therefore focus attention on the problem and prospects of Alpha poultry farm with particular reference to chicken rearing and what the management of the farm should do to alleviate these problems hindering its prospects and opportunities available to it to avoid diseases.  There is also a medical check carried out on the birds
The purpose of the study is as follows:
1.           To identify and examine the problems militating against the effective operation of small scale industries via the area of financial management marketing technical operation etc.
2.           To identify the prospects available to the farm.
3.           Suggesting ways of solving these identified problems.
1.4           SOCPE OF STUDY
The scope of this study is to :
1             Investigate and find out the problems and prospects of small scale industries
2             Investigate into the chicken nearing operation of Alpha poultry farm.
3             Investigate into the effort made by proprietor of Alpha farm into improving the farm.
4             Investigate into the availability of funds for the expansion of small scale industries.
5             Investigate into the ways to alleviate the problem facing Alpha poultry farm and other related small scale units
        The research question which guide the study are :-
1.           Has government has any impact in small scale industries management?
2.           Is chicken rearing in Alpha poultry farm very viable?
3.           Does the farm keep proper book of Account?
        The research work is interned to have varying level of importance to various categories of if reader.  Such as the proprietors of Alpha poultry farm owners of small scale industries general public management of various organization and those who may wish to make from time to time references there to and on the topic of the study itself.
        The significance of the study also include
1.           Elimination of the malnutrition due to deficiency of protein
2.           Re- evaluation of the industrial.  This will play a significant role. The development of the industrial base of our economy.
3.           To create more job opportunity for the teaming population of the country.
4.           Build linkage between the large enterprises and local producers of the   basic raw materials through production of semi- finished    goods.
5.           Access   the degree of confidence and acceptance of the general public towards the operations of small-scale industrial especially chicken rearing.
        The following terms are defined in order to appreciate chicken rearing (poultry operation)
1.           Small scale industry:- The is any enterprise employing one or more persons and  or having annual turnover or  investment capital ranging from one Naira (N1.00) upwards and not exceeding N200.000.00.
2.           Poultry: poultry keeping refer to the rearing of all types of domestic birds. Such as chicks. Chickens (fowls) ostriches, turkeys.  It is also necessary to define certain poultry terms.
Cock: Adult male chicken over 12 mouths old.
Capon: A castrated cock. That is a cock whose teethes have been removed or inhibited cockered: A young male less that 12 month old.
Pullet: A young female less the 9 month old
Hen: A female over months old
Broder: fast growing bird solely reared for meat.
Grower: male or female between 7 and 24 week old.
Layer: A female that has started laying an improved breed goes into lay as from 6 months.
White leghorn: it is a white small-bodied domestic fowl reared purposely for eggs Rhode Island Red (R.IR) it is a dual purpose bread i.e. kept for both meat and eggs.  They have brownish plumage
Woman: These are brown birds with black markings. Theses are also lay brown eggs are reputable hardy.
3.           Management: management in poultry refers to the process used in planing   organizing and controlling a poultry farm by its manager to achieve its objective
4.           Chicken rearing: This refers to the processes involved in taking adequate care of chickens.


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