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Microbiological Evaluation in ilorin Metropolis

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(Microbiology Project Topics & Materials)


            The presences of pathogenic microorganism in ice cream such as Salmonella Species, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli have been well documented, but examination of pathogenic bacteria like Bacillus cereus Yersinia enterocolitica, Brucella species and E.coli O157:H7 have been rarely studied. These studies indicated the necessity for a more steady microbial examination of ice cream since ice cream is particularly consumed by children of vulnerable age groups. Ice cream samples in this project work were therefore examined in terms of microbial counts that allow the quantitative and qualitative checking of principal hygienic parameters including the total aerobic counts coliforms, Enterobacte aerogenes, Enterococci Species, yeast and mould. Additionally, examination of the pathogenic bacteria like Escherichia coli, O157:H7, Yersinia species, Salmonella species, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus were also performed.

Table of content

Title Page 


 Dedication ii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                      iii 

Abstract            iv

Table content v


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Justification

1.2 Aims and objective



2.0 Origin of Ice Cream 



3.0 Sterilization of Materials 

3.1 Preparation of culture flame

3.2 Collection of Samples

3.3 Determination of pH of the samples

3.4 Determination of Titratable Acidity 

3.5 Estimation of Sugar Content

3.6 Determination of Fatty acid

3.7 Total Bacterial Count and Isolation of bacterial

3.8 Characterization of Isolates

3.9 Gram Staining

3.9.1 Spore Staining

3.9.2 Motility Test

3.9.3 Capsule Staining

3.9.4 Catalase Test

3.9.5 Coagulase Test

3.9.6 Methyl Red Test

3.9.7 Indole Test

3.9.8 Total Fungal Court and Isolation of Fungi

3.9.9 Characterization and identification of Fungal Isolates

3.9.10 Colonial Morphology

3.9.11 Cellular Morphology


4.0 Physicochemical characteristics

4.1 Microbial Count 

4.2 Fungal Isolates

4.3 Characterisation and identification of fungal isolates


5.0 Discussion

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendation 


Microbiological Evaluation in ilorin Metropolis

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Type Project
Department Microbiology
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Price ₦3,000 ($9)
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    Type Project
    Department Microbiology
    Project ID MCB0255
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    No of Pages 52 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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