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Meditation For Everyday Living

  • Type:eBook
  • Price:₦1,000 ($2.99)
  • Format:PDF

Do you want to improve your life? Are there areas of your life that just aren’t quite right? Always wondered what meditation is all about but didn't knew who to ask? Here are some great information which will answer all of you questions on meditation!

Introducing... Meditation For Everyday Living!

Everything you need to know about meditation is included in this special report:

* What is Meditation?

* Benefits of Meditation

* Taking Back Control using Meditation

* How to Get Started

* Guided Relaxation

* Hypnosis

* Using Music in Meditation for Self Development

* Fighting Bad Habits in Self Development

This is the most comprehensive report on meditation for self development you will ever read!

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Type eBook
Size 30,388.00 Kb
Price ₦1,000 ($2.99)
Format PDF

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    Type eBook
    Size 30,388.00 Kb
    Price ₦1,000 ($2.99)
    Format PDF

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