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(Mass Communication Project Topics & Materials)



            This aim of this project research is to analyze the effect of Nollywood on lifestyle of youth, in Enugu urban area. The study critically analyzes the influence of Nollywood on lifestyle of youths in Enugu Urban area. Five chapters were used to achieve our win on this topic. Chapter one: introduce the topic in forms of background to the study, significance of the study, objectives, definitions of terms and references. Chapter two- deals with review of related literatures and comments. Chapter three – in accomplishing this task, we adopted the historical methodology in our research using investigative approach. Chapter four- analysis of the data collected in chapter three.

Chapter five- we made conclusions and recommendations based on the topic we have studied. It is our belief that this research is an additional material or knowledge in this area of human endeavour.




1.1       Background of the study

1.2       Statement of research problem

1.3       Objective of the study

1.4       Significance of study

1.5       Research question

1.6       Research hypothesis

1.7       Assumption

1.8        Limitation of the  study

1.9        Definition of Terms



2.1    Source of literature

2.2       The review of relevant literature

2.3       Summary of literature review



3.1    Research design

3.2       Area of study

3.3       Research population

3.4       Data sample

3.5       Sampling techniques

3.6       Instrument of data collection

3.7       Method of data collection

3.8       Method of data analysis

3.9       Expected result



4.1       Data presentation analysis

4.2       Analysis of  research question/ hypothesis

4.3       Discussion of result


Summary & recommendation for further study

5.1       Summary

5.2        Conclusion

5.3       Recommendation






Film is a series of moving picture recorded with sound that tells a story, shown on the television or at the Cinema.  As part of Mass Communication, it involves the use of vision and sound (audio-visual) in transmitting and disseminating its messages.

            The messages can be used in educating, informing, entertaining and socializing its target audience.

            One of the most debated aspects of film is extent to which violence of the film influences social behaviour.  Also there has been scant scientific evidence to prove causal relationships such as one between violence of film and increase in crime rate.  However, from the earliest days of medium, adults have expressed concern about the influence of film on the youth.  Parent have shown anxiety about the influence of violence of film on youth, since at that age, a child’s social adjustment or mental health is affected.

            A cursory look shows that so many films are full of vices like shooting, killing and harassment.  It was therefore, the aim of this study to show a nexus between the rising rate of crime amongst youth and that of film violence viewer sly in Enugu urban.

1.1              BACKGROUND OF STUDY

Nollywood is the name attributed to Nigeria's movie industry. By definition it is Nigeria's movie industry by Nigerian production teams for the Nigerian people. Nollywood has over the years become a world phenomenon, as its movies are being sold in Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa as well as Jamaica, USA and the UK to name a few. Now the name itself had caused a bit of a protest in the earlier days, as a lot of Nigerians felt it was imported and derived from Hollywood and Bollywood. (Not really a bad feat as these are the two heavy weights in the movie industry internationally) There was also that little issue of the name being coined by a foreigner, some didn't like it, but the good thing is that Nollywood as a name has moved far beyond these earlier hiccups, no-one actually thinks twice about the origin of the name today. It has become accepted that Nollywood applies to the Nigerian Movie Industry.


The boom in home Nollywood productions and the corresponding audience interest have attracted a lot of attention to the sector. There is hardly any newspaper in Nigeria that does not devote space to this phenomenon. A lot has been written on the technical quality and aesthetics of the home video productions. The slants of the comments have always been against the emphasis on sex, violence, fetishism and other negative tendencies. Similarly, the production quality of these films has also been severely criticized.

1.3              OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

This study is aimed at the following

The main aim of this study is to analyze the influence of Nollywood on lifestyle of youths in enugu urban area

            The study  aimed at identifying the film-type and content that have mega true impact on the youth.

            To find out the rate of influence by violence film.

            Another objective of this study is to know the efforts of the film censorship Commission to find a lasting solution to the problem of film violence on the youth.


This study is very important in many aspects because the future of Nigeria is in the hands of youth who are being destroyed by the violence they are exposed to on films.

            Also if there groups is protected by regulating what they view or produce, it focus the mind of youth towards things that will bring peace and progress to the nation.

1.5              RESEARCH QUESTION

1.                  Is the youth that watch Nollywoods on television affected by the message.

2.                  Is there any measure taken to avoid the effect of Nollywoods on our youth.

3.                  Does parent play, any role to avoid the influence of Nollywoods on there youth.

1.6              RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS

In this study, the following hypothesis were tested.

HI:       Youth who watch Nollywoods on television are affected by the messages.

HO: Youth who watch Nollywoods on television are not affected by the message .

H2: The film censorship commission of Nigeria is taken some effective measure to reduce the effect of Nollywoods on the youth.

HO:     the film censorship commission of Nigeria is not taken any effective measure to reduce the effect of Nollywoods on the youth.

H3: Research have found out that parent play a role to avoid the influence of Nollywoods on there youth.

HO: Research have found out that parent do not play a role to avoid the influence of Nollywood on there youth.

1.7              ASSUMPTION

It is assumed that the film cencorship of Nigeria is playing an effective role towards reducing the effect of Nollywood on the youth.

It is also assumed that by the year 2015, the effect of Nollywood or the rate will be minimixed.


The terms to be defined are violence, film, effect and youth.

Conceptual definition.

Violence – The use of dangerous weapon to attack, hurt or kill somebody.

OPERATIONAL DEFINITION – The viewing of film that have elements of murder, shooting, assassinating, harassment and assault.


EFFECT:- Change in attitude and behavior in individual, as a result of expert to persuasive message carried by the mass media.


EFFECT :- The total change of persons behaviour and attitude towards something.


FILM:- Moving picture of real event shown for example on television


FILM :- The method of broadcasting still or moving picture by means of electrical waves moving through the air.

CONCEPTUAL DEFINITION: -Youth in the study would mean an individual, what is between the age of 5 – 15.


YOUTH:- A young human being from the time of birth to the completion of body development

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Type Project
Department Mass Communication
Project ID MAS0740
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 56 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Mass Communication
    Project ID MAS0740
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 56 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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