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(Business Administration and Management Project Topics & Materials)


  In any organization or group of organization there must be somebody to lead the other working team so that the organization objective and goals may be attained this is a management. To achieve this the manager must have developed, possessed rosined experience and integrity in the business modern setting. The effect of this motivation is what this work is all about. The project is partitioned into five series or chapter each chapter takes care of separation process of the work as discussed. Chapter Two dwells extensively on literature review and theoretical framework, the various authors, theories field theory expectancy of need and a sort of notes. Chapter three is photography of methodology used in presentation of data, analysis etc. all model specification the company chart. Chapter four deals with the statement of the hypothesis, testing and interpretation of hypothesis. The final and sealing chapter is the chapter five which looks at the summary, conclusion and recommendation, on the project work.


Title Page





Table of Content

Chapter One

1.1     Introduction

1.2     Objective of the study

1.3     Statement of the Problem

1.4     Scope of the Study

1.5     Definition of Terms

1.6     Organization of Terms

Chapter Two

2.1 Literature review and theoretical frame work

2.2  Link between Motivation and Performance

2.3  Theories of Motivation

2.4  Two factors Theories

2.5  Field Theory

2.6  Expectant Theory

2.7  End Notes

Chapter Three

3.0  Methodology

3.1  Introduction

3.2  Model Specification

Chapter Four

4.1  Statement of Hypothesis

4.2  Testing and interpretation of Hypothesis

Chapter Five

5.1  Summary

5.2  Conclusion

5.3  Recommendation



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Type Project
Department Business Administration and Management
Project ID BAM2357
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 42 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM2357
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 42 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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