The main statement of problem is that drug abuse has become more pervasive among school children. It is against this background that a study or research on drug abuse among school children especially in secondary school became invaluable to the society. Hence the attempt to study drug abuse among students in secondary school. Also, the effect on both the victim and the society is enormous. From the research findings, some other factors that contribute to drug abuse were revealed. These factors include the nature of the society, parental drug habits and more importantly, the culture of the people. Based on these findings, some recommendations were made.


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Statement of problem


Purpose of study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Limitations of the study

Chapter Two =      

Review of literature


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Population of study

Research instrument

Data analysis


Chapter Four =

Analysis of data discussion of result

Hypothesis 1

Hypothesis 2

Hypothesis 3

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          Drug abuse may be defined as over dependence or excessive use of or misuse of chemical substances to achieve a certain effect with or without medical diagnosis. They also may be drugs obtained with a prescription, used for pleasure rather than for medical reasons.

          According to world book medical encyclopedia, drug abuse is the harmful use of mind altering drugs. It added that the term usually refers to problem with illegal drugs which also include harmful use of legal prescription drugs such as in self medication.

          Godman and Gilman (1960) define drug abuse as the use of drug usually by self administration of any drug in a manner that deviates from the approved medical pattern or within a written culture.

          Amunonye (1979) defines drug as a substance which by its chemical nature has an effect upon the body or the higher nervous system (the mind). Therefore, many substances not usually thought of as drugs covered by this definition include caffine, nicotine, alcohol, household chemicals and pollutants.

          It is important to note that drug abuse is not contained simply to the abuse of dangerous drugs like narcotics-opium, heroine etc but also the abuse of panadol, codeine, antibiotics, laxatives etc in other words every substance apart from food is a drug and must therefore be regarded as being detrimental to health if not taken under proper medical advice or used correctly accordingly to medical prescription.

          Almost everybody in this country either knowingly or unknowingly is guilty of drug abuse. An anxious mother seeing that her child has frequent stooling, instead on taking the child to the hospital, goes to the chemist and buy an antibiotic syrup and gives to the child because such medication was prescribed for a friends child who had similar problem such mother is guilty of drug abuse. She might have given an over dose of the drug which will result in health hazards of the child.

          According Ebie and Pela (1980) the Nigerian society does not usually frown at the abuse of drugs which does not produce over behavioural changes. The primitive people recognized the use of tobacco, native brewed drinks, cocoa leave and kolanuts to provide pleasurable relief of pain, fatigue and hunger but never realized they were abusing drugs.

          Different drugs have different effects some, such as cocaine or methamphetamine, may produce an intense “rush” and initial feeli9ng of boundless energy. Others such as heroine, benzodiazepines or the prescription oxycontin may produce excessive feelings of relaxation and calm. What most drugs have in common though is over stimulation of the pleasure centre of the brain. With time the brain’s chemistry is actually altered to the point where not having the drug becomes extremely uncomfortable and even painful. This compelling urge to used, addition, becomes more and more powerful, disrupting work, relationships and health.

          Prescription drug abuse is just as dangerous as street drug use. When used appropriately, prescription drugs in the opiate family, such as vicodin (hydrocodone) and oxycontin, are often prescribed for chronic pain or recovery from surgery. Benzodiazaphines, such as valium or xanax are prescribed to treat anxiety. The problem arises when these drugs begin to be used “off label”.

          Furthermore, prescription drugs provide an easy point to other family members susceptible to abuse.

          Unpleasant youthful activities are widespread in Nigeria and all over Africa to the extent that they have been giving a lot of concern to the government and general public. In primary schools, peer engage in organized crimes and disrupt normal academic programmes. In secondary schools and most Nigerian universities, the activities of secret cults are known to have been source of threat to lives and property. Outside the campuses, a lot of ritual killings are taking place. (Aluede 2000).

          The impact of drug abuse among Nigerian youth’s bankrupt, decadent and wasted generation and loss of our societal values and ideals. The situation now appears to be such that no one can claim ignorance of what is happening. We cannot suit on the fence and criminally pretend on the menace of drug abuse among out young people.

          Little wonder, then that the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan once said “Drugs are tearing apart our societies, spawning crime, spreading diseases such as aids and killing our youths and future”.


In most Nigerian dailies, different opinions over the effect of drug abuse among students are expressed in different kinds of articles as “Drug Abuse”, “Drug Misuse”, Drug Addiction” etc, without empirical evidence to support the claims. It would not be scientific to accept these opinions.

There is need therefore to conduct a study on the effect of drug abuse or misuse of drug among students. The failure of the students to recognize that drug addiction is symptomatic of an underlined psychiatric disorder or psychological conflict has led to the continuous drug taking.

1.3         HYPOTHESES

1.            Does drug abuse among students and youths caused by family background friendship and per group association?

2.            Does drug abuse among students used for psychological purposes like, tension relieving, intensifying perception and so on?

3.            Does drug abuse cause health hazard which can led to death?

4.            Do parents and teachers have any role to play?

1.4         PURPOSE OF STUDY

This work is an attempt to study the effect of drug abuse among school children and the role of parents and teachers using children of western boys secondary school Ikpoba Hill and Idia College all in Benin city, Edo state as a case study. This research finding may apply to other primary and post primary institutions in Nigeria. Purpose of this study therefore is to determine the existing finding of other studies like mine.


This study is not only important to the two schools under study but to the state in particular and Nigeria in general.

The study is significant especially this period of our national life when the federal government is talking of re-branding, “Nigeria”, Great People Great Nation! There is no better way to start the rebranding than from children of school age. This stidy is also important in our society.

1.6         SCOPE OF STUDY

This study was carried out in two post primary institutions in Benin City, Edo state. They are as follows:

Idia College, Iyaro Benin City and Western Boys Secondary School, Oreegbeni, Benin City.

1.7         Methodology

This study is designed to collect useful information through both primary and secondary methods of data collection.

The researcher used structured questionnaire and comparative analysis on other works in form of text of similar topics.


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