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(Business Administration and Management Project Topics & Materials)
This project is aimed at looking into “The Impact of Advertising on the Sales volume of Chicken Foods Industries Limited (CFIL). The primary aim is to show the effect of advertising on the sales volume of the product whereby creating awareness for the existing product. The Primary and Secondary Data were collected from various sources; this sources include the personal interview, questionnaire, text book, newspapers and consultation of official documents of Nigeria Chicken Foods Industries Limited. Data collected by questionnaire are presented in tabular form and analyzed using the likert scale method. Based on the findings it was observed that advertising has a great impact on the life of people concerning the product because without advertising there won’t be awareness that will make people know about these products. The conclusions drawn from this study is that the use of advertising to create, stimulate and remind customer is imperative to the sales of any Corporate Organization. Finally, it was recommended that prices of products should be fixed at a rate which the customers should be fixed at a rate which the customers can afford. 

Cover page i
Title page ii
Declaration iii
Approval page iv
Dedication v
Acknowledgement vi
Abstract vi
Table of Content vii

Chapter One: 
1.1 Background of the study 1
1.2 Statement of the Problem 3
1.3 Objectives of the study 4
1.4 Significance of the study 4
1.5 Research Question/Hypothesis 5
1.6 Scope of the study 5
1.7 Limitation of the study 6
1.8 Definition of Terms 6

Chapter Two: 
Literature Review
2.0 Literature review 7
2.1 Introduction 7
2.2 What is advertising? 7
2.3 The Importance of advertising 11
2.4 Ethics in advertising 14
2.5 Advertising and similar studies 17
2.6 Economic argument on advertising 19
2.7 strength and weakness of advertising 20

Chapter Three:  
3.1 Introduction 23 
3.2 Research Design 24
3.3 Area of study 24
3.4 Population of the study 25
3.5 Sample size 25
3.6 Instruments of  Data collection 26
3.7 Validation of the instrument 27
3.8 Reliability of the instrument 28
3.9 Methods of Data Collection 28
3.10 Methods of data analysis 29

Chapter Four: 
Data presentation and Analysis
4.1 Introduction 30
4.2 Characteristics of the respondents 30 
4.3 Presentation of data and Analysis in tables 33
4.4 Summary of Findings 36
4.5 Discussion of Findings 37

Chapter Five: 
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1 Summary 40
5.2 Conclusion 41
5.3 Recommendations 42
Bibliography 44
Appendix 45

Table i: Sex distribution 
Table ii: Age Distribution
Table iii: Educational Qualification
Table iv: Length of service
Table v: Status
Table vi: Presentation of data analysis in tables


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Type Project
Department Business Administration and Management
Project ID BAM2325
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 58 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM2325
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 58 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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