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(Accounting Project Topics & Materials)





Maximization of profit is the pursuit of every business organization profit itself is the excess of revenue over expenditure. To obtain profit, increase in selling price of the product or reduction in the cost of production is inevitable. Since excessive price increase is dreaded by the public, it becomes necessary to achieve the business objective through controlling the cost production each product.

This project was therefore undertaken to give actual background on cost control measure, the heed for the control, cost items to be controlled and effect of uncontrolled cost of production on the organization, using Chisco Bakery industry Enugu as a case study.

According to the study, uncontrolled cost could lead to higher operating costs, lower profit marginal and dissatisfaction to the chairman of the company.

Using questionnaire methods it was found that cost could be controlled in different manufacturing areas such as material, labour and overheads. Also discussed was the major finding that the company had not been able to produce to its installed capacity, it employed a system of remuneration that guarantied a fixed salary and its production.

More ever, The use of standard costing has been advocated because, it will avail the company the opportunity of comparing actual cost with standard in order to check unnecessary various and also to make for easier interpretation of management reports.


Title page

Approval page



Table of content

List of table



1.1                Background of the study

1.2                Statement of the problem

1.3                Objectives of research

1.4                Scope and delimitation of the study

1.5                Research questions

1.6                Significance of study

1.7                Definition of terms.


2.0                Literature review

2.1         Introductions

2.2                Overview of cost control

2.3                 Cost reduction

2.4                Cost control

2.5                Characteristic of cost control

2.6                Controlling cost in an organization

2.7                Labour cost control

2.8                Overhead control

2.9                Cost control techniques


3.1                Research design

3.2                Area of study

3.3                Population

3.4                Sample and sampling techniques

3.5                Research instrument

3.6                Reliability validity of instrument

3.7                Method of data collection

3.8                Method of Data analysis


4.1                Data analysis

4.2                Costing system

4.3                 Material control

4.4                Labour control

4.5                Overhead control

4.6                Budgetary control

4.7                Number of questionnaire distributed


5.1                 Findings

5.2                  Recommendation

5.3            Conclusion

5.4            Suggestion for further research

5.5            Implication of the research result

5.6                  Limitation of the study

5.7            Discussion of the result.



TABLE 4:1The Effect of staff strength of the company

TABLE 4:2: Showing the type of costing technique Employed.

TABLE 4:3:showing how bin card kept in respect of all good.

TABLE 4:4:The Ordering and carrying of goods.

TABLE 4: 5:        Showing how Overhead is absorbed by the firm.   



1.1                        BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

With the attendant development in Hi tech material souring and government economic policies, manufacturing sector is becoming more complex and completive as day price of our locally manufactured goods is of public concern. The increase in prices of our attributed to high cost of production of goods. It is therefore for this reason that the need for control arose. Beside the government policy of privatization and commercialization calls for preparedness on the part of manufacturing sector to square up for the stiff competition.

Cost control becomes imperative when one looks at the objectives of firms which among other thing include making as much profit as possible to satisfy the investors, becomes a good corporate entity to customers, government, local community and other external members. All these arms are tied to the cost control measures.

 Cost control be done in two ways:

Operating and accounting controls.

          Controlling cost through personal observation and supervision of operations does operating control. Such control attempts to minimize wasted other costs. And accounting control on the other hand entails the creation of a system of recording, which will establish accountability for cost that is comprise with standard. It is therefore against this background that this study and attempts to critically X – ray the effects of cost control in a manufacturing organization or company.

            Metro best international is a bakery which engages in the baking of high quality bread-Chisco bread. There product is highly competitive in Enugu and

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Type Project
Department Accounting
Project ID ACC1188
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 58 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Accounting
    Project ID ACC1188
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 58 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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