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(Marketing Project Topics & Materials)





Title page



Table of contents


1.0         Introduction

1.1                        Background to the Study

1.2                        Purpose of Study

1.3                        Research Question

1.4                        Research Hypothesis

1.5                        Scope of Study

1.6                        Significance of the Study

1.7                        Limitation of he Study

1.8                        Definition of Term

1.9                        Historical Background of the Case Study


2.0                        Literature Review

2.1                        Marketing and Marketing Communication

2.2                        Evaluation Of Customer Buying Behaviour

2.3                        (Bheri, 2004) Stated That, Influences On Consumer Behaviour

2.4                        Communication And Marketing Communication Process

2.5                        Consumer Behaviour And Markets


1.0            Research Methodology

1.1            Research Designs

3.2     Characteristics of Study Population

3.3     Sample Sizes

3.4     Procedure for Data Collection

3.5     Research Instrument

3.6     Method of Data Analysis


4.0     Introduction

4.1            Level of Department

4.2            Educational Qualification

4.3     Work Experience before Present Employment

4.4     Number of Years of Working Experience

4.5            Hypothesis One

4.6            Hypothesis


5.1     Summary of the Study

5.2    Recommendation of the Study

5.3    Recommendations of the Study

5.4    Conclusion of the Study




Most often marketing is associated with efforts of business firms selling their goods and services however, also many people think thatmarketing means selling or advertisement. These two are part of marketing. Marketing occurs anytime a person or organization strives to exchange something of value with another person or organization.

The essence of marketing is translation or exchange broadly, marketing consists of activities designed to generate and facilitate exchange intended to satisfy human or organizational needs or want. Major tools of marketing was first developed by Borden in 1950s and the Mnemonics 4Ps describing those tools was coined by Mc carthy (1960). Marketing creates an offering for the customer. It can set controllable variable that the firm can use to influence its customer response. Marketing can also create apportionment of effort. The marketing’s task is to build a marketing programmer or plan to achieve the company’s desired objective. Such marketing programme consists of numerous decisions on the marketing tools to use.

These tools of marketing are the 4Ps of marketing production, price, promotion and place of which the promotion consist of advertising, sales promotion, sales force, public relations and direct marketing e.t.c

Promotion design and manage marketing sub system for the purpose of informing and persuading present and potential customers to fasten the sales of product or bring about acceptance of an idea, person, point of view.

Promotional activities, apart from personal selling, advertising and publicity which offers short ten incentives designed to bend the demand curve in favour of a productthrough changing the habits of customers or intermediaries and increase sales. A promotion objective is to create sales volume, introduce new uses for existing products to obtain immediate sales response from consumers.

Marketing communications inferm or promote company’sproducts and services forms, it has just been noted, an important part of the overall strategy of communications. In isolating product promotion for extended discussion, it is not intended to suggest that it should be divorced in practice from other forms of publicity. Market communication can communicate with its market through media advertising (commercial television, newspapers, periodicals, cinemaand commercial radio advertising) and also through public relations activities. An effective product promotional strategy requires systematic planning on similar lines to other area of management responsibility.

Consumer buying behaviorinfluences was offend as a useful basis for studying interactions which influence the consumption of a wide variety of goods and service. This model is new extended to include the process of advertising. Consumer buying behavior id influenced by personal factors and by environmental factors such as cultural morns, family life-cycle, opinion leadership, etc economic factors, such as price or availability, also modify, perhaps considerably, the effect of advertising. The significance of these factors will be related to the nature of the product advertised.

Since advertising can not be successful without an audience of some kind, and it is generally acknowledged that different ‘target’ audiences tend to have distinctive orientations towards the consumption of certain types of products, advertising strategist should analyze these behaviouralcharacteristics.

Advertising influences are shown at five levelsawareness, perception, evaluation, inquiry, purchase decision.

Communication between marketer and customer/consumer may not always be dependent solely on direct messages through, for example, advertising. Frequently, a two step flow of communicating is influential in acting as a screening and disseminating process between communicators and target audiences.


Marketing communication effect on consumer buying behaviour in a competitive environment, focus and positionproduct/service on consumer minds it’s help capture and sustain the loyalty for long time.

Marketing communication tools like banners, bill boards, radio and television jingles as well as online advertising materials are used by companies to communicate brand positioning and loyalty to prospects and customers.

Buying behaviour can be greatly influenced by the rate at which consumers are exposed to a particular marketing communication material. It is estimated that an average consumer is exposed to over a million product/service brained in a year.

1.5            PURPOSE OF STUDY

The purpose of the study is t determine the affectionof marketing communication on consumer buying behavior. Other auxiliary objectives;

1.                 To known how consumer can react to a product/service through the use of marketing communication.

2.              To determine the extend to which marketing communicating can effect sales.

1.6            RESEARCH QUESTION

2.                 Does marketing communication improve the buying purchasing of a product?

3.                 Does marketing communication lead to increase

4.                 How can marketing communication affect consumer buying behavior?


2.                 The research are the tentative statement on which response to question are tested for agreement (a) Ho (b) Hi         

i.                   H0:    There is no significant relationship between marketing communication and sales of a product.

H1:    There is no significant relationship between marketing communication and customer buying goods.

ii.             Ho:     There is no significant relationship between productdifferentiation and customer buying goods.

Hi:    There is no significant relationship between product differentiation and customer buying goods.

2.5            SCOPE OF STUDY

This study is concerned about marketing communication on consumer and it covers the role in which marketing communication play in consumer buying goods and also a vital tool in informing and educating consumers and production sales.


The following are the significant that can be derive from the effect of marketing communication on consumers buying bahaviour.

i.                   It enables consumer to make wise purchase decision on the choice of product.

ii.                Small retailers depends on marketing communication to sell their goods and services

iii.             The course of study helps in creating awareness for the consumers to have a current detail about a particular product.


In carrying out this research work of this nature they us to be numerous challenges which can be against the success of the study which reduce the extent of result and achievement of aims and objectives, some factors, such as lack of resource center, such as cyber café, and availability of text books in the library made it difficult in collection of facts and information. Also time factor, respondent of their members of the group whom are reluctant about the project and finance over to the above point time factors, the time available to write project receive lectures and assignment are not adequate.

2.8            DEFINITION OF TERM

The following term are defined adequately.

i.                   Marketing:         It is the managerial process which match the product and marketing either in satisfaction consumer in affected.

ii.                Communication:         It is a continuous process of exchanging, sharing, sending, receiving information between two entity.

iii.             Consumer Buying Behavior:This is an immediate product that can be consumed by individual or people in the society, that is product that can be consumed in it present form.


A brief history of Nigeria bottling company (NBC) Plc. (Bottler of Coca-Cola) is narrated here. Coca-Colafirst came to Nigeria in 1953 when the Nigeria battling set up its existing growth and development, particularly, during past sixteen years.

Coca-cola is the new world leading soft drinking more than one hundred and forty-five countries. A total of 250million bottles are consumed everyday in all part of the globe from Canada, north to Argentina and New Zealand in south, from Alaska to china and from Mexico to Nigeria.

Nigeria Bottling Company is today Nigeria number one bottler of soft drink, selling move than six million bottles per day, a figure which is still growing with continuing expansion of building new plants in various part of the federation Fanta is by far of the number on e best seller in the orangesegment and sprite the most widely sold lemon drink in Nigeria.

The NBC glass house in Benin suppliers, the million of bottlers required to keep a large bottling company in operating. The crown product factory in Ijebu-Ode and Kano which manufacture the metal crowns to the bottles, the plastic company and plastic (creates) for carrying the bottles.

In addition, the trucks which we are familiar with in many parts of the country deliver soft drink to more than fifty thousand carbonate for favourite soft drink. Equality is the (key work which determines the success of the whole operation).


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Type Project
Department Marketing
Project ID MKT0464
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 41 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Marketing
    Project ID MKT0464
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 41 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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