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(Public Administration Project Topics & Materials)






Public enterprise until independence the Nigerian economy was economically and practically dominated by imperialists Nigerians has since after independence assumed responsibility of higher level of economic development, Adegun (2007) public enterprise in a political and administrations structures allowing different conditions between organized interest group competing for excess employment and subsidies.

The Anambra Broad casting service (ABS) Fm, ABS and ABS TV, the ABS Awka started off in 1960, at Enugu as the (ENBC) or Eastern Nigeria.

Broadcasting co- operation, which was later, renamed the (ECBS) or Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting service as of 1971 after the civil war, it has the staff strength of about 400 staff.

With sub segment political changes, the ABS and ATV were merged in 1985, under re-organizational exercise which resulted to the ABS again Enugu and was backed by the then government edit no. 6 of 1985 and later by the edit no. 4 of 1987 as a corporate establishment under the ministry of information with specified scheme of service and the conditions of service for staff regulate was and welfare. Anambra Broadcasting corporation, while the ENTA was renamed NTA, Nigeria Television Authority, as of under the execution councils conclusion of 1976.

Considerably, the enormous responsibility place on public enterprises and the low performance that has characterized their administration, it becomes incumbent on government to re-fours and re – position these acting station to make them result oriented, effectively and profitability.  


The problem of public enterprise is a log in the wheel of growth of the economy. Its field that encompasses a lot of management activities aimed at efficient utilizes of non method and money with a view to achieve the desired goals.

          However, a visit to any of these public enterprise as referred to information provides, it gives a clear picture of ineffective in some cases.

          It has been evidently shown that ABS have failed to achieve the goals underlying their establishment. This is because they are bedeviled with the abysmal performance of ABS could be attributed to the following:-

          Office Accommodation which posses greater problems as the headquarters at Awka and the major studio are yet to be concluded planned by the Anambra State Government.

-   Politics interference according to Mbanefo (1985). It is the fact that political leaders of the country interfere even in the day to day activities of the corporation, and this is not healthy for the growth, development of ABS.

-   Lack of sound management techniques:

ABS is not managed through modern management techniques, these techniques include, planning; working study, quantity control, project management and painlessness of public enterprise have consequently led to the high mortality rate of the enterprise.

It is therefore the researcher’s aspirations to examine these problems highlight the extent that would help to reduce the problem.


          This study is designed to identify the constraints of the public enterprise in advising its objectives towards the economic growth and development of Nigeria, as well as such problem militating against its effective and efficient operation with reference to Anambra Broadcasting service (ABS) Awka.The objective of this study or research work is to find out the problems hindering the effectiveness and efficient performances of public enterprise.

-   To know financing of Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) and public enterprise in general.

-   To proffer solution to the existing problem and recommend ways of improving the performance of public enterprises of Nigeria.


The following preposition have been identified

Hi:     The Anambra Broadcasting Service has positively contributed to economic development of Nigeria.

Ho:    The Anambra Broadcasting Service has not contributed positively to the economic development of Nigeria.

Hi:     Sectional interest here prompts the inefficiency and ineffectiveness in Anambra Broadcasting service.

Ho:    Sectional interests have not prompts the inefficiency and ineffectiveness in Anambra Broadcasting service


The relevance of the study is on, the contribution of Nigerian economy, Anambra Broadcasting, this study which digs out the basis for public enterprise as agent of national development. To the best knowledge of the researcher following existing literatures, the role of Anambra Broadcasting service is either moribund or obsolete, and this confronting the research study through its findings.

          The role of public enterprise to the area of projecting information and service could not bring about efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, hence, a study of this nature that attempts to draw a line to its effects in economic development in Nigeria, a study which has contribution to learning, improve and advanced knowledge is very significant.


The study was limited to an examination of the public enterprise as an agent of national development; it studies the role, functions ad incongruous changes in management as leadings to inefficiency and lack of product and better working conditions for staff of the enterprise.


In the case of carrying out the study, the researcher encountered some difficulties which include financial and time constraints, attitude of the respondents.

Time and find were adequate to enable the researcher travel to place in search of more information that would here added more value to the work. Thus, the research utilized the available time and final to carry out of the study.

As regards to the attitude of the respondents, some of were relevant to be interviewed.


In the course of this research work, the research made use of certain terms, which in the eyes of a “layman” may appear strange. In order to advert that situation, the researcher explains the various terms, to facilitate easy understanding of the work and these terms include:-


This composes of two organizations, public enterprises and statutory/public corporations. These two organizations are created to accomplish two basic missions.

1.       To make profit

2.       To provide essential services to the people.

External Environment

This refers to these unforeseen problems, situations circumstances etc, which could affect the smooth running of business organization. This circumstance is usually beyond the control of the management as they are determined usually by outside force and factors.


This means the alteration of accepted ethnical behavior through bribery, favoritism, nepotism etc. it is also a situation whereby an individual takes advantages of his official position to thwart the accepted norms in order to illegally enrich himself, or his cronies from common or public treasury.

ABS -        Anambra Broadcasting Service. (ABS)


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Type Project
Department Public Administration
Project ID PUB0365
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
Chapters 5 Chapters
No of Pages 65 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Public Administration
    Project ID PUB0365
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 65 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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