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Design of an Online Tutorial System

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(Computer Science Project Topics & Materials)

Information Technology has revolutionized the way we go about doing our daily activities. The web for instance has revolutionized the way information can be accessed thereby making the world a global village. 

The impact of information technology has grown to the level that virtually all domains of life now has everything in Electronic. Now we have E-Commerce, E-Examination, E-Voting, E-Registration. The availability and deployment of all of these is made possible with the use of the Internet (the biggest of all the Computer networks), a local area network (intranet) for deploying E-Solutions within a restricted locality e.g. an office, telephone lines (using radio wave as its medium).

Of interest also is the advent of information technology enabled devices such as the handsets, the PDAs and tablets that is used with the aforementioned web technology which makes the paradigm of information storage, access and retrieval to be mobile.

The Internet is a wide area network consisting of over five hundred million hosts that can be accessed via a workstation that is connected to its service. It serves as a medium of connection between millions of peoples, airlines, organizations, military, educational institutions and government in the most remote of areas all over the world. It serves as an electronic transmission medium to engage in exchanging of information, also aiding transportation (digitally) from location to location connecting users online. Also, the internet is a very good platform for advertisement and awareness of any product.

Information is obviously the most prominent function of the internet. The internet has grown from its inception into a giant warehouse of information, providing millions of people access to any information required by just a click of a button. It exposes one to a wide range of information resources, thereby posing as a giant database stacked with information.

Due to the universal access of the internet, student tutorials and learning activitites can be processed over the web. 

The project work which is focused on modeling and designing an Online Tutorial System through the Web. For the benefits of the students in the university; the online tutorial will include registration of students like their personal information and also made available video and audio type document for downloads, realtime communication between students and tutors.

The registration data of the students are stored in a highly secured Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and the students are provided with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to communicate with the database. 



The aim of this project is to develop an Online Tutorial System for the Students of the university and objectives of this study include:

1) To create a system that is user friendly and simple as possible for users.

2) To create a system that make available a virtual class that is not limited to any number of studennts.

3) To increase the throughput by increasing the number of students that could participate in a particular tutorial class per unit time.

4) To employ the use of internet technology to influence tutorial dellivery.   

5) To design a systemm that made available videos, audios, images and texts type of documents for learning system.


The scope of this project covers the registration of students’ personal information, assign tutorial classes to each student, enable each student to have realtime conversation with their tutor and colleagues, setting a unique password for confidentiality of personal information such as login menu. The limitation of this project is the unavailability of realtime video chatting.


The methodologies used in developing this project work include obtaining information from different tutorial centres most especially the ones aorganised with in the school. The methods used include: interview of personnel, and search through the internet most particularly in the programming area of the system.

 The programming parameters used for implementing the project include:

Php (Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language. Php is a Server Side Scripting language that runs with the help of a server. Servers such as the IIS (Internet Information Service) or Apache web servers could be used to run the application. 

JavaScript. This is a Browser Side Scripting language that is used to control information relating to the browser of the Client i.e. the user when wrong operations are performed.

MySQL. A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL) which contains the engine that is used to store, update, validate and also keeps information about the type of legal operations to be carried out.

The choice of Php programming language is that the application will be available for use through the web. Php is a programming language that can be easily manipulated and can perform serialization which enables security.  


This project consists of five chapters. The chapter layout consists of the following.

Chapter one consists of introduction of the project

Chapter two consists of the literature review

Chapter three discusses the system analysis and the design

Chapter four consists of the system implementation

Chapter five which is the final chapter contains the summary and conclusion

Design of an Online Tutorial System

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Type Project
Department Computer Science
Project ID CPU1394
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 42 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Computer Science
    Project ID CPU1394
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 42 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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