This study is aimed at identifying the possible effect for the establishment of guidance and counselling centre in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo-State. The instrument used for collection of data in this research is mainly the questionnaires. The questions were administered to one hundred respondents selected randomly in Oredo Local Government Area. To test the validity of the state hypothesis from their responses, it was discovered that many of the respondents are of the view that there should be counselling centres in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area. Some findings were also made in this research, which will be of great benefit to students, teachers, government parents and society in general. In conclusion, the presence of counselling centre in secondary schools will help to solve some of the problems facing the teacher, students, relationship, discipline, moral and the standard of education in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. 


Chapter One        

Background to the study

Statement of the study

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Research questions

Scope of the study

Definition of terms 

Chapter Two       

Review of related literature

Chapter Three     

Population of the study

Sample of the study 

Research instruments

Procedure for data collection

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four       

Data analysis, interpretation and discussion of results

Chapter Five        

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation




Suggestion for further studies  






          It is important to   discuss guidance and counseling and how in how it came into Nigeria. Before going into the study of the causes and effect for guidance and counselling centers in the academic performance of secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Guidance and counselling became a field of study in the 20th century; it was introduced by American who used descent stones and interest as his notion of pushing his knowledge across to the entire society.

          Guidance and counselling was established in Boston through the effort of Frank Parson. Educational guidance was first used by Truman Kellhn. We have to look at the distinction between the two terms “guidance and counselling. Guidance carries the undesirable implication of advice giving, or too much external direction and control of the students behaviour instead of intended meaning of giving the students the assistance they need to enhance the capacity for self direction. The term counselling is the face to face encounter between a counsellor and an individual.

          Leong, E. Tyler viewed counselling as an assisting process, with the aim of not to change the person but to enable him utilize the resources, coping with life and more specifically, she suggested that counselling is one kind of psychological helping activity, the kind that concentrate on the growth of a clear sense of ego identifying and the willingness to make choice and commitment in accordance with it.


          Today, young people are living in an age of an increasingly and mobile society, new technologies and expanding opportunities. In order to ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation leaders. Parents, workers, teachers and citizens, students need support from guidance and counselling.

          The causes are the challenges facing the adolescent. Adolescent face unique and diverse challenges both personal, educational morally, vocationally, socially and developmentally. These is the causes for creating guidance and counselling in secondary schools students also need counselling in order for them to identify their talents and actualize it. Furthermore, many students do not know the importance of education, and the world around them, and therefore do not take their educational pursuit serious and their environment serious. Head of school and parents always have the notion that the essence of education, is for the child to acquire knowledge only, but that is not only the aim, education therefore could be defeated if the students cannot point out of interest or ambition of his trade or vocation, the number of school dropout, the rate of juvenile delinquency, armed robbers as well as other social ills, such as lack of respect for constituted authorities.

          The major aim of this research is to find out the causes (reason for creating counselling centres in secondary schools) and the effect (changes that counselling centres will have in their student) of counselling in secondary schools, and if there are any available counselling services in selected secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Absence of guidance and counselling centres in secondary schools will cause corruption, school dropout, and frustration, problems of choosing career and diverse among the students.

          The students need counselling in their life most especially at the age range of 15-25 adolescent it will help them to have self control, self direction, self understanding, and decision making and also help them to plan for their future life.       




          The main purpose of this study is to find out the causes and effect of guidance and counselling centers in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

          Gradually, this study will also investigate and identify problems facing implementation of counselling centres in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

Lastly, the study will also investigate the benefit of setting up such counselling center in Oredo Local Government Area, and make appropriate recommendations to the authorities concerned. The study will also identify some of the problems or challenges facing the students in their life and also provide solutions to the problems. Another aim of these studies is to guide the students not to fall victim into some social problems like street girls and boys, prostitutions, armed robbery, unwanted pregnancy among the girls, disobedience etc.  


          This study is significant for the following reasons;

1.            It will help to highlight the causes and the effect for guidance and counselling centers in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area.

2.            It also provides opportunities for further research. This study is also important, as it will help to find out the problems of students, thereby helping them to overcome these problems so as to enhance effective teaching and learning. It will be of great importance to the students, teachers and the society at large.

3.            It will help to obtain first hand information on how counselling center is to provided in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State

4.            To help students develop the skills of self study, self analysis and self understanding

5.            To develop in students an awareness of opportunities in the persona, social education and vocational areas by providing them with appropriate, useful and usable information.

6.            To help route the nations human resources into appropriate useful and beneficial channels thus preventing unnecessary economic bottlenecks.

7.            To help build upon and sharpens the child’s perception of reality, development of a sense of autonomy and to whim up the motivation for creativity and productivity.

8.            To assist students in the process of developing and acquiring skills in problem solve and decision making.

9.            To help children relate behaviour meaningfully to cognitive achievement and the chances of success in life.

10.         It will also help to create good moral in the students, to know the usefulness of education and make them very hard to achieve success. It will also help the students to utilize their potentials effectively in both academic and voca5tional area.

11.         Finally, the researchers hope that the result or outcome of this study will help educational planners, parents, students, teachers, government etc. to see the effect for counselling centers in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area.


          This researcher work would be restricted to students of Oredo Local Government Area, the secondary schools for which these research will be carried out are:

1.            Anglican Girls Grammar School, Oredo Benin City.

2.            Ogbe Secondary School , Oredo Benin City.

3.            Idia College Secondary School, Oredo Benin City.

4.            Emotan Girls College.


1.       Has the causes and effect for guidance and counselling be felt in secondary schools?

2.       Will the establishment of counselling centers in secondary schools, be of any benefit to the students?

3.       Will the provision of counselling center in secondary school be of great help to parents?

4.       Do government, suppose to contribute to the growth of guidance and counselling centers in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State

5.       Will counselling center help the students in their personal development?

6.       Will counselling center help to improve the standard of discipline of home and school?



7.       Do you think that the absence of counselling center in secondary school is having any negative influence on the students?

8.       Do you accept guidance and counselling programme as a welcome development in schools?


Causes: A reason for having a particular feelings or behaviour in a particular way.

Effect: A change that somebody/something causes. A change, be it something or somebody to come into use.

Guidance: This is the help or advice given to a child or a young person by someone in authority, such as morals, spiritual, vocational guidance.

Counseling – Is a professional advice about a problem it may be psychiatric, financial, social and emotional counselling.

Centers – Can be seen as a place where certain activities or facilities are concentrated.

Secondary school: Is a formal school where educations are impacted to children at early stage between 12 and 18 years after primary school education.


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