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Democracy and Islamic sect/Boko Haram in Nigeria. This study on democracy and Islamic sect in Nigeria is geared towards bringing to light the menace of Islamic sect/Boko haram on Nigeria democracy.

        However, following the president Goodluck Jonathan regime, Nigeria have witnessed several dis-harmony on its socio-polity as a result of the problems posed by Boko haram which is an Islamic militant group based in the north which forbid western education and seeks the imposition of Sharia law in the country.

        Therefore, Boko haram has done more harms than good to democracy in Nigeria because of its negative attributes which makes Nigeria an undemocratic nation.


This research work is centered on democracy and religious sect/ Boko haram in Nigeria with a particular reference to Goodluck Jonathan Regime.

        Democracy is a global maiden which every nation woos. It is a system of government based on popular consent. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa has no choice then to align itself with the rest of the world on the democratic crave.

        However, Nigeria has not been so lucky to be democratized. It has had long tortured history of dancing around democracy but has make gotten it right. This is largely due to some challenges it has suffered since its inspection which includes lack of large scale free and fair election, refusal to accept defeat in electrons by political gladiators, corruption, inobservance of rule of law, lack of freedom of speech and publication and that of freedom of worship which have been a threat to national peace and development by some religious sect.

        Boko Haram is a controversial Nigerian militant Islamist group that seeks the imposition of Sharia law on the northern states of Nigeria. Equally, it is an Islamic group that forbids western education. It is a religious militant group base in the north and seek to establish Sharia law in the country, this have badly effected the socio-economic development in the country and have effected the democracy in the country.     


        The idea that the Islamic religion with its militant group Boko haram has been a threat to Nigerians and the world at large is very very true. Since Buhari lost as the presidential aspirant to Goodluck Jonathan, himself (Buhari) Atiku and other top politicians in the northern part of the country felt that their assured right which is leadership of this country/Aso rock has been taken or snatched from them unannounced. They (northern politicians) like a child that has been weaned by the mother is trying to use any gimmick to get Aso Rock back in their laps. That is why they vowed to give Goodluck Jonathan headache by making the masses (electorates) that voted him in hate him as they (the northern politicians) are using different tactics to fight Goodluck and the poor Nigerians masses that exercise their franchise.

        Boko Haram has seriously undermined democracy in this country. Simply put, Boko haram has shown that Nigeria is very far from democracy that they have been clamouring for some years. How can we (Nigeria) claim to be a democratic nation when there are insecurity of lives and properties of the populace. How can Nigerian claim to be democratic nation when the so called old politicians/political aspirants decided to commit such deadly plan of sponsoring killers in the name of Islamic sect Boko haram to kill the very people he has planned to rule/head.

        Recently, there is plan to have political talk with Boko haram sect. One wonders if the only way to get the attention of the leadership is through killing people, wasting and destroying our mearged resources.

        Boko haram and insecurity it posed to this nation has publicly proved that Nigerian can never be one as they claim to be and that Nigeria is very far from practicing true democracy.

        The truth is that Boko haram are not spirits, they are not the poor class or illiterates, rather they are the unhappy politicians from the north who is sponsoring killers to kill the masses for voting candidates of their choice.

        Boko haram is corruption personified, it is only corruption that would make human being that is supposed to be a leader by example to turn and waste the destines of people for no reason.                    

        Boko haram with its twin brother ethnicity has posed a serious question to our democracy. Boko haram (Islamic religion) is posing a challenge to democracy in Nigeria and more especially to the integrity of the northern politicians. Boko haram has demotivated Nigerian masses. The masses has lost hope in the leadership since blood is being shed every day and our law makers are not saying anything about it instead the leadership especially northern politicians are busy sponsoring that the killers should be praised by Boko haram having talk with the government on how they (the killer Boko haram) should be rewarded.

        Boko haram has also proved that the judiciary is no longer the last hope of common man. Boko haram has shown that Nigeria doesn’t have law makers, judiciary, and executive. If the security agents in Nigeria understand that they are being paid for their job, why haven’t they discovered any leaders, sponsors, and supporter of Boko haram sect and deal with them as killing illiterate alimagiris would do nothing to curb the problem.

        The conclusion is that the leadership of this nation is very corrupt and the masses is only trusting of God for the protection of their lives and properties and the judgement of the blood of the poor masses the leadership of this nation has shade because of corruption or greediness.


        This project work intents to achieve the following purposes: -

1.          To examine critically democracy and problems of democracy.

2.          To examine Boko haram and its consequences to democracy in Nigeria.

3.          Asses Boko haram major attacks on Nigeria.

4.          Consequences of Boko haram activities to National development.

5.          To make a recommendation that will help to sustain democratic rule in Nigeria.


        This research work would be of great benefit to the leadership to the country. It will serve as an appraisal to the leadership of this country.

        Moreso, this work would be of great benefit to the northern politicians that are seriously preparing to come out in 2015 election because they will be able to know peoples view of their illicit behaviour. As the northern political aspirants are killing people to rule wood.

        They will also learn that it is only wood and goats that they spared will vote them. God in heaven and any human being in Nigeria has learnt that after shading blood to rule, they will continue to kill when they are in office.

        However, the research work will try to revive Nigeria as they will learn that they are still very far from practicing democracy.

        The work will also serve as a reference point to future researchers.


i.            Is Boko haram a threat to the whole country?

ii.          To what extent has Boko haram a threat to the regime of Goodluck Jonathan?

iii.        Did Atiku, Buhari and their acolytes vow to disturb the regime of Goodluck Jonathan?

iv.         To what extent has Boko haram undermined Nigeria democracy?

v.           Is corruption a bane to Nigeria democracy?


        This work covers democracy and religious sect in Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan regime.


        This work is affected as a result of limited time and finance at the researcher’s disposal.


        It is essential at this stage of our study to define or clarify some terminologies used in this work. A clear idea of those basic concepts term will certainly provide an easy understanding the entire work.


It is a combination of two Greek words which are “demo” and “krato” meaning government by the people “consent”. Therefore, democracy, from a layman’s point of view is government of the people by the people and for the people.

        Democracy may be defined as a system of government in which all qualified adult citizens share the supreme power directly or through their elected representatives. Democracy is a system of government based on popular consent.

        Also, the term democracy has in another occasion been described as “government by consent of the governed” i.e. government with the approval of the people being governed.


Boko Haram is a controversial Islamist militant group that seeks the imposition of Sharia law in the northern states of Nigeria and rest of the country. It is a jihadist group that strongly opposes man-made laws and modern science.  


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Type Project
Department Public Administration
Project ID PUB0409
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 87 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Public Administration
    Project ID PUB0409
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 87 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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