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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Linguistics and Communication
  • Project ID: LAC0100
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Pages: 108 Pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 509

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Page                                                                          i

Certification                                                                        ii

Dedication                                                                         iii




of Contents                                                               vi



1.0    Introduction                                                               1

1.1    Geographical Location of Bura Language                               1

1.2    Historical Background of Bura Language                                2

1.3    The Socio-Cultural Profile of Bura People                               4

        1.3.1 Occupation

of Bura People                                   4

        1.3.2 Trade                                                                        5

        1.3.3 Food                                                                 5

        1.3.4 Religion                                                              5

        1.3.5 Marriage                                                            6

        1.3.6 Burial

Ceremonies                                               8

        1.3.7 Education                                                          9

        1.3.8 Administration


1.4    Population of Bura Speakers                                        9

1.5    Genetic Classification of Bura Language                         11

1.6    Scope and Organization of the Study                            12

1.7    Theoretical Framework                                                        13

1.8    Data Collection                                                           13

1.9    Data Analysis                                                             14

1.10  Brief Review of the Chosen Framework                          15



 2.0   Introduction                                                               18

2.1    Sounds System of Bura Language                                19

2.2    Morphological Concepts                                               21

        2.2.1 Morpheme                                                         23

        2.2.2 Types

of Morphemes                                          25

        2.2.3 Free Morphemes                                                25

        2.2.4 Bound Morphemes                                              28

        2.2.5 Structural

Function of Morphemes                        29

       Roots                                                      30

       Stems                                                     31

        2.2.6 Morphological and Syntactic

Functions of Morphemes 32

       Derivational Morphemes                           32

       Inflectional Morphemes                             35

        2.2.7 Allomorphs                                                         37

        2.2.8 Affixation                                                           39

        2.2.9 Prefixation                                                         39

        2.2.10 Infixation                                                         40

        2.2.11 Suffixation                                                        41

2.3    Morphological Processes                                              42

2.4    Morphological Typologies                                             46



3.0    Introduction                                                               51

3.1    Morphology of Bura Language                                      51

3.2    Free Morphemes in Bura Language                                       51

3.3    Bound Morphemes in Bura Language                            53

3.3.1 Inflectional Morphemes in Bura Language                     53

        3.3.2 Derivational Morphemes in Bura

Language            55

3.4    Language Typology                                                    57

3.5    Word Classes in Bura Language                                   58

        3.5.1 Nouns

in Bura Language                                     58

       Types of Nouns in Bura

Language             59

        3.5.2 Adjectives

in Bura Language                                        64

        3.5.3 Pronouns in Bura Language                                 67

        3.5.5 Adverbs

in Bura Language                                   77

        3.5.6 Prepositions in Bura Language                             79

        3.5.7 Conjunctions

in Bura Language                            80

        3.5.8 Interjection in Bura Language                              80

3.6    Negative Marker in Bura Language                                       81

3.7    Allomorphs in Bura Language                                       82



4.0    Introduction                                                               84

4.1    Affixation in Bura Language                                         85

        4.1.1 Prefixation in Bura Language                                        85

        4.1.2 Suffixation in Bura Language                                        86

4.2    Reduplication in Bura Language                                   87

4.3    Compounding in Bura Language                                   88

4.4    Borrowing in Bura Language                                        &nb

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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Linguistics and Communication
  • Project ID: LAC0100
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Pages: 108 Pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 509
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    Type Project
    Department Linguistics and Communication
    Project ID LAC0100
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 108 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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