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This study deals on the effect of after sales services on consumer patronage, using PZ as a case study. The historical background and the development of this company this study attempts to evaluate the effects of after sales services such as delivery, maintenance, installations, guarantees and warranty, on consumer patronage. It further seeks to address such questions as how can these functions be implemented? Do these function benefit the consumer prospects? The population of the study was 300, 100 from senior staff and 200 from junior staff and the sample size 75 out of the 75 questionnaires distributed, 50 were returned. The presentation and analysis of data was carried out. The three formulated hypotheses were tested using chi-square (X2) method from the findings, it was discovered that the after sales services have effects on consumer patronage. Constant review of staff’s conditions of services is recommended. A well-motivated and trained staff will be a greater tool to the enterprise and other service of programme joined together.


Title page

Table of content         



1.1        Background of the study              

1.1.1 Profile of the company (PZ) Cussons plc 

1.2        Statement of the problem    

1.3        Objective of the study 

1.4        Research question      

1.5        Research hypothesis           

1.6        Significance of the study                      

1.7        PZ Cussons Plc/limitation of the study    

1.8        Definition of terms                      


2.1        INTRODUCTION                 

2.2        Definitions                                 

2.2.1  Model or theories                       

2.2.2  Effects of after sales services               

2.2.3  Strategy of after sales services     

2.2.4  Importance of after sales services        

2.3        Demerits of after sales services            

2.3.1  Current literature of the study      


3.1        The sign of the study                          

3.2        The area of the study                          

3.3        Population of study                             

3.4        Sample and sampling technique            

3.5        Method of data collection instrument     

3.6        Administration and collection of data     

3.7        Method of data analysis                       


4.1        INTRODUCTION                 

4.2        Testing of hypothesis                  

4.3        Discussion of results            



5.1        Restatement of the problem 

5.2        Summary of the study                

5.3        Conclusion                                 

5.4        Recommendation               

5.5        Suggestions for further studies     






After –Sales service is that part of the sales person’s job, which provide or at least, offer service and information after sales has been made.

        On the other hand, after sales services could be defined practically as a service or help rendered to a customer when there is such a need for it or after the sale of a product or service, without price or payment in order to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

        In personal selling it is being said that an effective selling job does not end.

When the order is written up often sales service continues even after his goods have been sold.

An important element of good customer relations (and repeat business). Is carrying after sales service which is not merely the provision of technical service which involved but the customer /sales.

        After sales services on consumer patronage relate to the help and assistance that is given to customers. A good sales person appreciate the importance of keeping customers satisfied and show genuine interest in ensuring their continued satisfaction is maintained. It is an advantage for the sales person and his company to keep  in touch with old and new customers and showing  interest  in their affairs. This will continue to generate other prospects who are to be converted into customers. 

        As rightly said, that marketing beginning and ends with the customers. In personal selling we say that a good sales persons is one who defines and locates a prospects converts him to a customer through follow-up activities, which  further  ensures  that the product  keeps satisfying his buying needs.

        In our today’s changing world, marketers go along way in ensuring continued  relationship with their various customers, during and after the purchase of a given product.  This they try to achieve via after sales service.

        However, after sales involves various types of service offered to a customer after the exchange of goods and services, aimed at reducing post purchase.

        After sales service on consumer patronage therefore is a follow-up  after sales has been  made in order to know customer reaction and to encourage him/her that he/she has made the right choice.

        Moreso, it can be viewed as the help rendered by companies, organization or business enterprise to their client/customer after sales transaction might have taken place, which may attract little payment or non-payment by such client and which motivates or creates a good relationship  between the two parties (customer/supplier) to  ensure.

Customer satisfaction. After sales services on consumer patronage compasses of delivery services, installation, repairs and maintenance guarantee and warrantee, customer training, ware housing ,packaging, credit note, provision of transportation, loading and off loading etc.

        Thus, all the above information is necessary for the understanding of this study; necessitate the research work with a particular reference of the case study on   the PZ  Cussons Plc.

        Customer Post –purchase dissonance is the state of conflict experience after the purchase of goods services. It is quite different from purchase: hence Kotler and Amstrong (1999) regarded it as past-purchase conflict cognitive dissonance products discomfort Festinger (1957) explained  that while purchase  conflict is resolved by making a choice, this is exactly what post purchase  cognate dissonance  implies.

Dissonance is a negative drive state that occurs whenever a consumer simultaneously holds two cognate (ideas, beliefs or opinion) about a product or which are psychologically inconsistent.


PZ Cussons Plc, is a leading manufacture and the distributor of a variety of products, especially soaps, and other personal, items, including shampoo, baby power  et c . they also manufacturer refrigerators and other white good  freezers and air  conditioners, detergents and  cleaning famine hygiene products  Olive  oil packaging materials.

        In 2003,PZ formed a joint ventures with Ireland’s Gambia to supply evaporated milk  in Nigeria. It also acquired U.K hair care brand charies Worthington in 2005.

        PZ Cussons currently manufactures and distributes over 30 brand across its global network of companies. Its policy focused on efforts to specify the geographical markets which shows the potential growth, high quality and innovative  through  having developed  a deep understanding and aspirations of local customers.

        The company which is known as Patersons Zochonis (PZ) change its name in the years 2002, its history reached all the way back to the century, when  it was found as a trading post,   called west  African Merchants, Paterson and Zochonis  stated out, by shipping and other  [product, such as palm kernels cocoa, ground nuts, seed cottons as well as animals hides and skins.

        During the year “1934 George Paterson died, leaving George Zochonis in control of the company. The Zochonis family was highly involved in the company’s expansion, and the company become the placing of members of the extended family in key management position.

        The company also have some principal subsidiaries such as Minerva, PZ Cussons East African Ltd Ghana Industries limited, PZ Cussons Poland, PZ Cussons Thailand, PZ Cussons UK, PZ  Industries Plc Nigeria.

        Furthermore,  it has principal competitor. Doyin group of company, maharini  group, Lever Brothers private Ltd, Unilever Plc, Colgate Palmolive Proprietary Ltd.

        It is also  important to known some of the dates when the company established its offices at different country’s..

         The key dates  is as follows:

It is also important to know some of the dates when  the company established its offices at different country’s

1948: Patersons Zochonis  (PZ) open its soap manufacturing office in Nigeria

1969: Paterson Zochonis (PZ) Launches manufacturing in Ghana

1975: Pater son Zochonis 9PZ) Acquired Cussons

1977: Paterson Zochonis 9PZ) acquires Greek olive oil production of Minerva

1983: Paterson Zochonis  (PZ) acquired  a soup in  Kenya.

1986: The company being manufacturing in Thailand

2002: The  company name changed to Paterson Zochonis

2003: the  company acquires the  originals source (axe brand).


Every business exists principally to make profit. Unfortunately they do not because of the following reasons:

These were  unable to realize the reasons why  they lose  enormous sum of money. This is due to  incomprehensiveness and  silly method of approach.

There are hues and cries about attitude of workers in some of those business organizations. 

They earned  for themselves public abuse disrespect.


This study is an attempt to evaluate the effect of after sales services on consumer patronage. This is in recognition of the fact on those services rendered to prospect after making purchase such as delivery, maintenance, installations  guarantee and warranty specifically it seeks to know

i.             What functions after sales services performs on consumer or prospective buyer.

ii.            How are these functions implemented

iii.          Do after sales services benefits the consumer or prospects?

iv.           Can their performances by improved upon the ability to find answers to be above questions, will illuminate the effects of after sales services on consumers patronage.


 The research question asked  in this study are as follows:

i.             What are the effects, which after sales services has on consumer patronage?

ii.            Does after sales services contribute to the growth of consumer well being?

iii.          Does after sales service made only for the benefit of the consumer?

iv.          What are the factors that being about after sales services?

v.           What are the importance of after sales services?

The answers to the researcher question of the following hypothesis were formulated and tested in this study.


Ho1:  After sales services have no effect on consumer patronage

HA1:   After s ales services have effect on consumer patronage.

Ho2: After sales services do not contribute to the growth of consume well-being.

HA2:  After sales service contributes to the growth of consumer well being.

Ho3:  After sales services are not made for the benefit of the consumer only.

Ho3:  after sales services are made for the benefit of the consumer   only.


 The  study is significance in the following ways

i.             The study is enabling PZ  to adopt the most appropriate after sales  services.

ii.            It helps firms to know the element  of sales to used by PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc

iii.          It enables firms to also know the relative importance of the after sales services.

iv.          It   also helps firms to find out the actors that affects the after sales services

v.           It enables firms to also know the actual potential customers.


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Type Project
Department Marketing
Project ID MKT0597
Price ₦5,000 ($14)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 75 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Marketing
    Project ID MKT0597
    Price ₦5,000 ($14)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 75 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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