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Staying Positive

  • Type:eBook
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The First Step Towards Success Is Believing You Can Do It. Start Believing Now! Positive Thinking Is The First & Easiest Step!

I know you have probably been hammered over the head with the idea of positive thinking.

The world is full of information about positive thinking. Some "gurus" even claim that positive thinking is ALL you need. They think that if you stay positive it is inevitable that positive things will happen.

There is a kernel of truth here though. Positive thinking may not bring you success on it's own, but it is without a doubt a key indicator of future success.

More and more research is being done and it is constantly pointing out the advantages of Positive Thinking.

I don't blame you for being cynical though. I know a lot of people who say:

I Can't Stay Positive. Do you mean you CAN'T ever, or you CAN'T yet?

Because I know for a fact, through my own experience, that even the most negative person can train themselves to think positively.

This Stay Positive guide will walk you through the importance of positive thinking PLUS it will teach you tips that you can use each day to reprogram your mind for positivity.

Topic Include:

  • Intro to Positive Thinking
  • Power of Positive Thinking
  • Characteristics of Optimistic People
  • Obstacle to Optimism
  • Positive Thinking at Work
  • Fear of Failure
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • Stop Making Useless Comparisons
  • Flexibility: Making Most of Your Tools
  • Conclusion
  • 51 Great Things Positive Thinkers Say

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Type eBook
Size 592.06 Kb
Price ₦1,000 ($2.99)
Format PDF

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    Type eBook
    Size 592.06 Kb
    Price ₦1,000 ($2.99)
    Format PDF

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