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(Education Project Topics & Materials)


This study investigated teaching mechanics with mind mapping instructional strategy in Tertiary Institutions in Ekiti State. A research survey design was used for this study. Four research questions were raised for the study. Simple random sampling techniques was used to select forty (40) students from Physics Department in College of Education, Ikere Ekiti which made up the total sample size for the study. Simple mean and standard deviation was used to analyze data collected for the study. The findings of the study concluded that mind mapping is not widely used in physical therapist education but that faculty are interested in learning more about the tenets associated with Mind Mapping instructional strategy. It was also revealed that the use of mind mapping instructional strategy has a positive effect on learners’ participation in physics lectures. On the gender related issue, there was no significant difference in the mean scores of male and female students taught using mid mapping instructional strategy. Based on the findings, it was recommended that THE use of mind mapping instructional strategy should be adopted by teachers in order to promote meaningful learning of difficult concepts in Physics and that training and re-training programmes should incorporate the teaching of pre-service teachers in the use of mind mapping in teaching and learning process.



Title Page                                                                                          i        

Certification                                                                                                ii
Dedication                                                                                         iii

Acknowledgements                                                                           iv

Table of contents                                                                              v

Abstract                                                                                            viii


INTRODUCTION                                                                           1

Background to the Study                                                                            1  

Statement of the Problem                                                                 5

 Purpose of the Study                                                                       5

Significant of the Study                                                                    6

Scope/Delimitation of the Study                                                       7

Research Question                                                                            7

Definition of Terms                                                                          7


REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE                                     9

Introduction                                                                                      9

The Concept of Mind Mapping                                                                  9

Advantages of the Mind Mapping on Teaching and Learning                    10

Better Understanding between Students and Teachers                     11

Explain Theorems & Concepts Better                                                        11

Visual Stimulant Online Learning                                                     11

Disadvantages of the Mind Mapping Concept                                  12

Theoretical Framework                                                                              19

Socially Mediated Learning                                                               21

The MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation                                    22

Areas where Mind Mapping are being Used                                               27

Constructive Teaching and Mind Mapping Process                          31

Ausubel's Learning Theory and Mind Mapping Processing              35

Effect of Mind Mapping on Physics Curriculum                              37

Review of Empirical Study on Mind Mapping                                 38

Summary of the Literature Review                                                   39

CHAPTER THREE                                                                        41

METHODOLOGY                                                                          41

Introduction                                                                                      41

Research Design                                                                                41

Area of the Study                                                                              41

Population of the Study                                                                             42

Sample and Sampling Techniques                                                    42

Instrument for Data Collection                                                                   42

Validation of Instruments                                                                           43

Administration of the Instrument                                                     43

Data Analysis Techniques                                                                43

CHAPTER FOUR                                                                                      44

RESULT & DISCUSSION                                                                44

Introduction                                                                                       44

Analysis of Respondents’ Bio-data                                                      44

Analysis of Data from Survey Field                                                              45

Discussion of Findings                                                                       49



Summary                                                                                           51

Conclusion                                                                                         51

Recommendations                                                                              52

References                                                                                         54

Appendix                                                                                           57


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Type Project
Department Education
Project ID EDU2140
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 61 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Education
    Project ID EDU2140
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 61 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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