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(Computer Science Project Topics & Materials)


(A Case Study Of Bubbles Plaza Enugu)


In the course of the project research, the design and implementation of a Computerized Invoicing System was Studies. The rapid increase in information technology have substituted the primitive system of invoicing. This advancement have helped in invoice updating since certain mistakes like sales calculation, alterations and irregular writings of clerks can now be avoided.
Personal Computers (PC) can now be used to call-up Charts, table and figures of various kinds to obtains an instant reading on the sales. This work reveals the millennium mechanism through which information could be stored modified and recalled instantly and accurately. If unavoidably includes the development of sales processing and information in business transactions. 
Analytical method involved invoice input analysis of computerized invoicing system used in Bubbles Plaza.


Title Page
List Of Tables
Table Of Contents

Chapter One
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Statement Of The Problem
1.2 Purpose Of The Study
1.3 Aims And Objective
1.4 Scope Of Problem
1.5 Limitation
1.6 Definition Of Terms

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review

Chapter Three
3.0 Description And Analysis Of The Existing System
3.1 Fact Finding Method
3.2 Organisation Structure
3.3 Objective Of The Existin System
3.4 Input, Process, Output Analysis
3.5 Information Flow Diagram
3.6 Problem Of The Existing System
3.7 Justification For The New System

Chapter Four
4.0 Design Of The New System
4.1 Output Specification And Design
4.2 Input Specification And Design
4.3 File Design
4.4 Procedure Chart
4.5 System Flow Chart
4.6 System Requirement

Chapter Five
5.0 System Implementation And Programing
5.1 Program Design
5.2 Program Flow Chart
5.3 Pseudo Codes
5.4 Source Program

Chapter Six
6.0 Documentation

Chapter Seven
7.0 Recommendation 
7.1 Conclusion


A computer system is a grouping of functional devices which have electronic ; electrical, and mechanical features respectively and have the capacity to accept and store data for reference purpose through a recall or retrieval mechanism to present a feed back to its users and have the capacity for communications and resource sharing.
The progress in information revolution resulted in the use of computer in information management which have shown high efficiency rate, specifically in sales services. Sales can be defined as he exchange of goods and / or services for a price which can be money or other goods / service on the other hand, invoicing is an expression or word that can be substituted for sales, once a sale is made; details of the transaction are taken and documented in form of invoice. These Operations of sales can be done through writing and description of the transaction; this is called involving operation. Computerized invoicing system tries to reduce the problem of manual handling of sales. Such problems include: Inaccuracies in calculations, fine wastage and inefficiency in service delivery.
As regards to this topic, computer systems are used to record sales and issue invoice to customers which have put off the burden of manual handling of sales.
In Bubbles Plaza, the use of electronic digital communication through which multi-media is transmitted have tremendously increased speed, accuracy and total efficiency. Also have increasingly integrated an internal scope and impact in sale management.

One of the major reasons for establishing bubbles Plaza is to reader domestic services to people of all works of life. There is this things called complaint’s which normally surface from customers especially if there expectations are not meet. Such complaints are:
i Delay or slow services delivery which consumes the precious time of customer
ii Inaccuracies in calculations such as increase extra addition of money to the normal amount that should be paid.
iii Poor documentation or loss of record of sales 
iv Poor hand writing and indiscriminate cancellation of written words which hinders quick interpretation.
V Creation of large volume of files as regards to sales, invoicing and other information storage which leads to difficulty in updating and stock taking.
To check these demerits, the computerized system of invoicing have to be embarrassed.

To check the problems of errors in calculations, voluminous Jobs that demands much time, misinterpretation of information, delay in retrieval of information from files and misappropriation in stock taking. There is aneed to identify the above mentioned demerits and offer an effective solution such as developing a software system capable of providing quality service delivery in sales management.

The aim of this project research is to review the manual method of invoicing in Bubbles Plaza and to study the approach of the sales keeper to their customers.
1. To establish the manual methods of handling sales, recording and invoice with computerized invoicing system which is faster and efficient.
2. To compare the existing system of sales management to the modern computerized system as regards to efficiency.
3. To ensure that customers satisfaction is guaranteed.
4. To formulate computer strategies ad make recommendations that would be more effective and satisfying in sales management.
5. To come up with a better option in invoicing service delivery.

This area of study comprises of other several components which demands much time and other resources. As a result the scope of the study is limited to only purchasing of goods; inventory control, sales of goods and issuance of invoice.

The limitations encountered by the student on the course of the research work were:
i There was less information on the topic under study
ii Limited time on the part of the author
iii Delay on the data and collection of information from the organization under study.

i ACCOUNT:- This is a record in a double entry book keeping system kept for each class of asset revenue, expenses and others.
ii ACCOUNT PAYABLE:- Amount owed supplier for the purchase of goods and services.
iii ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE:- Amount owed the organization by the customer.
iv SALES MANAGEMENT:- If is the process of planning, leading and controlling the personal selling activities of an organization.
V SALES RECORD:- This involves documentation of information concerning sales which is made over time for proper accountability in business management.
vi SYSTEM:- A set of unit which have relationship among them for the purpose of co-ordination and performance.
vii FILE:- A collection of recoreds that are related in some way.


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Type Project
Department Computer Science
Project ID CPU0576
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 66 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Computer Science
    Project ID CPU0576
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 66 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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