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(Office Technology Management Project Topics & Materials)


1.0       Introduction 
Secretaries can be founding many areas of employment such as government establishment, industries, commerce, charity organizations and are services of all these, it is perhaps industry which has most to gain by employing the best secretaries and most at loss in employing poor ones. 
In the recent time government establishments have seen many changes. One aspect of this change is the increased foreign competition brought about such things as improved freight facilities. 
Another significant factor in public establishment has been the extensive use of computer systems which has to reduction in routine paper work. These two elements have combined together to heighten the rivalry between business organizations. Each wants to excel at the expense of its problems which have to be financed by fever and better staff within the organizations concerned. A careful selection process is possible for each vacancy advertised; there is a wealth of suitable applicant. 
The secretary, like the chameleon has to adapt to her surroundings, she has to master new skills such as operating word processors and computers. Telex and electronic mall have becomes part of everyday life for her and the business letter does not occupy as much of her days as it used to be in the past. The secretary today is finding less of her time being spent behind the typewriter and more time being spent attending to other aspects of her work.

Historical Background Information of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.    
This history of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree dated back to 1981 when the campus was one of the four satellite campuses of the polytechnic, Ibadan Following the creation of Osun State in August 1991, it became necessary for the new state to have her own Polytechnic. Government therefore decided to establish Osun State Polytechnic, Iree in the state to cater for the educational needs of the citizens. 
The bill establishing Osun State Polytechnic, Iree was assented to by the first Executive Governor of Osun State, Alhaji Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke on 12th October, 1992. by that act of Government, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree became a successor to the Iree satellite erstwhile campus of the Polytechnic, Ibadan. Similarly Osun State College of Technology Esa-Oke was established as a successor to the Esa-Oke satellite campus. 
The state had a mission for the institutions. The mission was to rationalized the courses between the two sister institutions with orientation towards commerce. Science and Technology at Iree while Esa-Oke was marked for Engineering and Environmental Studies.    
However, in view of the advice given by the NBTE that Polytechnic should offer core courses in Engineering, the vision is being revised along that line, plans are therefore in the pipe-line to introduce engineering and environmental studies, at Iree viz: - Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering. 
The institution has an imposing library block which serves the academic interest of both staff and students. It keep a fairly sizable number of books for it’s and reading public. Plans are underway to increase its book stock and services particularly in the areas of provision of photocopy services, photographic services and audio visuals. 
The institution also has a health centre where staff and students receive medical care. However, serious cases are referred to hospitals at Iree, Ikirun and Osogbo. The works and the services department located near the institutional structure and equipment and provide municipal services e.g. water, electricity etc to staff and students. 
With this humble and beginning, management will appreciate the contributions and sacrifices of all staff, students, and the general public at large to an orderly and progressive of development of this young institution. 
The environment provides adequate challenges to all concerned and it is our hope that we would all been working together for cooperation, understanding to build osun State Polytechnic, Iree into enviable edifice.  

1.1       Statement of the Problem 
The problem of the study is to determine:

  1. The promotion prospects of the secretary in a public establishment.
  2. The training prospects of the secretary in a public establishment.
  3. The occupational mobility prospects of the secretary in a public establishment.

1.2       Research Questions 
1.         What are the promotion prospects of the secretary of a public establishments? 
2.         What are the training prospects of the secretary in a public establishment? 
3.         What are the occupational mobility prospects of the secretary in a public establishment?

1.3       Purpose of the Study 
In many of our national Institutes of learning today there are few candidates applying for the secretariat studies. Those who are eventually admitted for the course are mostly faced with a lot of problems before they can become secretariat. 
It is the purpose of this study however to find out whether the course provides job satisfactions in term of salary, promotion, frige benefits. The study plans to find out what secretarial practice include in Nigeria offices.

1.4       Significance of the Study       
The study will discuss extensively why few candidates apply for secretarial studies. It will also reveal the job opportunities for secretaries in public establishment. However, the coverage of the topic will be incomplete if a look is not made into the social psychological, educational and economical importance of the topic in chapter two of the project.

1.5       Delimitation of the Study 
This research work titled “career prospects of a confidential secretaries in public establishments Osun State Polytechnic, Iree as its case study. This establishment was selected on such a way that it will represent the various type of institution involved in training and employing qualified secretaries.

1.6       Limitation of the Study 
The factors that militate against this study is due to lack of co-operation on the part of some secretarial staff who were visited. Also, there are limited literature materials available for the research work


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Type Project
Department Office Technology Management
Project ID OTM0050
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 65 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Office Technology Management
    Project ID OTM0050
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 65 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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