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(Geology Project Topics & Materials)




In Nigeria and particularly in Zaria city of Kaduna state, open dumping is still the most common household waste disposal method/practice. This type of practice is un hygienic and environmentally unfriendly. This research is aimed at effective household waste management practices in the study area. The research found that there are some other types of management or disposal method in practice in the study area, these include the use of packing and burning, dumping in pits outside the house and dumping in streets by residents, wheel barrows. Also included are  scavengers, Ministry of Environment and private organizations that are involved in household waste. Data for the study include the use of observations, questionnaire administration and oral interviews in data gathering and analysis. The research, recommends that the state government should provide household waste management equipment and vehicles, generators on loan for waste management authorities. Waste management such as the construction of sanitary land fills, purchase of incinerators for recycling plants, encourage waste to wealth practices as this would actually reduce the amount of waste that would be physically available in the study area.


TITLE PAGE                 …                         …                         …      i

DECLARATION           …                         …                         …      ii

CERTIFICATION                   …                         …                         …      iii

APPROVAL PAGE       …                         …                         …      iv

DEDICATION               …                         …                         …      v

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                          …                         …      vi      

ABSTRACT                  …                         …                         …      vii

TABLE OF CONTENT …                         …                         …      viii

LIST OF FIGURES       …                         …                         …      xi

LIST OF TABLES                  …                         …                         …      xii


1.1            Introduction                                      …                         …                         1

1.2            Background of the problem     …                         …                         3

1.3            Statement of the problem                  …                         …                         5

1.4            Aim                                         …                         …                         6

1.5            Objective                                 …                         …                         6

1.6            Justification                                      …                         …                         7

1.7            Study Area                              …                         …                         8


2.0Literature Review                    …                         …                         15

2.1     Introduction                                      …                         …                         15

2.2     Studies of households solid waste generator                 …                         16

2.3     Waste generation and disposal                                      …                         19

2.4     Studies of the composition household solid waste        …                         20

2.5     Studies of factors affecting solid waste management and disposal   25


3.0     Methodology                           …                         …                         27

3.1     Introduction                                      …                         …                         27

3.2     The reconnaissance survey      …                         …                         27

3.3     Selection of house hold and respondents             …                         28

3.4     Design of Questionnaire                    …                         …               29

3.5     Statistical analysis and result            …                         …               30

3.6     Problem of Data Collection               …                         …               31


4.1     Introduction                                                …                         …               32     

4.2     Socio demographic profile of respondents                    …               32

4.3     Household waste generation and management              …               33

4.4     Awareness on waste Management                                 …               39


5.1     Introduction                                                …                         …               41

5.2     Summary and Major finding             …                         …               41

5.3     Conclusion                                        …                         …               43

5.4     Recommendation                              …                         …               43




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Type Project
Department Geology
Project ID GGY0011
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 64 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Geology
    Project ID GGY0011
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 64 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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