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Globalization plays a pivoted role in the Nigeria economy.

This work is geard towards x-raying role of globalization in economic  development of the nation. They study was limited to the federal ministry if information and communication.

The study went further to x-ray the challenges confronting globalization in the nation.

to ensure the realization of the objective of this work, collection of data  was based on questionnaire and oral interview. Secondary sources were also explored. The yaroyamani statistical tool was used to determine the sample the validity and reliability of instrument were shown.

In the chapter four, the research presented and analyzed the data gotten from the questionnaire by using simple tables and percentage also the hypotheses put up were vividly tested using the chi-square formular.

Finally in chapter five all findings were critically discussed. The findings revealed that globalization creates freedom to trade among nations, and also bilateral relation among nations.

In conclusion this work, show that globalization can be an effective tool for economic development in the nation. Recommendations were also made, as to fashion out way to improve the economy via globalization and for government to provide the ministry with the required  assistance.


Table of content

Chapter one


1.1    background of the study

1.2    Statements of problems

13.    Objective of the study

1.4    research question 

1.5    Significance of the study

1.6    scope of the study 

1.7    limitation of the study 

1.8    Definition of terms

Chapter two

2.0    literature review

2.1        Positioning Nigerian for development in an era globalization

2.2        The challenges of globalization 

2.3        globalization   and economic development

2.4        obstacles to globalization   and economic development

Chapter three

3.0 research methodology

31. Research design methodology

3.2 Area of study

3.3 population of the study

3.4 determination of sample size

3.5 validation of data instrument 

3.6 reliability of the instrument 

Chapter four

Data presentation analysis and discussion of result

4.1    data presentation

4.2    data analysis 

4.3    discussion of result 

Chapter five

Summary, findings, recommendation and conclusion

5.1        Summary of findings

5.2         Recommendation

5.3        Conclusion




        A brief look at Nigeria today one carryout find out that, like fashion and everything new in Nigeria, the spirit that greeted (the issue of globalization at its chmaxin 200) seems to have reduced.

        The word globalization also seen to have, gone into our  libraries as we  have the internet and cyber café, globalization has been defined by john vogi (vanguard 2003) means a world that is liberalized of barriers to trade and invest where corporation  can product and sell almost any services and product almost anywhere globalization also in recent time involves trillions of dollars of investment. Globalization whether for or against remains a subject on which, there has been comprehensive and unyielding misunderstanding especially concerning the constraints that it does   not place on the power of government.

        Moreover, since globalization also means the growing inter-dependence and interconnectedness of the modern world. Furthermore, any nation or country globalization sets in the economic of that nation starts waxing stropping. According to Ayodele 1995), the increased of movement of goods, services, capital, people and information access national     borders is rapidly creating a single global economy.

        The process is driven by technological advance and reduction in the costs of international transactions, raise the share of trade in the world pf production and increase the mobility of capital. accounting  jack straw, British pronounced in the relationships between the developed western world, which are owners of the new technologies, and the poor developing counties` which are by large consumers of  the new capitalities Nigeria is in global village hence is an importer of goods and services.


        Globalization brings about economic development in an economy globalization, is termed to be  a systematic way which technological advanced countries  relate with non- technological  advanced countries to develop them by way of investing in the economy. However, the effect of globalization on developing and undeveloped countries can be vividly seen, as the developed nations (i.e. technological advanced countries) tend to use the undeveloped and developing countries as their dumpling ground, for their used products and their substandard products for example electronic.

        Also globalization has also faced the challenge of culture and language barrier, the variation in culture and languages of the different countries tend to affect the bilateral relations one of the challenges of underdevelopment is the inability of a country to produce and create unemployment for its citizenry, in order to meet up with economic needs and social economic needs of its members

        However, the research study is geared towards using the research study to solve these challenges, in the Nigeria economy.


        The purpose of this study is to determine the relevance of globalization in the Nigeria economy. Specifically the study will determine the following.

a.                Determine the effect of globalization on economic development

b.                to findout  how globalization can assist in Nigeria’s economic development

c.                To examine the effects of globalization on the Nigeria economy

d.                To identify the obstacles to globalization and economic development in Nigeria.

e.                To suggest the possible strategies for curbing the and verse effects of globalization on Nigeria’s economic development in the globalized world.


1.           What are the effects of globalization on the Nigerian economy?

2.           What obstacles to development face Nigeria in the global community?

3.           What are the possible strategies for enhancing the development of Nigeria in a globalized world?

4.           Does the citizens have any role to pay in enhancing economic development in the globaized world?

5.           What are the importance of globalization to Nigeria economy?


The result of project research work will be significant to the worker as an individual, the Nigeria masses and the government in general.

1.           The study give a clear explanation of the role and        importance of globalization in the economic development of Nigeria.

2.           The research study will be suggest ways of improving Nigeria economy by ways of suggesting how globalization can be use to develop the economy in the country.

3.           The study will assist the country on how to maximize the potential of globalization, in developing the Nigeria society.

4.           the study will expose ways of improving economic development in Nigeria through globalization

5.           .They will suggest and make recommendation that will be use as a guide for further studies on this project, to any student that world carry out research on similar topic.


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Type Project
Department Public Administration
Project ID PUB0447
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 58 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Public Administration
    Project ID PUB0447
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 58 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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