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Assessment Of Accident And Emergency Radiography Practices In Public Hospitals In Enugu Urban

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(Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences Project Topics & Materials)
This is a prospective non experimental survey study design aimed at describing accident and emergency radiography practices in public hospitals in Enugu Urban. The questionnaires for the study were distributed among radiographers in some public hospitals in Enugu Urban. The objectives and purpose of the research were explained by the researcher. Medical radiography plays a very vital role in the diagnosis, intensive care and good management of patients in accident and emergency unit. Some of the roles include:  ensuring immediate movement of the patients in and out of the department for radiological investigations without further delay, patient reassurance, usage of good lifting technique to move the patient to avoid further complications to their present condition, ensuring less movement of the patient during positioning and making sure that the couch for the examination is properly cleaned before and after each radiological examination. Medical radiographic results or images also help in removing doubts that might lead to surgeon’s guessing when operating on patients, this can achieved through provision of red dot or triage system. The findings from the research, patient’s waiting time is not long but the patient waiting time could be long in some certain circumstances as a result of power breakdown, equipment breakdown and sometimes non-readiness of the radiographers. Findings indicated that there are no dedicated room nor dedicated equipment for A/E examinations in the radio-diagnostic centres but there are adequate radiographers that care for the patients in the department.

Table 1: Grouping of respondents according to category of gender and age range    
Table 2: Distribution of respondents according to their Qualification and years of experience     
Table 3: Distribution of the views of respondents on Emergency Condition       
Table 4:Assessment of average waiting time of patient for A/E care the department      
Table 5: Assessment of causes of patient waiting time
Table 6: Assessment for radiographers practices in the A/E radiological department      
Table 7: Assessment of availability of dedicated equipment and other emergency kits      
Table 8: Attitude of radiographers in handling A/E patients in the department       
Table 9: Patient care and Radiation protection received by Patients in the department      

Title page: 
List of tables: 
Table of contents:
1.1 Background of  the study 
1.2 Statement of problem
1.3 Purpose of study 
1.4 Significance of study 
1.5 Scope of the study 
1.6 Literature review 

2.1 Accident and emergency cases 
2.1.1 Skull fracture 
2.1.2 Foreign bodies/Ingested foreign bodies 
2.1.3 Pneumonia  
2.2 Radiograhic drugs used in A/E and drug mangement
2.2.1 Opiods  
2.2.2 Non Sterorial Anti-Inflammatory Agents 
2.2.3 Procedural sedation and Analgesic 
2.3 Equipment used in A/E 
2..3.1 Isocentric unit with variable height 
2.3.2 Trolley base system 
2.3.3 Dedicated equipment  
2.3.4 Metal locotar
2.4 Role of radiographers in accident and emergency unit 

3.1 Research design 
3.2 Population of study 
3.3 Source of data 
3.4 Method of data collection

4. Data analysis 
4.2 Data presentation 

5.1 Discussion of Data 
5.2 Summary of findings
5.3 Recommendations from  the study
5.4 Areas for further research
5.5 Conclusion  
5.6 Limitations of study 

Assessment Of Accident And Emergency Radiography Practices In Public Hospitals In Enugu Urban

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Type Project
Department Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences
Project ID MRR0105
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 65 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences
    Project ID MRR0105
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 65 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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