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(Marketing Project Topics & Materials)




The study examined the influences of sales promotion of an employee in an organization. The research problem involves an investigation of the extent of which sales promotion influences an employee performances.

The extant literatures were reviewed, directly look at inducing retailers, consumers and sales persons by offering incentives or adding value for a product of interest, sales promotion encompass all promotional activities and materials excluding personal selling, adverting and public relations and publicity.

The method of analysis used in this research include descriptive analysis and non­parametric statistical methods, suchas percentages, chi-square test (X2) spearman rank order correlation were logically tested and interpreted with the support of most relevant questions inthe table accepted.

The result of the findings indicate that there is a significant relationship between sales promotion and sales performance and overall growth of the organization.

In conclusion, it was recommended that for any companies to-break even or make profits, such organizationmust intensify efforts on promotional activities achieve high sales.


Title page                                                                                                 i

Certification                                                                                   ii

Dedication                                                                                      iii

Acknowledgement                                                                        iv-v

Abstract                                                                                          vi

Table of content                                                                            vii-ix



1.1    Background of study                                                                    1-3

1.2    Statement of the problem                                                   3

1.3    Purpose of the study                                                           3

1.4    Research questions                                                             3 – 4

1.5    Research hypothesis                                                           4

1.6    Scope of study                                                                     4

1.7    Significance of study                                                          5

1.8    Plan of study                                                                         5

1.9    Operational definition of terms                                         5 – 6         

References                                                                                               7


Literature Review

2.0    Introduction                                                                          8

2.1    Overview of the study                                                                  8-9

2.2    Promotional practices                                                         9-16

2.3    Depressed Economy                                                           16-17

2.4    Relating marketing to economic depression                            17

2.5    Definition of sales promotion                                            17-18

2.6     The nature of sales promotion                                                19-22

2.7    Purpose of sales promotion                                                    22-25

2.8     Importance of sales promotion                                               25-28

2.9    Demerits of sales promotion                                          28-29

2.10 Designing sales promotion programmes                                 29-30

2.11 Major decision involved in sales promotions                          30-32

2.12 Sales promotion tools                                                             32-37

2. 13 Sales promotion method of retails                                          37-40

2.14   Major decisions involved in sales promotion                          40-44

2.15 Review of banking industry in Nigeria References                  44-45


Research Methodology

3.1    Introduction                                                                            48

3.2    Restatement of the research question                                      48-49

3.3    Restatement of research hypothesis                               49

3.4    Population of the study                                                           49-50

3.5     Sample size                                                                             50

3.6     Sample design and procedures                                                50

3.7    Sources of data collection                                                        50-51

3.8    Data collection instrument                                                      51

3.9    Questionnaire administration                                        51-52

3.10 Procedure for processing and analyzing collected data 52-53

3. 11 Method of data analysis                                                          53-54

3.12 Limitation of study                                                                  54

Reference                                                                                          55                                 




Sales promotion is important in marketing as away of increasing the demand for products or services. It is a substitute for price competition and as a way of differentiating similar products or services, Achumba (2000). Sales promotion is used frequently to improve the effectiveness of other promotional mix elements, especially advertising and personal selling.

Sales promotion along with advertising and salesmanship are the major techniques used in merchandising products/services to the public. Within the banking arena, sales promotion can be sued as an incentive to encourage potential and current customers to patronize different services/products offered by the banks.

Sales promotion is not only applicable in the product sector but equally useful in the service sector and the banking sector is no exception. Sales promotion is important, considering the ever increasing competitive banking atmosphere where "aggressive marketing strategy" is the order of the day.

Sales promotion devices are usually irregular. They make valuable contributions to marketing effectiveness by supporting advertising, personal selling and public relations activities and thereby increasing sales volume.

It's often attracting brand switchers, who are primarily looking for low price, good vale or premiums. This is commonly seen in banks because of the competitive banking arena where banks have in their marketing strategy a policy attracting and retaining their customers.

Sales promotion are all around us as we are constantly faced with coupons, sweepstakes and prize-cuts that try to make products ever more appealing and induce us to make a purchase. These promotions can have dramatic effects. Firms’ sales promotions have been on a steady increase over the last decade, while a advertising expenditures have Shrunk by almost half. Tellis (1998) noted that sales promotion is any time bound program of a seller that tries to make an offer more attractive to buyers and requires their participation in the form of an immediate purchase or some other action.

Particular emphasis is laid on three (3) key banks relevant to the case study. The banks include: Access Bank PLC, Zenith Bank Plc and Standard Trust Banks, now United Bank for Africa Plc. The banks were used in analyzing the impact of sales promotion as a marketing strategy.


Sales promotion ash been defined as short term incentives to stimulate selective demand for a product or brand. Thus, it is one of the promotional mix tools employed by an organization to boost or enhance sales of a rand.

Thus, the major problem of this research study is to find out the impacts or influences of sales promotion on the performances of employees on an organization.

Moreso, another problem of the study is to know whether sales promotion have effects on both the short term and long term performances of an organization.


Ø To find out whether sales promotional activities as a marketing strategy can improve the banks performance in terms of customer base.

Ø To find out the best sales promotional tools as a marketing strategy relevant in the banks.

Ø To find out whether a sales promotional action can be sustained for a long time as a marketing strategy in the three selected banks.

Ø To effectively make recommendations on findings.


·     What are the best sales promotional tool (s) used as a marketing strategy in the case study?

·     What are the objectives of sales promotion in the three (3) case studies?

·     Are the sales promotional tools used currently in the three (3) case studies improving the level of sales and actualizing the marketing objective desired?


H0:   Sales promotion does not improve sales/customer patronage.

Hi:    Sales promotion improve sale/customer patronage

H0:   Sale promotional efficiency does not result in improved profitability.

Hi:    Sales promotional efficiency result in improved profitability.


This research work will be limited to the :impact of sales promotion as a marketing strategy, case study of three (3) selected banks (Access Bank Plc, Zenith Bank Plc and United Bank for Africa Plc)


This research will be of great value to the management, personnel of rims within and outside the industry. It will assist them to determine the most effective sales promotional tools for not only the sake of improving customer patronage but also to improve on the level of profitability within the industry.

Additionally, this work will be immense value to student who are interested in carrying out research on related topics as far as the issue under investigation is concerned.


The research will cover key participants in decision making in the respective banks. Here both primary and secondary data will be used. The primary source of data will constitute responses form questionnaire to be administered while secondary data is to be obtained through available material, relevant literature text books and other secondary data.


Promotion: Promotion an element in the marketing mix (4Ps of marketing) is a set of marketing activity designed to boost sales condition. Within promotion there exist promotional mix such as:

Advertising, personal selling sales promotion, publicity and public relations.

Sales promotion: This is a program that makes a firm's offer more attractive to buyers and require buyer's participation.

Product: The term product is sued generally to refer to any good, service, idea, time or candidate that an individual or organization offers to another individual or organization.

Advertising: Advertising is the act of communicating a firm's offer to customers by paid media, time or space.

Coupons: Coupons are certificates entitling the bearer to a stated saving on the purchase of specific product.

Price cuts: This is also called prize off deals. They are offers to consumers of saving off the regular prize of a product, a flagged on the label or package.


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Type Project
Department Marketing
Project ID MKT0468
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 67 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Marketing
    Project ID MKT0468
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 67 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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