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(Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences Project Topics & Materials)

An inadequately filled radiology request form (RRF) is a common problem faced by both radiologists and radiographers. The study was designed to objectively assess the adequacy of filling of radiology request forms from two hospitals in Enugu metropolis: University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, UNTH) Ituku-ozalla and Enugu State Teaching Hospital, (ESUTH) Parklane 
Method; Radiological request forms were collected from the archiving shelves and analyzed using criteria about patient data, clinical information and referring clinician’s identity 
A total number of 4158 request forms were analyzed, 2050 from the university of Nigeria Teaching Hosiptal(UNTH) Ituku-ozala and 2108 from the Enugu state university Teaching Hospital(ESUTH) parklane. Out of the total number (4158) analyzed, 3280 (78.88%) were inadequately filled by the referring clinicians while 878(21.1%) were adequately filled. 443(21.6%) were adequately filled and 1607(78.4%) were inadequately filled from UNTH while 435(20.6%) were adequately filled and 1673(79.3%) were inadequately filled from ESUTH.  Conclusion; Evaluation of the radiological request form currently in use at the UNTH and ESUTH revealed the existence of important omission and mild compliance with filling of fields requested by referring clinicians.         


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Dedication ii
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Acknowledgement v
Table of content vi
List of tables viii
Abstract ix
Background of the study 1
Statement of the problem 2  
Objective of the study 3
Significance of the study 3
Scope of the study 4
Literature review 5
Qualified medical practitioner 20
The referrer 23
Appropriate delegation 24
Referral process 24
Radiological requesting guidelines 25
Methods of radiology requesting 26
Referrers to radiology 28
Declining radiology requests 29
Electronic request 33
Choice of IT system 34
The benefits 34
Planning and implementing electronic remoter requesting system 35
Research design 38
Study population 38
Sample size 38
Method of data collection 38
Selection criteria 39
Method of data analysis 39
Discussion 49
Summary 52
Recommendation 53
Conclusion 53
Reference 55

Table 1a: Distributions of patient bio-data information inadequately completed by referring clinicians in UNTH.
Table 1b: distributions showing clinical information inadequately filled by the referring clinicians in UNTH.
Table 1c: distributions showing ancillary information not completed by the referring clinicians in UNTH
Table 2a: distributions of patient bio-data information that inadequately completed by referring clinicians in ESUTH.
Table 2b: distributions showing clinical information inadequately filled by the Referring clinicians in ESUTH
Table 2c: distributions showing ancillary information not completed by the referring clinicians in ESUTH
Table 3: distributions showing the number of adequately and inadequately filled request forms by various clinicians in UNTH.
Table 4: distributions showing the number of adequately and inadequately filled request forms by various clinicians in UNTH.
Table 5: comparison between adequately filled request forms in UNTH and ESUTH


A radiology request form is clinical document completed by a licensed physician stating what procedure or examination is desired. This document contains what examination needs to be done, why the examination needs to be conducted and on whom the examination will be performed. Also, inherent in the radiology request form is the clinical question that needs to be answered. The clinical question can come in many forms such as ‘’what is the cause of fever and leukocytosis in this patient” or ‘’is this tumour malignant or benign” or ‘’is there a fracture?’’ though this question is not always explicity stated, it is important that the radiologist knows and identifies the clinical question inherent in the request form1. A properly completed request form is essential for proper reimbursement and to increase the efficiency of the radiology requesting process. Pertinent identifiers such as name and date of birth are necessary in a proper request from. Also a succinct and adequate clinical history is needed for the radiologist to make the proper clinical diagnosis and for the health care provider to be properly reimbursed.1 
Radiology request forms are essential communication tools used by hospital and doctors referring patients for radiological investigations. However, their importance is highly underestimated2,6 
Request form should be completed accurately and legibly to avoid any misinterpretation. The clinician is required to state the reason for referral as this helps radiologist to better understand the patient’s condition so that the required expertise may be utilized to proffer the necessary information to aid appreciate patient management3. In a large percentage of patients, radiology request forms play pivotal role in both diagnosis and treatment, central to this is the adequate completion of the radiology request forms. Unfortunately, most request forms encountered by radiographers in diagnosis room are inadequately filled by the referring clinician4. Choosing the appropriate investigation at the right time and providing correct biographic and clinical information of the patient is the responsibility of the clinician or medical practitioner requesting for radiological investigation2. The assessment of adequate filling of request form by the referring clinicians is the aim of the study.

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Type Project
Department Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences
Project ID MRR0057
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 70 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences
    Project ID MRR0057
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 70 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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