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The major problem addressed in this study is the exploration of the reluctances the impact of sales person in motivating consumer brand preference for beer product ( a case study of consolidated breweries plc   the researcher methodology used by the researcher include the use  of questionnaires Journals observation and oral interview also percentage are use to analysis the response obtained from questionnaires distributed.
Thus the summary of the research finding and conclusion shown that sales person has a great impact on product marketing and manufactures. For branded to create awareness the recommendation  gave suggestion on way a manufactures can strength their salesperson.
Chapter one
1.0 introduction=    =    =    =    =    =
1.1 background of study=    =    =      
1.2 statement of the problem=    =
1.3 objective of the study=    =    =    = 
1.5 research question=    =    =    =   
1.6 Significant of the study=    =
1.7 limitation of study=    =    =    =    =
1.8 definitions of terms==    =    =   
Chapter two.
2.0 literature review=    =    =    =  
2.1 theoretical background=    =    =  
2.2 salesmanship defined=    =    =   
2.3 classification of professional salespeople’s=
2.4 personal selling objective and roles=  
2.5 characteristics of professional salespeople’s
2.6 information gathering function of the salespeople
2.7 knowledge and skill of salespeople    -    -
2.8 principle of professional selling     -    -    -    -
3.0 research methodology    -    -    -    -
3.1 research design    -    -    -    -    -   
3.2source of data    -    -    -    -    -    - 
3.3population and determination of sample size population
3.4 the sample size calculation    -    -   
3.5 method of investigation    -    -    -    -  
4.0 presentation analysis and interpretation    -
4.1 analysis of data    -    -    -    -   
4.2 presentation of data     -    -    -
5.0 summary, conclusion and recommendations 
Introduction     -    -    -    -    -    -
5.1 Summary findings    -    -    -    -   
5.2 conclusions    -    -    -    -    - 
5.3 recommendations    -    -    - 
    Bibliography    -    -    -    -   
    Appendix     -    -    -    -    -   
    Questionnaire      -    -    -    -    -
The era of hard and aggressive selling is gone as most companies have realized that the capacity of organization to survive and prosper the capacity of organizations to survive and prosper depend on their ability to needs and wants. The salesmen bring in the forefront are very good source of finding out the unfulfilled need of customers and coverings some of their companies. The beliefs that a good salesman call cell anything to any one is erroneous.
Salesmanship is the ability to interpret product and service features in terms of benefits and advantages to the buyer and to persuade and motivate him to buy the right kind and quantity of product or service
Hass and Ernest (1974) stated that in order to quantify as a professional salesmanship the salesman must.
1.    Determine the needs of the customers.
2.    Present the product features to the customer in term of benefits
3.    Help the customer find the solution to his or her problem
4.    Persuade or motivate the customer to take action.
The key to consumer retention is customer satisfaction it is not only to satisfy a will buy again an also develop brand loyalty customer will go around and tell others about the product. Thus the impact of salesperson on motivating consumer brand preference for any product can not be over emphasized in any from of business organization.
    Beer breweries unlike palm-wine were alike to our society. This beer production is relatively new production in Nigeria. Although Plc. It was established in 1949.
    Before the Nigeria civil war there were a few breweries but the oil boom which come immediately after the civil war brought with it some fundamental changes in the economic structure of the country. It reshaped the income pattern of most Nigerians, producing in its wake a sizeable proportion of people with appreciable level of disposable income. This led to massive entry in turn resulted in accelerated growth in the beer production.
    This growth in brewing industry has injected o good deal of elements of competition into the industry for example we have consolidated breweries plc Nigeria Breweries, Golden Guinea Breweries etc and there are currently over to (sixty operational beer plants in Nigeria with a production capacity of over 19.2 million hectoliters of beer annually. This implies that for a firm in the industry to survive, grow, improve its for a firm in the industry to survive market share and again brand loyalty, it must year its energies towards some from of product high quantity development pricing effectively high quantity development pricing effectively promotional activities and guide distribution network, besides competition, the growth of the brewing creates other problems by.
1.    Presenting clarity of choices to the customer or consumer.
2.      Economic problem.
3.    Psychological problem.
4.    Social and problem all came into lay.
Thus, the management of the brewing companies face the problems of identifying which of these variable that exert of beer product over the other. This has led to most breweries marketing department insisting to heavily on efficient and effective sales force.
    Sales force here fails to an indispensable part of the marketing team that appreciated the need to be customers oriented. As a matter of fact, they are the people closest to the customer in the organization and therefore the organization so that they will always have goods that will satisfy the consumer in the market place winners in today’s competition world are those who carefully analyze target customer group’s that competition cannot match.
    A satisfied customer will definitely develop brand loyalty and preference this can not be achieved execute the focus that  that cause people to behave in a certain way because consumer need are the to arouse the need for s product brand.    
    A product brand refers to a particular unit of a given product unique in its make up and distinct in same discernable ways form similar product of the same of other firms in the marketing of beer product branding plays an important role on our competitive market environment Branding permits product identification which in turn marketing action and depend stimulation it make for effective identification and market control.
    The quest of this study to varying devices involves investigating the place of salespeople or impact of salesmen in brand acceptance brand loyalty and pretence for brands. Of selected beer product “33 export” Harp, Golden Guinea, Perkier etc. nature of limited communication and transportation facilities available to those market segment limitates against the effectiveness of salesperson to win the acceptance of and sustain the loyalty of his market. If this is so, it then bring into question and adequacy of salesperson so-far employed to reach those consumer  and in led the usefulness of millions of naira that is sunk annually into recruiting and training salesman by beer producing firms in Nigeria the pertinent question that comes to mind now include
1.    Is a good proportion of beer consumer benefiting adequately from salesperson on beer brands.
2.    How for have this sales person been able to
3.    Appeal to the emotion or sub conscious mind of consumer as to motivate these consumers toward deicing in his favour?
4.    Is the large sum of money invested on salesperson annually justified or can it be cut down without affecting profitability?
Answer to these and some other related question constitute the control task of economy and in the face of added problem of local sourcing of raw materials for beer breweries when it is most desirable for firm to identify areas of unnecessary waste  to reduce cost without adversely affecting marketing efforts.
    In a typical Nigeria competition market like the one that exist in Eastern market imp. Anambra Abia Enugu Ebonyi etc). a marketing  manger is often with the problem of bow to.
1.    Determine the nature of demand for his organization products in a given market segment.
2.    Determining the factors responsible for the variations in demand and supply pattern.
3.    Determine the impact of sales fade if any in blending and matching demand with supply efficiency
Given the proliferation of beer features in eastern state in particular and Nigeria in general various management of this factories or firms are faced with the problem of a Determining the strength of the contribution of various component promotional mix for purpose of stimulating demand of their brands of products.
B.    Not identifying suitable strategic for out competing competitors without the industry.
C.    Identifying the place of salespeople as motivating force, providing impulse inducement that stimulates people for action.
It has been estimated that the heaviest consumer of beer products are the rural-urban beveller whose life styles and geographical location hardly make for adequate exposure and contract with salesman for various brands of beer products. Besides the wish to put down the following questions as main research question which will guide the hope that answer brand to these main research objectives. It is determine the impact of salesperson in motivating consumer brand preference for beer product.
    Salesmen as a major part of marketing team aims among other things interpreting products and service features in teams of benefits and advantages to the buyer and to persuade and motivate him to buy the right kind and quality of product or service.
    This study therefore, seeks to examine the market acceptance of various beer products. In Imo State (using Awo-ammamma as a control city) with a view to establishing to what  extent consumer preference of one brand over other can be attributed to impact of salesperson specifically, the objective of the research will be as follows:
-    To provide information about impact of sales force attributes of consumers most recent buying,
-      To identify the sources and nature of difference in consumer preference to this consolidated breweries market of “33 export”.
-    The study will serve the added factions of assisting the various management in the evaluation of part performance of salesman in order to improve future decision making.
-    To determine the extent to which consumption and brand performance of the various brands of beer products are influenced by sales force performance.
-    To ascertain the strength of sale force relative to the other factor in motivating consumer choices of this beer product in questions.
-    To suggest way of improving sales force motivation strategic for beer marketing to make for effectiveness and brand preference.
    The study will contain on “the impact of salesperson in motivating consumer brand preference for beer product”
    The study will cover Awo-ammamm as a sales area of consolidated breweries Plc. The company has brewering plant in Lagos which is the headquarter and brewering in Awo-ammamma location at it has deport in Owerri, Umdahia, and Abakaki, Aba Enugu and other cities the subject will be categorized into two group apart from finding out any difference in their exposures to salesman the study will therefore be limited to Awo-ammamma.
Based on the problem and objective of this study augmented above, the research question are
1.    How often does consumer drink beer?
2.    What are the reasons for brand choice?
3.    What level awareness do consumer receive from sales force?
4.    Does motivation from salesmen has anything to do with consumer sales of beer?
5.    Does sales force activate consumer sales force activate consumer decision making processes.
6.    It is necessary to spend so much on salesmen or other
7.    It necessary to cut down on amount be spent on salesperson.
    It is envisaged that the result of this research will help the various beer producing companies and producers of other related products in the you wing ways.
1.    To be in better position of tailoring their products so it to meet the need of their consumer.
2.    To plan the marketing activities in such a way to better define their target market and reorganized some of the cause of low performance of their products.
3.    To identify those variables critical to the acceptance of their products.
4.    To find need to undertake fresh cost benefit analysis of their entire sales force with a view to attaining optimum budgetary allocation to sales force.
A part from the above the research will also guide individual invertors and organizations wishing consultancy firm finding, the information will be of help to individuals and related to “the impact of salesperson in motivating consumers brand preference for beer product”
    The research encounters a lot of problems in the course of writing this research and these problems. Hindering the researcher from attaining the Zenth of this research they includes.
    The total accomplishment of the objective of the study demands much more cost and financial involvement than what the researcher and at his disposal. The scope of this study was so narrowed to enable the researcher have a sample that could be effectively studied given considerations to cost.
STAFF UNWILLINGNESS: The major problem face was the unwillingness of the staff of consolidated breweries Plc listed to give adequate co-operation a lot of processes.
Have to have followed before the data you required could be related to competitor may get hold of these data and use then against the company
iii. UIRONG FILLING OF QUESTION/NARIA: most respondents were not able to fact in the questionnaires given to then correctively.
A. Salesperson sales force for the purpose of this research these words. Will be defined as marketing term these source as talk between the form and its customer interpreting product and service features in term of benefits and advantage to the buyer and persuading or motivating the customer to say the right and quality of product or service.
B. Salesmanship: this is simply the presentation of goods (F.E. Okorie 2002).
c. Motivations: this is the end user of company product.
D. Brand: brand refers to a particular units of a giver product enquire in its make up and district in some discernable other forms.
E. Brand Preference: these is brand acceptable loyalty and continuous patronage by consumer.

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Department Marketing
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    Project Details

    Department Marketing
    Project ID MKT0245
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 68 Pages
    Methodology Simple Percentage
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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