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            Land use can be described as a way, manner or older in which land is used by people in an area for different purposes. Commercial land itself is one set aside the local authority for legal economic activities and business transactions. It account for by far the largest proportion of the total area that has more economical value.     
            Commercial activity is one of the indices for appraising urbanization provision of commercial land for such activities of Ogui – urban become very important as the population of Ogui urban grew and this in turn affects the value of land. This effect t of commercial land and it’s concomitant effect on the land values are the main text of this paper.
            This research embodied the documentation and analysis of such relevant factors as prices of commercial lands passing in Ogui – urban respectively. Was analysed in graph form and in turn determines the effect of commercial land use on land value which is the main problem of this reseach solving. The result proved that there was a positive affect on well used and planned commercial lands and reactive effect on the unplanned. Good planning and monitoring was recommended.
1.0              Introduction
1.1       Historical background
1.2              Geographical problem
1.3              Objectives of study
1.4              Scope of study
1.5              Limitation of study
2.0              Literature Review
2.1       Introduction
2.2              What is land
2.3              Land use plan n Enugu
2.4              Commercial land use
2.5               Classification of commercial land use
2.6              Nature of commercial land use
2.7              Factors that affect land value
2.8              Effect of commercial land use on land value
2.9              Distinction of important terms
3.0              Research methodology
3.1       Introduction
3.2              Research design
3.3              Source of data
3.4              Primary source
3.5              Secondary source
3.6              Population and sampling size
3.7              Data collection techniques
3.8              Data analysis and presentation technique
4.0              Data presentation and analysis
4.1       Introduction
4.2              Presentation
4.3              Central business district
4.4              Edimbug
4.5              Average percentage of sampled commercial land in Ogui urban
4.6              Conclusion  
5.0              Findings, recommendation and conclusion
5.1       Findings
5.2              Recommendation
5.3              Conclusion
Table 1:           Monetary value trend and sampled commercial land in the central
business district (4.03)
Table 2:           Monetary value trend on sampled commercial land in Edinburgh (4.04)
Table 3:           Recharge percentages of sampled commercial land in the     Central Business District and Edinburgh in Ogui urban (4.05)
Figure 1.          Graphs showing the monetary value of sampled commercial lands in the central business district
 Figure 2:          The land use map of Central business district of Ogui urban
Figure 3;          Graphs showing the monetary value of sampled commercial lands in Edinburgh in Ogui – Urban
Figure 4:          Proposed urban land use plan of Enugu
Figure 5:          Map showing the central business district in Enugu  
1.0              INTRODUCTION
Land is a national endowment that can be referred to as the said portion of the earth’s surface, while land use can be described as a way, manner or order in which land is used by people in an area for deterrent purposes.
This rings about the need for the demand of commercial land acquisition for economic and business transaction.      
Ogui urban is located in the capital city of Enugu state and has a typical urban environment, which is surrounded by major roads  and towns some at which include Oni – Asata, Holy Ghost, Ziks Avenue, Okpara Avenue and so on therefore making it accessible for which ever kind of business transaction. As a result, investors tend to exploit commercial land around these areas, which include, ………… artisan, Edinburgh, independence layout new layout, onu-Asata, Obiagu etc. The unique attract a lot of investors who in turn refuse to abide to the enforced planning laws by the central authority.      
In offer words, value in basic economics is detained as the utility or satisfaction which a good or seminar offers for the purpose of this write piece, value mean the worth of an interest in a land or building.
Land use in Enugu was proposed earlier when Enugu was under Anambra state and the use of commercial lands by investors was properly monitored and up till date it is still being monitored but not effective like it used to be in the case investors who migrated into others areas that were not commercial proposed areas tailed to accept the fact that those areas were not purposively commercial proposed areas but were to support commercial activities. This therefore became a treat to the individuals residing in those areas. Ogui urban is a typical example of these areas. This work is to demonstrate the effects of commercial land use on land value, and I intend to sow this in this work piece.       
            Ogui urban is located in the capital city of Enugu state. She deviated from the Affar and got her first paramount Chief in the person of late Chief Augustine Nnamanni who died on the 30th day of October 1993. Ogui did have any chief until 2002 the chief was sworn in he was Chief Oko Michael Mmaduekwe.
            Ogui became or got her autonomous community on the 12th day of July 2003. Her culture in enriched with different dances and masquerade. Ogui urban is made up of five villages they include Umuokokwette, Umuabu, Onuatu Onu Asala and Onyke with two local government the Enugu North and the Enugu Central North.
            She shares a common boarder with her brother Abakpa Nike along the presidential road while the original Ogui dweller reside at Umunevo village. Now a town that accommodate a lot of investors and visitor and student.        
            For a long time now; it has been recorded that investors face the problem of investing blinding without knowing the effect on the land value.
            They do not know the effect of commercializing a land set out for federal values. As such most investors abuse the constitutional provision for land value and in time to come they will be victimized by the execution of government plan on an exploited land.
            The level of indiscriminate dumping of refuse that brings about environmental bleeder, the congestion of planned building by investors allowing space for the major road and eating into part of the pedestrian path.
            The increase in the movement of investors accommodates the vandalization of electrical cables, blocking of drainages with refuses.      
1.3              OBJECTIVE OF STUDY
The aim of this research is to make the government the land use allocation authority and the private investor, realize the effect of commercial land use on land value in Ogui urban.
1.4              SCOPE OF STUDY
The development of Ogui Nike was divided into two stages “urban Ogui and Rural”
Ogui at the moment rural – Ogui has suffered trickling development while the urban Ogui has been effectively development.
The urban Ogui include the control business district (Atesian, Ogbetle) this scope in focused mainly on the effect of commercial land use.  
1.5              LIMITATION OF STUDY
This research work is limited to some extent by the inconsistency of records as the urban and regional planning authority of Ogui. Some of the officials were not always available to provide or give out the necessary map diagram. It was also limited to some extent by inadequacy of finance.    
Data used for this study were obtained from both primary and secondary source primary data were obtained by filed survey while the secondary data were procured from previous relevant literatures, textbooks, published and unpublished journals and very good students from Ogui – urban who gave the researcher the historical background of the study area. Also maps were gotten from the town-planning officer.   


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