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Acquisition De Phonetque Et Phonologie Par Les Fransiçants

  • Type:Project
  • Pages:71
  • Format:Microsoft Word
(Linguistics and Communication Project Topics & Materials)


The phonetic structure of French language differs from that of Nigeria language and Plateau state languages. French language learners are bound to face difficulties of transferring the pronunciation of their local languages into French languages directly, knowing the fact that the phonetic symbols of French is different from that of French language. In this project, we have studied the phonetics and phonology of French language as the mother tongue of learner interferes with it. We also looked at where the learners have difficulties during pronunciations of French words and why.


TITRE                                                                                                                         PAGE

Page de titre-----------------------------------------------------------------------  i

Déclaration---------------------------------------------------------------------------          iii

Dédicace------------------------------------------------------------------------------          iv

Certification-------------------------------------------------------------------------           v

Remerciement --------------------------------------------------------------------------    vi

Table de matières---------------------------------------------------------------    vii

Abstract----------------------------------------------------------------------------  xi

Résumé ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  xii

0.0                 Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------         1


1.0                 Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------         3

1.1                 Arrière-plan-------------------------------------------------------------------------        4

1.2                 Objectif de l’étude----------------------------------------------------------------          5

1.3                 Enonciation du problème-------------------------------------------------------           5

1.4                 Justification-------------------------------------------------------------------------         6

1.5                 Portée et limite de l’étude------------------------------------------------------           6

1.6                 Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------         7


2.0                 Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------         8

2.1                 langue et son importance-------------------------------------------------------          8

2.2                 Linguistique-----------------------------------------------------------------------            10

2.3                 Phonétique------------------------------------------------------------------------           11

2.4                 Phonologie------------------------------------------------------------------------            12

2.5                 Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------------------           14


3.0                 Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------           15

3.1                 Méthodologie--------------------------------------------------------------------            15

3.2                 Méthode de sélection des informant---------------------------------------  15

3.3                 Méthode D’analyse------------------------------------------------------------- 16

3.4                 Collection des donnes---------------------------------------------------------- 16

3.5                 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------            17


4.1     Les Alphabets Franҫais------------------------------------------------------------            18

4.2     La Phonétique Et La Phonologie----------------------------------------------------22

4.3     La phonétique Articulatoire----------------------------------------------------   22

4.3.1   Les Organes De La Parole--------------------------------------------------------           23

4.3.2    Points D’articulations-------------------------------------------------------------            26

4.4   Mécanisme De Formation Des Sons -----------------------------------------     26

4.5   Fonctionnement Des Cordes Vocales Et La Luette------------------------       26

4.6     Concept Du Phonème Et Les Phonèmes Du Français-------------------       27

4.7 Les Phonèmes Du Français--------------------------------------------------------- 29

4.7.1  Voyelles Et Consonnes--------------------------------------------------------------         29

4.7.2  Les Voyelles--------------------------------------------------------------------------          30

4.7.3   Mécanisme De Formation Des Voyelles-------------------------------------  31

4.7.4   Les Consonnes----------------------------------------------------------------------          32

4.7.5  La Table Des Consonnes Françaises-----------------------------------------     34

4.8   Classement Des Consonnes Selon Le Mode D’articulation ------------         35

4.8.1  Classement Des Consonnes Selon Le Lieu D’articulation ---------------     38

4.8.2  Classement Auditif Des Consonnes---------------------------------------------            40

4.8.3   Consonnes Disparues--------------------------------------------------------------          41

4.9    Caractérisation Des Sons---------------------------------------------------------  42

4.9.1    Les Phonèmes Consonantiques---------------------------------------------    43

4.9.2      Phonèmes Vocaliques-------------------------------------------------------    44

4.10    La Transcription------------------------------------------------------------------  45

4.11   R – Assimilation ------------------------------------------------------------------- 47

4.11.1     R – Voisement------------------------------------------------------------------            48

4.11.2      R – Nasalisation --------------------------------------------------------------  50

4.11.4       R – Troncation---------------------------------------------------------------- 54

4.11.4      R – Insertion----------------------------------------------------------------------         55

4.11.5       Cas De Troncation-------------------------------------------------------------           56

4.11.6 Cas De Maintien------------------------------------------------------------------ 57

4.12      Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------------------           58


5.0                 Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------            59

5.1                 Les problèmes d’acquisition---------------------------------------------------------   59

5.2                 Cause Des Problèmes----------------------------------------------------------------     60

5.3                 Solutions et Recommandations----------------------------------------------------    60

5.4                 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------   61

CONCLUSION GENERALE--------------------------------------------------------------          62

BIBLIOGRAPHIE--------------------------------------------------------------------------         63

Acquisition De Phonetque Et Phonologie Par Les Fransiçants

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Type Project
Department Linguistics and Communication
Project ID LAC0094
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 71 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Linguistics and Communication
    Project ID LAC0094
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 71 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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