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(Business Administration and Management Project Topics & Materials)


This research work focus on the impact of employees’ commitment on organizational performance with reference to Moon Light Bakery, Ado-Ekiti. The study of employees’ commitment plays a critical role in the smooth and efficient running of any organization. Increased employees’ efforts lead to higher productivity, performance and profitability. The main aim of this study is to measure the impact of commitment of organizational workers and performance in the Bakery industry in Nigeria. The research methodology of this research was based on reliable data from various sources and analysis done using simple illustrations and percentages for easy understanding for the end users. This research work also includes the findings, conclusions and recommendations from the researcher point of view.



1.0     INTRODUCTION                                                                 1

1.1     Background of the Study                                                                  1

1.2     Statement of the Problem                                                                  3

1.3     Objective of the Study                                                             3

1.4     Research Question/Hypotheses                                                         4

1.5     Significance of the Study                                                                  5

1.6     Delimitation of the Study                                                                  6

1.7     Limitation of the Study                                                           6




2.0     REVIEW OF LITERATURE                                                         7

2.1     Definition of Commitment                                                      7

2.1.2  A three Component conceptualization of Organization


2.2     The Benefits of a Committed Workforce                                 11

2.3     Types of Commitment                                                            12

2.4     Antecedents of Commitment                                                   14

2.5     Predictors of Employee Commitment Behaviour                    19

2.6     Drivers of Employee Commitment                                          22




3.0     RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                         24

3.1     Research Design                                                                      24

3.2     Population and Sample                                                           24

3.3     Sampling Techniques                                                              25

3.4     Instrument of Data Collection                                                 25

3.5     Method of Data Analysis                                                                  27




          INTERPRETATION OF DATA                                           28

4.1     Presentation of Results                                                            30





           RECOMMENDATIONS                                                      41

5.1     Summary of Findings                                                              41

5.2     Conclusion                                                                              42

5.3     Recommendations                                                                   43


          REFERENCES                                                                      44



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Type Project
Department Business Administration and Management
Project ID BAM2141
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
No of Pages 48 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM2141
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    No of Pages 48 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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