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  • Methodology:Chi Square
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If any enterprise decides to go into business the aim and objectives must be profit maximization. Therefore benefit of the public, hence this can only be achieved if the operations is effectively managed. The research work deals essentially with the examination of the importance and effect of television advertising on consumer’s choice of electronic product in Owerri metropolis with special reference to LuckyGold Star (LG) Nigeria Limited. The nature of this research made the researcher to formulate research questions and hypothesis were formulated in order to achieve the objective of the study and questionnaires were distributed as a means of data collection. Data collected were analyzed using percentages for research question and chi-square for testing hypothesis, some recommendations where made after proper conclusion and evaluation.
1.0    Introduction        -       -       -       -       -       -       -
1.1    Background of the Study      -       -       -       -      
1.2    Statement of the Problem     -       -       -      
1.3    Objective of the Study -       -       -       -      
1.4    Research Questions     -       -       -       -      
1.5    Statement of Hypothesis       -       -       -       -
1.6    Significance of the Study      -       -       -       -
1.7    Scope of the Study      -       -       -       -       -
1.8    Limitations of the Study        -       -       -      
1.9    Definition of Terms      -       -       -       -      
        References -       -       -       -       -      
2.0    Review of Related Literature -       -       -
2.1    Historical Development of Television       -       -
2.2    History of Commercial Advertising in Nigeria    -      
2.3    The Role of Advertising in Consumers     -       -
2.4    Reasons for Advertising on Television     --      -      
2.5    The major Problem Encountered by Advertising
        On television and Viewer      -       -       -       -              
2.6    The Role of Television Advertising  -       -       -
2.7    Problem of Television Advertising-  -       -      
        Reference  --      -       --      --      -       -      
3.0    Research Design and Methodology -       -      
3.1    Introduction        -       -       -       -       -
3.2    Research Design  -       -       -       -      
3.3.   Sources of Data  -       -       -       -              
3.4    Population and Sample Size  --      -       -      
3.5    Sample Technique       -       -       -       -      
3.6    Validity and Reliability of Measuring Instrument       
3.7    Method of Data Analysis       -       -
4.0    Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data             
4.1    Introduction        -       -       -       -       -       -
4.2    Presentation of Data    -       -       -      
4.3    Analysis of Data- -       -       -       -       -       -
4.4.   Testing of Hypothesis   -       -       -       -      
4.5    Interpretation of Results-      -       -       -              
5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation    -              
5.1    Introduction        -       -       -       -       -       -       -
5.2    Summary of Findings   -       -       -       -
5.3    Conclusion  -       -       -       -       -       -
5.4    Recommendations       -       -       -       -
        Reference  -       --      -       -       -      
        Appendix    -       -       -       -       -       -
        Questionnaire     -       -       -       -       -
 Consumption is basic to human existence, the human nature is usually involved in everyday activity that stem from manufacturing buying and consumption. The consumer also must be aware of the existence of a product before they though of buying and testing the production.
Therefore, the manufacture utilizes different options to make the consumer aware of the existence of his products and determine how much product can serve the purpose of consumers.
Such options stem from the billboards, radio and posters. It does not necessarily mean that the only use of television is for advertising purposes.
According to Adibe and Akunna (1994) advertising ensures that men and women have choice seal select in other hand television  advertising is a service marketing concept, that has no profit motive.
The American marketing association defines services as activities, benefits or satisfaction that are offered for sale or are provided in connection with the sales of goods, the services described in the second half of the definition above are included in the sales records to the customers viz per sales services when a customer buys a service in the services marketing, he buys the time, knowledge, skills or resources of someone who is the provide of the service.
When you talk of the effect of television advertising on consumers choice of electronic product in Owerri metropolis, that profit move include in the marketing concept could be ignored totally because both federal and state owned television stations in this country do not make profit compared with their counter parts overseas.
The equipment designs to help television houses and researchers to know the number of viewers, a channel records every day has since been in use  in the United State of America. The number of television license which is renewed annually, such things as television and radio license do not exist here in Nigeria and may not exist on the near future. This is why the television house depends on the government (i.e. Federal or State depending on ownership) for subventions to sustain it. Otherwise it generates revenue from advertisement and sponsored programmes.
Television is the latest medium of communication and has begun to be extensively used for advertisement. It uses audiovisual appeals to contact consumers of general utility products unlike radio advertising may take the form of short commercial as well as sponsored programmes combining entertainment with publicity. This medium is available in our country but the only price we pay is the cost of our television sets period.
Advertising has its roots in the Latin words “adventure” which means to turn the mind towards the aim of every advertising message is to positively affect the behaviour and attitude of the target market.
Advertising is one of the communications and promotional employed by a marketing oriented establishment to reach its market.
According to Condit, Boche and Jurity (1980:335) advertising is a non personal form of promotion and involves transmitting standard message to large number of intended receivers.
The first television in Nigerian was opened in 1959, by the western region, it was know as a Western Nigerian Television (WNTV).
Nigeria establishes it own television station in 1962 under the name Nigerian television authority (NTA) and ultra high frequency (UHF).
Like in Owerri metropolis, the federal and state owned television station under the names, Nigerian television authority (NTA) Owerri) and Imo Broadcasting co-operation (IBC).
LuckyGold Star is a multi-national firm, with it headquarters at Korea’s republic, the firms has it head office in Nigeria at Opebi Ikeja, Lagos state. It stated about in Nigeria in the mid 80’s, LuckyGold Star commonly referred as to life’s good is a global leader in household appliances.
The company has it products ranging from television sets, video, C.D. air conditioners, refrigerators, handsets etc. The LuckyGold Star distribution partners, sometex Nigeria limited, for a period of server year global air conditioner market. In 2006 LuckyGold Star shipped more than 10 million Units world wide for three years. According to fungi Kerizia Company limited, a Japanese market research company 62.97 million air conditioning Units were sold  world wide in 2006 with LuckyGold Star responsible for 19.5 percent or 12.28 million Units.
In Nigeria, LuckyGold Star electronics air conditioners was recently awarded for its certificate for the quality by the standard organization of Nigeria (SON) it is in recognition of the high quality of LuckyGold star electronic, air conditioning product in Nigeria market. Through the certification, LuckyGold star electronics, air conditioners have passed the quality test in conformation with the NIS 46:1974 standard by the standard organization of Nigeria. LuckyGold star aims to take the overall top spot in the market by 2010 with projected annual sales of USD 3.5 billion.
Advertising especially, television commercials has acquired a lot of amour which as earned it the attention and the concern of business men, researcher and the general public. Among the problem to be investigated are
  Owning to the present economic predicament of Nigeria couples with the rapid rise in the importance of television advertisement the cost of producing commercial has skyrocketed.
Most goods and services are not easily susceptible to television advertising.
TALENT REBUTTAL: Creativity and ingenuity are two things that are missing in most of our television advertising thereby making it monotonous and irritating.
DEGREE OF MISINFORMATION: This include advertising that is inaccurate, deceptive and fraudulent.
The objective of this study is to take a critical look on the effect of television advertising on consumer choice of electronics products in Owerri metropolis.
To know the effect advertising has created on consumer choice of electronic products.
Highlight the coophole created by the performance of television in Owerri
Analyze the influence of television advertising so as to have a positive impact on the consumer.
Suggest way of improving television advertising so as to have a positive impact on the consumer.
What happens to an individual upon exposure to television commercials.
The following research question were developed to guide the study:
What roles does advertising play on consumer choiceof product
Is advertising used to influence consumer choice of electronic products?
Is consumer choice considered when advertising such products?
Is the strategy adopted influences consumers choice of electronic products?
In order to find a detailed solution to the research problem, the following hypothesis will be considered.
Marketing of television services in Owerri is not consumer oriented.
Bureaucracy in Imo Broadcasting cooperation and Nigeria television authority has adverse effects on its marketing efforts.
This research project is significant in many ways, it is significant to the entire advertising world because it will improve the consumer choice of selecting product. It is equally relevant to the student researchers. It will Afford them the opportunity of contributing to the television advertising programs. The research is also significant to the entire academic world, it will add to the volume of existing world knowledge. It will therefore serve as a source of reference to future researcher by future academicians. Therefore, it is a basis upon which future researchers could be conducted in to the variable involved. It is therefore hope that the finding of this study will be of great use to all consumers hoping to buy electronics.
The scope which is on the effect of television advertising on consumers choices of electronic products were been limited in Owerri metropolis.
        The research work will focused on the nature and importance of television advertising, and how advertising have contributed immensely to the consumer choice of electronic products in Owerri metropolis.
As a result of limitation in the area of finance, material and time factor, this research is limited to just LuckyGold Star (LG) to assess and find out the effect of television advertising on consumer choice of electronic products in Owerri metropolis can’t be realized since there was no cross examination of ideas from other television advertising
A French language meaning turn mind toward something.
Is one of the four tools companies used to direct persuasive communication to target buyers and public.
An individual directly involved in obtaining and using economic goods and services.
Is a result or outcome of something
An Object having or using many small parts, such as microchips that control and direct a small electric current.
Is something that is capable of satisfying a customer needs and wants.
Is an electrical equipment with a screen through which information, entertainment and education are offered to the population most of time, without much cost.
Kotler, P. and Armstrong G.G (1996:480) Principle of Marketing, New Jersey prentice Hall Inc.
 The vanguard of August I. (2007:45)
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 Kotter Philip: (1980: 471) Marketing management analysis planning and Control, New York Prentice Hall International Incl.
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Project Details

Department Marketing
Project ID MKT0266
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 79 Pages
Methodology Chi Square
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    Project Details

    Department Marketing
    Project ID MKT0266
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 79 Pages
    Methodology Chi Square
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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