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(Computer Science Project Topics & Materials)


Car leasing has contributed to the growth of many industries in Nigeria. In dead companies who have short term contracts to execute find it cost ineffective to purchase their own cars for the short duration.

As a matter of fact, they depend on car leasing companies like Marlum Company the case study to lease cars to them throughout the duration of their contracts. But one factor remains indispensable; it is the manner in which the leasing services are operated most especially concerning efficiency. It is here the computer system comes into play for it’s augmentation with the human effort at Marlum construction company Enugu will definitely provide an efficient system tat will monitor the model and quantity of cars in stock for lease. This will go a long way to provide an efficient leasing service by Marlum construction company and will certainly encourage other firms who are into car hire services to expand into car leasing operations.


CHAPTER ONE: Introduction: This talks car leasing services

CHAPTER TWO: Literature Review: This looks into the already published car leasing services.

CHAPTER THREE: Description and analysis of the existing system, this describes the existing car leasing services,

CHAPTER FOUR: design of the new system: this emphasizes on the new system to be designed to over come the shortcoming of the existing system.

CHAPTER FIVE: The implementation: this puts the new system to work.

CHAPTER SIX: Documentation: This serves as a reference manual to enhance the research futures by any user.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Recommendation, conclusion and references: Here recommendations are made and certain conclusions are derived and the materials used for references are listed.

Table of contents

Title page


Table of contents

Table of figures


1.1     Introduction

1.2     Statement of the Problem

1.3     Purpose of the study

1.4     Aims and objectives

1.5     Scope or Delimitations

1.6        Limitations and constraints

1.7     Assumptions

1.8     Definition of Terms


2.0        Review of related literature


3.1        Description and Analysis of the system

3.2        Fact finding methods

3.3        Organization structure

3.4        Objective of the existing system

3.5        Input, process, output, analysis

3.6        Information flow Diagram

3.7        Problems of the existing system

3.8        Justification of the system


4.1        Design of the system

4.2        Output specification and design

4.3        Input specification and design

4.4        File design

4.5        Procedure chart

4.6        System flowchart

4.7       System requirement


5.1        Implementation

5.2        Program design

5.3        Program flow chart

5.4        Pseudoocodes

5.5        Sources program

5.6       Test run


6.1        Documentation








The history of resources (car) leasing in Nigeria is a short one but the trend is growing as more organizations get into the provision of this services and strive to be ahead of completions. This car leasing is gaming ground in Nigeria due to the fact that a lot of people cannot afford to buy their own cars. The fall of Naria has resulted in up shoot of prices of vehicles as can be seen in 1993, when the cost a luxury bus was 3 million Naira but in 1995 it came to 17 million Naira. Owing to the price increase, people prefer to lease cars rather save for ages before buying one. More over tere exist a wide range of cars people can lease for different purpose. There are cars for inter city and business travels. Their cars for research students and holiday makers. There are trucks for converying heavy-duty machinery and long vehicles for goods. Marlum construction company is one organization that such services to individuals and cooperate organization. It has its main office at Emene in Enugu.


The actual problem Marlum Construction Company is facing the non-existence of an automated system that will show on prompt the available cars for lease. it’s leasing cost for minimum duration of one month.

This has made it difficult for clients to know the brand of cars available and the ones leased out and time they are due for return. It has impeded the rate of business, for most customers want an on the spot information so as to enable then make decision.


          The principal purpose of this study is to develop an automated system that will list on prompt all cars available for lease, it’s leasing cost for a minimum time period of one month as well as keeping track record of all leased cars and when to return them to the company Marlum construction company.


  The reason for embanking on this study is to overcame the short coming of the existing manual leasing method .it will achieve it by providing as follows.

(1)      A system that will give customers all models and brand of cars available for lease and their cost of leasing it for a period of one month.

(2)      A system that will keep track of all leased cars and the time due for return.

(3)      An efficient system that is reliable and can sid in management decision making.

1.5    SCOPE

The scope of this research work still remains the leasing section of Marlum Construction Company.

This research work coves specifically only leasing of cars to companies. All other leasing activities concerning machines and other heavy-duty equipment are not concerned.


(1)      It is assumed that there is constant power supply at marlum Construction Company.

(2)      It is assumed that an automated system will make customer’s take prompt decisions as regards their needs.

(3)      That all users of the system are computer and appreciate the reliability of computers to execate instructions accurately.

(4)      That all leased duration is counted in months with one month as the minimum leased duration.


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Type Project
Department Computer Science
Project ID CPU0937
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Computer Science
    Project ID CPU0937
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    Format Microsoft Word

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