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This project contains a detailed analysis of the existing manual-based billing system of a Hospital of the penults Hospital Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State as a case study.

Base on the analysis, problem areas were identified and a computer based Medical billing system was designed and implement using the IBM compatible Micro-computer system, with colour monitor.




1.1              INTRODUCTION

Hospital is responsible for the supply of drugs to various inhabitants in zone at specific drug rates.  Form the inception of the hospital, billing has been manually processed.

The manual system employed is not very efficient, a lot of paper work has to be done, receipt, irrespective of patients, take a long period of time to prepare.  Due to the volummous number of drugs users, record of patients which serve as information for preparing managerial decision are very difficult to locate manually.

Therefore because of the problem and error arising from such a system, the computer based billing system because very invaluable.



1.2              THE BENEFIT OF THIS WORK

A.                To assist medical organization to maintain concise patients monitoring.  This project is designed to overview how computer can be use to operation in hospital set-up system.  Consequence, this can also serve as aid for computer efficiency designed to carry out administrative job.

B.                 In the event of hug investment the risk at least will be reduced, this means that when the hospital spends a hug capital to carry out some project, that they will recover the capital with minimum risk.



By account of history, medical billing has been plague by several factors based on the current manual process:

-           File and record are not properly kept.

-           Error are easily made and hardly detected.

-           Information is not well maintained.

The sole aim of this project is to reduce un its entirely all these irregularities by the use of computer.


1.4              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

To reduce stress, abnormalities, irregularities, time consumption and cost of operation involved or fund in various aspects of record control.

To raise the standard of computer to a greater height in the organization and also in the society

With the development of the internet if has made it possible to pay for medical alternation online just as it is possible to buy other goods and service online.


1.5              AIMS AND OBJECTIVE

This project aim primary at developing a computer-based medical billing system that will prepare bills for patients in an area.  A computer-based system can be “batched” or  “interactive” a batched processing system is one where transaction are collected and prepared for input for processing as a simple unit.  There may be some delay between the occurrence original event and the eventual processing of the transactions.  Interactive system are those which allow the user to input data in response to the information displayed on the screen

The project is concerned with only interactive system.  The practical system used is the medical billing system.

The project however aims at the following:

-           A faster means of billing a patient

-           Reducing redundancies of files

-           Generation of monthly billing transaction information

-             Increasing billing efficiency

-           A faster means of calculating revenue


1.6              SCOPE

The scope of this study, which is equally the domain or the problem area is particularly the case study of this research work “penults hospital Enugu” and it is to provide a program that will effectively handle the operations of a hospital billing system.

A program that will be interactive one, which means there will be at time/opportunities for operator to supply data to the computer




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